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Archive for March 20, 2017

Total recall

Yes  by now I know we have kept the image of everything we ever seen and not just in this life and we have all that stored away.

I have seen pages -pictures and writing front of me and they can be read.

Also I just seen a gotten a glimpse of different  place in this universe where I lived and still have connection to where light as from the Sun is not needed because every object created glows  as a lamp would not bright – bright but[ like light from oil lamp ] and when everything glows who needs the Sun?

We have this too on Earth but the light from the Sun is tooo strong and don’t allow the brightness of the objects show and the second problem is the use of the ”eyes”, they hinder the Entities ability because they can only take photograph of the surface.

Even at ”night” when we ”look” we still use the eyes and we miss seeing the glowing objects. We are trained to use ”eyes” and we are made to believe that without their use we are ”blind” hehehe nice trap…. very affective and every prisoner on this planet were given a set, plus the belief that these instruments are needed.

All objects are composed of energy and energy glows but cant be seen with the eyes, example: the aura, or your own body  its basically handful of crap but the image, the real thing is energy.

This aura is seen by those who still have the ability to see the real body which  could live and lives forever. Aura has all the energy we have collected  and some Entities aura is dark and murky  but even the brightest auras are in bad shape.

When scientist are looking for some things to extend the ”life” of the body or when people were looking for the source some kind of magical cup and  water to drink from, they are looking for this body the original mock-up  and that lives for ever.

We all know unconsciously we live for ever. 🙂

By the way, the Grand Masters in chess have total recall on the chess pieces on all their movements and I am working on my own total recall and not doing too bad but there is room for improvements, lots of it … which means I have to as-is the items -incidents which I use as blocks-barriers.