Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I am aware that my way of expressing self –writing is not very fluent, and I repeat things but this is it… I don’t have machinery left which is usually doing the writing, so I am on manual and to compose and write is not on easy activity and it is becoming increasingly more difficult.

I would love to share all what I see in sessions because it is now where I am at I have reached the unusual, the very different realities which we all wanted to know when we started out.

If you have questions please don’t be reluctant to ask and I be very happy to answer.

I had countless sessions on age for the body and what made me believe that age-being old and have ‘’time’’ why these concepts existed in the first place.

Over the time span since we are experiencing the physical universe we have accumulated myriad of reasons why we want to be old, reach old age.

I even seen on incident in which we had stayed with the same body for very long time and we have become bored with being there so fashion was invented to change our appearance and that was aging of the body, we added character to the face by rearranging our face by adding wrinkles by use of makeup and surgery, by reforming the facial appearance by remolding it by pressure. So face lifts are not new on this planet in fact here people are still in the dark ages on this topic same as with technology of any kind.

But of course having the considerations that we age-grow old [body] changes the appearance of the body, the facial look-wrinkles, sagging skin etc.

Wanting to become and reaching ”old age’’ has great value, means: staying power, solidity, permanency on one location: by remaining in the valance, having identity, having ‘’life’’.

In session I seen self-begging for something to make me old; have time, that something was a permit to stay with the body therefore ‘’have the privilege of living-having continuum-life’’.

Than I felt incredibly bad because I did not get the authorization and because of that my ‘’time’’ has expired being with the body, being on location and then I have seen the body slumped over dead on the side walk because I did not get that permit for extended period of living time!

By not given extended time with the body, I was ‘’Eliminated’’ from the group, I no longer existed, I become dead… none identity therefore worthless, not good enough to ‘’live’’!!!

I WAS MADE TO BELIEVE THIS AND I BOUGHT THIS LOAD OF SHIT which has profound effect on me over the eons!

Seen self in other location when I was allowed to ”stay”, I got the permit and I was so happy; I nearly jumped out of my skin… I literarily walked on air =went out of the body. Here I was made to believe I was valuable enough to remain with the group.

Old age, reaching old age that guarantees for the Entity to remain on location, to keep that valance regardless what condition the body is in even if it is falling apart.

Seen self-evaporating in the instant when the permit expired… I believe I was hit by on energy field.

So age –aging for the body is a solidifier, I mean by this that ‘’by aging’’ we believe that we are solidly in place, on illusion that we have presence have permanency –location.

The concept of aging, growing old and the concept that we have ‘’time’’, that time is passing us was intentional design and was made for one purpose only to create the belief than we are in place, that we have a location –permanency: that means solidity.

PS…. if any of you believe that sessions, erasers of negative beliefs makes any one here a super person, with super abilities, great power to conjure up things… well, having that belief would leave the person greatly disappointed because the elimination of negative which is the bank and the opposite side is the positive believes which to are part of the bank are all eliminated.

IN OTHER WORD ALL BANK IS AS-ISED because the negative is held in place by the positive… one cant exist without the other.

Elimination of the Bank allows the Entity to become that ”super thing” which we all want to be and we are without the bank of course.

have I become a super entity? you can bet on that… the abilities and power can not be described by words because  abilities here are expressed by words and accomplishments can only be seen by ”eyes” which really cant see anything outside of the implanted bank crap.

As I written, this is a prison planet and  in this reality for a human to have super abilities are not included but only can have that in imaginations  and expressed as in movies.









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