Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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Main reason, the basic reason for

poverty-being poor- struggling to meet the daily needs,  these things are included, in fact is the major part of the Implant on this Planet: and the majority of the population on this planet lives in poverty.

But think of the Implant is on instrument, same as: ”brainwashing”.

You all know what that brainwashing do to the person: by force changes  how the person thinks-believes  with that the behavior also changes.

Now by believing that we are being poor this sort of gives on impressions – not only impression but belief and billions of agreement from others which is the attestation that we are poor,  because they too struggle, suffer, their lives are nothing but worry.

And by knowing this believing it makes the feel-know the Entity  helpless, powerless, defenseless, ineffective, immobilized because cant change the conditions, this the Entity believes about self  and that ”intentions” don’t work either.

Brainwashing works….that is forcing-tricking Entities believing what they are experiencing is real, and makes them forget other places-and knowledge of the past and to do that to any one  is the most evil deed- inventions ever dreamed up in this Universe.

So the cog.is:  experiencing poverty brainwashes the Entity: total loss of power, but knowing that is a state of mind. Always -everything boils down to what we believe  in: that is what we have.

This includes of course the compiled considerations what being ”poor” means and how that is seen by each individuals who experience this state is personal– and each individuals reality on this topic in line how they see what life is.