Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

what that do to us.

I just recalled the reason why this planet is a Prison planet: because being here, by becoming – accepting as truth all the beliefs what makes the Entity into a Human causes the Entity to forget everything about the past: earlier practices-skills-abilities-understanding.

And by believing to be a Human, having and needing a body for survival in order to have a life and without the body there is no life but only death-nothing-ness exists and these belief will hold that Entity on this planet for indefinite time which contains infinite ‘’life-cycles’’.

The Entity is implanted with all the beliefs which is what life and death means and spirituality… all those belief gives a full complete cycle of the implant and outside of this ’’body of meanings-considerations ‘’ nothing exists.

Before the Entity receives the Implant which contains what means to be a human, the Entity is hit by a different Implant which is blankness-emptiness-void like energy mass: it is void like because don’t contain any concepts-pictures and by being hit by this covers over- blocks out all earlier experiences which were in different parts of the Universe.. this blankness causes the loss of remembering who we were, and what have been doing, what we know etc… etc… etc..

After when the ‘’ blankness- emptiness-void’’ is in place than the Entity is hit with the Human Implant.

Those who meditate do fall into this ‘’void’’ implant and they believe when that happens they hit the jackpot and they are out of the MEST, no way, they just gotten plastered to a blank wall.

We who had sessions we have hit this implanted void-emptiness when we were submerged in unconsciousness –dead-space.

If anyone has questions, please ask.





Comments on: "We are on a prison planet and how that works:" (2)

  1. maurice53 said:

    Excellent. Truth revealed.

  2. 🙂 we know we cant argue with cognitions.. its really a fantastic thing knowing when we have a cognition on a subject, on any subject we don’t have to evaluate and chew our nails wondering if it is true or not, or just somebody made it up so I would be confused by it!.
    We don’t have to do research the internet, and look for authority who confirms what we know is true or a lie… hehehe… we don’t need agreements!

    By the way for long years now I am aware of the power of Cognitions how they affect-demolish the dark forces, change the universe but few days back i have seen ”in color-video” how the realization is happening with this I mean I have seen[ not with the ”eyes” these are useless things] in how the energy moves and destroys weaker forces.
    A Cognition is like a atom bomb and I was startled when I observed its power… very very bright clap of light.
    Love ya!

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