Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

fun stuff.

I would like to share some unusual things which are happening because my ‘’space’’, my personal vibration has changed so incredibly over the past six-seven years since I have started to post my cognitions in this blog.[ and of course since 73 when I started to have sessions, that too counts.]

Fact is no matter how beautiful my ’’body and face ‘’ has been when the body was young when ‘’age sets in’’ : gray hair, wrinkles take over change the appearance, when this happens no one looks into the  direction of the ‘’old person’’ and definitely not young man.

As I changed, my energy level-vibration become clean I have noticed that Dogs picked up my space and stared at me from far as 200 feet, some of them was so tuned into my space that they were pulling at their leash and wanted to run and be with me.

Then I started to notice people too were noticing my presence and they would look into my face and searched for recognition. There are some who simply smile at me, say hello, or wave- act like they know me.

About 6 weeks back I totally lost the body and I knew I reached a major level or whatever; I haven’t the clue what state I am in but this change brought visible reaction from people.

To have a better picture: I have to mention that when we are ‘’young’’ the body is young we have a totally different energy level-vibration and this vibration attracts attention from man as we go ‘’old-aged’’ the vibration changes because our thinking-beliefs changes too and because of this becomes quiet, soft therefor the reason no one looks at on old woman or man, the gender don’t matter.

BUT since the change has occurred, WOW… it is on incredible reaction from not only dogs but young man and woman too, they simply stare at me, babies react by focusing looking into my eyes and giving a wide toothless smile, and people who I speak to they ‘’laugh’’ just giggle, get keyed out.

All this reaction is used as measurement, on indication how far I have come, what I have accomplished.

One of the funny thing is when I am asked ‘’how old I am’’ and I say 77, that person looks into my face, in fact leans into me and they say, ‘’, No, you are not, you are young’’ than they ‘’look with the eyes’’ they reassess by looking at the body and not the Entity and then say Oh, you look in your early 60’s.

On the other day on my regular walk I walked through on old orchard where the fruit trees are over 100 and the walnut tree is 125 year old: Huge, magnificent tree.

The was a family walking and I we greeted each other and we started to talk about the walnut tree and the man had knowledge of fruit trees same as I, than without any reason he has changed the subject, so totally out of the content and stated to ask me about a person, he named that person who I was in my earlier life and lived in England and asked information: What do you think …….. was thinking when etc…. I was so taken back for a moment I was speechless… obviously he has known me than but of course I could not let on.

He too scrutinized my face and looked into the eyes… when people doing this I feel they are searching for something but of course they don’t have understanding what is happening.

But dogs do!!… WOW, they are so aware!

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