Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

never really bought anything better but only different.

In today’s session again I hit the subject of ‘’communication’’ because it seems we never can have enough sessions on this topic which is understandable because we been here experiencing this electrifying-stimulating universe for eons.

What we have now on any situation: how we act-do respond-live is a solution [ this is the reason we can recall earlier-similar incidents] the way out from something which we no longer wanted because we believed that the new idea, the new solution we brought in will serve us better. But every one of this solution sooner or later become a problem, burden, because the ‘’new solution’’ has brought unforeseen changes which again needed to be dealt with… and the chain of events become longer and longer hehehe by now they lead back to the very beginning when we first encountered matter in this confusing universe and we become trilled having this experience.

LRH has written about problems and solutions too.

In today’s session I hit the subject again on ‘’communication’’ because it seems we never can gave enough sessions on this topic which is understandable because we been here for infinite.

I had sessions on the use of sounds-voices too of course and on ‘’hearing’’ and just how far sound-voice can carry and to be heard -received. [So had to confront distances to]

Of course when communicating with voice-sound has limitation because of the distance and I have realized in earlier sessions on these same subjects that we pick up thoughts from others but we totally block them out and we only pay attention to voice related communication, to us that is accepted, it is real and rest is hehehe well belongs to some gaga land, dream world, the realm of imagined.

So today’s session brought valuable realization why we use: ‘’sound-voice=verbal communication and the devise on the body which are the ears: was a solution to block out all the thoughts what others had, to separate communication cycles, to protect our own space-beliefs.

Well, to hear what other are saying is good, but I desired to hear those silent thought and those thought are real, express where the Entity is, in what state is in, and how that Entity views me, those hidden thoughts are real, but not thought from humans, but other beings.

So verbal communication and the hearing-aid which are the ‘’ears’’ were solutions but in my belief not a good solution because first of all we all have different understanding on words-on their meaning, so we can’t duplicate what others really saying, but ‘’reading thoughts’’ of others we can totally duplicate, and not just assume- guess ‘’ he-she thinks this or that.

I know I will have more sessions on this subject and not because I am really interested to know more about the content of the bank, no I am not, but my interest is in the very reasons why the walls, obstructions, barriers were created because these beliefs have their own power.

Long as they have power that is as LRH said assigned power and not mine, therefore I want that back what I have given away.

Hehehe… we can call this ‘’Indian giver or in Hungarian: Ad visza a baba ruhamat. J

Picking up thoughts.

Example: my sister once told me: I have these incredible cognitions and she repeated verbatim the cognitions I have had in earlier sessions. Ava too went up to Full OT 7 but after that she went back to yoga and Eckhart Tolle is her god and because of that I am in her understanding a ‘’total idiot’’ who knows nothing, who’s understanding of the great realm is lower than the backside of the frog.. zilch. Hehehe..we don’t even communicate verbally but I pick her up occasionally poking around in my space.

I restaurant, me reading the menu and made up my mind what I will order, the waitress taken the order from other but me, she was called back and asked why she haven’t taken my order, she was surprised at that question and she said she had, than she repeated what I wanted.

She was correct, she has read my picture.

I could give hundreds of examples, but I bet every reader here has their own example. Fun we are having.





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  1. Gift for you sweetie …

  2. Perfect… 🙂 love it… and love you back!

  3. Ever since I read those few words and listened to your gift in which I could hear the soul I too wanted to send you something but I just realized I already given you my best… just because it cant be heard of seen 🙂 but it can be felt!

  4. PS…. i also know you have problem accepting such a gift….. hehehe.. so suffer 🙂 … !

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