Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

It was nothing like we see in movies, far from it, distant traveling outside of the established atmospheric condition held more problems than most cared to challenge.

In recent session I found myself in the company of others in travel mode we were in some space vehicle.

What I noticed at one point and this is the point which is the interest that there was definite change inside the ship, could not be seen but was felt.

I waited transfixed focusing on the space inside because I haven’t had the clue what could have caused the change because these ships were made from extraordinary alloys which could stand immense pressures and battering from flying atmospheric debris.

Also the ship had six different hulls: Example like those Russian doll boxes, each box opened contain another doll box, this ship was built the same way and when the outer layer was damaged still had no effect on the ships instrument.

The ship was built that between layers of the hulls were pressurized corridors in which the pressure was increased or decreased according to the condition of the space around the ship so we could not be crushed and only the innermost chambers were occupied for safety reasons.

As I said I was transfixed on what I felt because my ‘’Eyes’’ could not detect alterations but that soon changed, I noticed  what I was seeing, the walls, the furnishing everything around me were vibrating and become less visible… the colors melted away so were the sensations of solidity… The members of the crew come into this center room and by than we all knew-understood what was happening and what the future held for us.

There are huge Black Holes in space and there are millions of smaller Holes which are like Tornadoes here on Earth and even they are relatively smaller in size but these spinning Black Holes are powerful and we have go into one of them and no matter how powerful our ship was once we gotten sucked in and we knew we had no chance of escaping because we did not have enough power push through its force.

But we also knew our personal space has unique vibration but if we huddle- formed a tight group we have better chance of survival and not get scattered in space and never be found.  This is how it worked:  each individual being-entity had different vibration to their space which are like fingerprints to a human [ we still have it] and we also had technology on our home planet which could detect and  analyzed  space around the planet  and pick up different vibration, and simply identify to whom the energy prints belonged  originally when still was connected to a body.

If the vibration was not identified than was considered as alien and was properly disposed. Sneaking about was not allowed.

So we huddled together in hope that we will be located by the scanners from the Planet… but we haven’t realized the speed which this Black Hole moved and we were taken far away from home out of the reach of those scanners and we were never found.

Well.. I just FOUND US in this session and by having this session I understood what really happened to us as a group and we are now free from this Incident. And I am certainly far home!

I have posted about Black Hole before because I run one incident some years back and in different incident I have seen self and others inside the ship where we did not used legs, we had them but we floated.



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