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Total recall

Yes  by now I know we have kept the image of everything we ever seen and not just in this life and we have all that stored away.

I have seen pages -pictures and writing front of me and they can be read.

Also I just seen a gotten a glimpse of different  place in this universe where I lived and still have connection to where light as from the Sun is not needed because every object created glows  as a lamp would not bright – bright but[ like light from oil lamp ] and when everything glows who needs the Sun?

We have this too on Earth but the light from the Sun is tooo strong and don’t allow the brightness of the objects show and the second problem is the use of the ”eyes”, they hinder the Entities ability because they can only take photograph of the surface.

Even at ”night” when we ”look” we still use the eyes and we miss seeing the glowing objects. We are trained to use ”eyes” and we are made to believe that without their use we are ”blind” hehehe nice trap…. very affective and every prisoner on this planet were given a set, plus the belief that these instruments are needed.

All objects are composed of energy and energy glows but cant be seen with the eyes, example: the aura, or your own body  its basically handful of crap but the image, the real thing is energy.

This aura is seen by those who still have the ability to see the real body which  could live and lives forever. Aura has all the energy we have collected  and some Entities aura is dark and murky  but even the brightest auras are in bad shape.

When scientist are looking for some things to extend the ”life” of the body or when people were looking for the source some kind of magical cup and  water to drink from, they are looking for this body the original mock-up  and that lives for ever.

We all know unconsciously we live for ever. 🙂

By the way, the Grand Masters in chess have total recall on the chess pieces on all their movements and I am working on my own total recall and not doing too bad but there is room for improvements, lots of it … which means I have to as-is the items -incidents which I use as blocks-barriers.


Main reason, the basic reason for

poverty-being poor- struggling to meet the daily needs,  these things are included, in fact is the major part of the Implant on this Planet: and the majority of the population on this planet lives in poverty.

But think of the Implant is on instrument, same as: ”brainwashing”.

You all know what that brainwashing do to the person: by force changes  how the person thinks-believes  with that the behavior also changes.

Now by believing that we are being poor this sort of gives on impressions – not only impression but belief and billions of agreement from others which is the attestation that we are poor,  because they too struggle, suffer, their lives are nothing but worry.

And by knowing this believing it makes the feel-know the Entity  helpless, powerless, defenseless, ineffective, immobilized because cant change the conditions, this the Entity believes about self  and that ”intentions” don’t work either.

Brainwashing works….that is forcing-tricking Entities believing what they are experiencing is real, and makes them forget other places-and knowledge of the past and to do that to any one  is the most evil deed- inventions ever dreamed up in this Universe.

So the cog.is:  experiencing poverty brainwashes the Entity: total loss of power, but knowing that is a state of mind. Always -everything boils down to what we believe  in: that is what we have.

This includes of course the compiled considerations what being ”poor” means and how that is seen by each individuals who experience this state is personal– and each individuals reality on this topic in line how they see what life is.




We are on a prison planet and how that works:

what that do to us.

I just recalled the reason why this planet is a Prison planet: because being here, by becoming – accepting as truth all the beliefs what makes the Entity into a Human causes the Entity to forget everything about the past: earlier practices-skills-abilities-understanding.

And by believing to be a Human, having and needing a body for survival in order to have a life and without the body there is no life but only death-nothing-ness exists and these belief will hold that Entity on this planet for indefinite time which contains infinite ‘’life-cycles’’.

The Entity is implanted with all the beliefs which is what life and death means and spirituality… all those belief gives a full complete cycle of the implant and outside of this ’’body of meanings-considerations ‘’ nothing exists.

Before the Entity receives the Implant which contains what means to be a human, the Entity is hit by a different Implant which is blankness-emptiness-void like energy mass: it is void like because don’t contain any concepts-pictures and by being hit by this covers over- blocks out all earlier experiences which were in different parts of the Universe.. this blankness causes the loss of remembering who we were, and what have been doing, what we know etc… etc… etc..

After when the ‘’ blankness- emptiness-void’’ is in place than the Entity is hit with the Human Implant.

Those who meditate do fall into this ‘’void’’ implant and they believe when that happens they hit the jackpot and they are out of the MEST, no way, they just gotten plastered to a blank wall.

We who had sessions we have hit this implanted void-emptiness when we were submerged in unconsciousness –dead-space.

If anyone has questions, please ask.




I am here… LOL.. no kidding … really?

If we believe that we are ”spirit-soul-entity-ghost- apparition ”=Entity and therefore we don’t have a location than why the belief-consideration exist that ”I AM HERE”?: THAN WHERE THE HELL THAT BELIEF-IDEA-CONSIDERATION IS FROM?

Yesterday’s session was about ”location” and the final cognition totally stumped me and given me the understanding that all those hundreds and thousands of sessions which were about me being someplace, held, captured= imprisoned, locked up, and could not get out and forgotten forever, like I never existed really was on ILLUSION.

By now of course I know that the MEST U. is on deception-illusion -artifice – lie, but when a new cognition really drives home that reality, well that sort of realization has a huge effect and again realigns all what I understand.

BUT HAVING THAT NEWLY GAINED UNDERSTANDING THAT I DON’T HAVE A LOCATION , I AM NOT ON LOCATION lives me with the understanding that I never been capture, imprisoned, restrained, held, detained in any ways because I DON’T HAVE A LOCATION, I never had one but what I have is beliefs-considerations that I had locations—been places which are the illusions but than they were real because I HAVE BELIEVED.

So those who still working on going exterior, wanting to be on different locations, ask your-self: who or what wants to be on different location?

How could anyone go exterior when not being something..a body, therefore don’t have location?

We simply have experiences, we can say we view -experience the inside of the room, the outside of the house, inside of the oval office, or inside of the Sun.. but us the Entity haven’t moved, cant move because only matter have location and even that is on illusion.

OK hehehe, some years back all this  to me would not been real just science fiction  🙂

Article from Mark Roberts

Read the ”PS”  which is not really related to Marks post, but to my earlier cognitions on agreements.
 This was sent to me and what I think of it: if all the thoughts-belief, concepts in this article when and if would be individually separated EXAMPLE: distance, separateness, self me, us, agreement, disagreement, superior, important, not important, time, timelessness, etc.. etc… take your pick, than have a sessions with these items.. than the outcome of those sessions would have ”importance and value ” because of the realizations on what had happen when…..
What Mark has written-compiled  is nothing more than his own history: the HISTORY of HOW HE SEES  HIS OWN SELF CREATED LIFE, Bank, what he has believed was and still is his life which until confronted in session has no value or importance and what Mark or any one sees in recall those incidents only will remain real for that person.
He has not written one cognition, not one!
If you get a cognition when reading Marks article, now, that realization will be valuable, will change your reality forever by realigning your beliefs.
LRH made the same mistake same as what Mark doing and what David ST. L. doing, they believe what has happened to them is real for everyone.
No way, that can not be, because what real to me or Mark  or any one else can not be seen therefore duplicated  by other person.  Example: not one who seen this flower  seen it as I have when it opened up in my garden:Image Queen's Circleit is magnificent, Iris petals  are dusted with silver and dust sparkles in the light, pure magic.
Back to the article:
Here I have taken out a sentence:””Very early in one’s existence, not too long after we decided to continue to exist and to experience occurrences”’.
BIG BOBOO RIGHT IN THIS SENTENCE: we never decided to exist… we from the very beginning we have identified with matter regardless what that was, we thought we were that thing!
 example: first light we experienced we become that light and that light was our very first body therefore the belief  still exist that “I am the light”, we never decided to continue.. just helplessly rolled with the tide, when that light which we believed we were was hit by a stronger energy force than we become that force.
LRH was right when he said we were not educated and for that reason we have gotten into such a big mass , education is coming from the realizations: these are answers to the whys! .
MARKs post:  This is an important project I have been working on for the last few months.  Anyone doing whole track research should be urged to investigate this long and important era.
                              Playing catch
    Very early in one’s existence, not too long after we decided to continue to exist and to experience occurrences, one after the other (time), there was a particular stretch of learning and creative thought and experience that has affected us (you, me, we, same thing really) to a great extent.  In fact, it set our thoughts, intentions, actions, and most everything else for the countless eons to follow.
    I know, this is a big bold claim and I don’t make it lightly.  I have spoken with several who have glanced at this period but none who have covered it in detail and realized it’s length and breadth.
    It is very simple, yet became very complex as the experience built.  It was the era of throwing a ball, or rock, or particle back and forth with another individual and later individuals.  Keep in mind that before this, there was no thought or idea of objects or energy or anything transferring or passing or traveling from one individual to another in any physical manner.  Communication was the only exchange imaginable or ever even thought of and it was non physical, instant, and perfect.  There was not even a transfer of thoughts, only sameness of thought, a oneness of beings.  Separateness was novel and a new thing to be explored and invented.  The idea of distance, separateness, was just being created.  It was completely new.
    Now, the first thought of individualism and separateness wasn’t conceived at this moment, but it was expanded and solidified during this long, and elaborate game.  First, there was the novel idea that anything other than yourself was actually other than yourself, since at the beginning, you were the only thing that actually existed, and you came up with the idea that something you thought of was something separate from you.  This was necessary for randomity and interaction.  Without separateness there can be no interaction or any purpose for activity.  Without distance there can be no separation.  MEST had to be invented.
    Now what?  How do we experience distance?  Make something travel that distance.  Impelling imagined points across that distance was borne.  It was wonderful, beautiful.  A completely new idea experienced.  Not only was it a new creation, it was an accomplishment.  Fun.  You created something, sent it to another, and they received it.  Coooool.  Then the real fun began.  They sent it back in a perfect, receivable, duplicatable manner.  Beautiful.  This went on.
    Then, some randomity was added.  Different particles, different types of particles.  Different distances, different motions, all duplicatable and receivable. Separateness, but oneness still. Perfect cooperation with other individuals who you consider separate.
    But there is always that search, striving for additional experience, additional creation of ideas, something that does not yet exist.  But it was still cooperative, together.  Agreements were made on the definition of distance, of speed, of the parameters of what travel is, what the definition of time is between individuals.
    Up until now, all motions were instantly and perfectly agreed, but that became mundane, done before, over and over.  More was wanted, something new.  Unpredictability.  Throw particles at different speeds, different directions.  Force the other to intend to duplicate the particle, to exert effort to “catch” the particle.  Now you and the other had to develop skill, use intention, effort.  And it was wonderful.  Accomplishment.  This prompted an explosion of new ideas.  Different motions, different forces, different speeds.  The entire thought of making something difficult in order to increase skill and accomplishment was invented.  This was getting better and better.
    THIS WAS THE TIME WHEN THE IDEA OF HAVING THE PURPOSE OF ACCOMPLISHING A GOAL WAS BORNE.  At this time, all goals and purposes were aligned, together, all in the same direction.  The knowledge and joy that we were all the same individual was still present, but was being replaced with the pleasure of individuality, occurrence, interaction.  This went on for a near endless amount of time, with endless variables, motions, perfections of agreements, perfections of disagreements.
    THEN THERE WAS A MONUMENTAL CHANGE.  There was a break point, a change in the very direction of thought.  Alignment had been maxed out, additional randomity was needed.  All shapes and masses and motions of duplicatable  communications had been sent and received.  Some unduplicatable particles had been sent to others and by others, purely by error of estimation.  THIS WAS DUE TO AN EFFORT TO INCREASE AND SOLIDIFY THE SEPARATION AND INDIVIDUALITY OF YOURSELF AND OTHERS.  SIMULTANEOUS KNOWINGNESS, COMMUNICATION WAS SUPPRESSED IN ORDER TO HAVE MORE RANDOMITY, TO EXPERIENCE UNKNOWNNESS.  Along with this came the intention and new knowledge that we were different, not of the same skill, not thinking the same thing at the same time.  Some became better at some types of motion than others.  Slight disagreements in speed, time, distance, mass, shape, etc. became interesting.
    BEING BETTER AT SOMETHING THAN SOMEONE ELSE BECAME DESIRABLE.  Of course, everyone was your friend and you wanted to teach others the things you were better at.  AND SUPERIORITY WAS BORNE.  The whole idea of greater and lesser skill, ability, and later, beingness was begun.  The effort to be better than others became in vogue.  Competition.  Throw the ball faster than another can catch.  Spin and curve the rock in a way that the other cannot react to it.  AND THE ENTIRE IDEA OF AN OPPONENT WAS CONCEIVED.  Thousands, billions of ways to impel objects were thought of.  Multiple objects, as confusing as possible.  How to catch anything that was thrown in any direction and manner was practiced.  Overwhelm your opponent, make him appear unable, less than yourself, was the new goal.  Make him appear less in others opinion.  Watching and evaluating others throw objects became an activity.  Making others less, suppressing their ability so that you would be better became popular with some.  Changing the rules in clever ways, unbeknownst to your opponents became a game.
    GAINING CONTROL OVER THE GAME BECAME A PURPOSE.  It was practiced and schemed and solidified in endless ways.  How to trick your opponent.  When was an opponent your friend and to be aligned with, when was someone your enemy and to be overwhelmed, suppressed.  Allies were formed, chosen.  The idea of teams was thought of.  It worked.  Multiple allies meant multiple power and increased strength.  It also meant a lowering of the strength of the individual, which had before, been infinite.  Without a lowering of ability, there could be no higher abilities, no randomity.  SO IT WAS ACCEPTED AND UNDERSTOOD.
    Not every thought, emotion, intention, postulate, opinion, was conceived during this very long and basic area of existence,  but practically every manner of operating that you now use was solidified and made a part of you during this time.  IT WAS DURING THIS PERIOD THAT YOU BECAME WHO YOU ARE, OR RATHER ALL THOSE THAT YOU HAVE BECOME.  IT SET THE MOLD.  It is the Basic Basic for many, many things.  Almost every series of events that have any effect on us will lead back to or through this era.  Earlier considerations will have related events in this era.  As mentioned before, when a true basic is found, it needs to be tracked with later events to fully understand how it affected you and how you used it.  This produces the true ability to change your mind.  The few, most basic considerations which were conceived before this time will need to be related to this time.
    I hope this is an entertaining or at least curious story.  But for those who have had an inkling of this as a reality, I suggest you explore it when it comes.  It solves a very many things.
    Thank you for your attention.
This is just a tiny fraction of the thoughts and events of this era.  Going over it for yourself may produce much insight into the nature of present reality.  Happy hunting.
ELIZABETH to Mark:  what you wrote is a well described  implanted crap because every though, belief, reality-consideration we have is nothing more than implanted illusions what is the universe means to us.
The length of time how long we been  here is totally irrelevant, the only thing matters is how fast we can erase these concepts.
 By now I know something certain: if the concepts- any concept I take into session and it erases and that old concept is replaced by a  cognition [always has been so far] than that confronted concept was a useless -altered reality based -held there by masses of energy.
Bank what is in it is total useless garbage till its content confronted and replaced by cognitions.!!!
 I do not meant” the garbage” description as a  insult, hehehe, I don’t  because that is all we have therefore it is real to us and treasured but this is how I see it and value it knowing this I live by it. 🙂  the only choice I have is to continue with the sessions.
  There are many new readers here and I haven’t the clue who you are, that is OK by me, just let you know what I write is totally my reality based on cognitions from sessions.
I do not preach, teach, I am not a guru and what you read here is the outcome from sessions, describing my adventures.
Teaching, preaching spreading ones own believes is not my desire to do, my blog and  writing is my own sounding board.
PS: agreements are needed and wanted when the Entity has tooooo many conflicting ideas-belief on the same subject and because the Entity do not know which of these ideas-thoughts-concepts are true,  Entity looks for agreement  on these subject more the better Hehehe the Entity believes because if there is lots of agreement on the same subject that that has to be the right answer and true!
LOL… totally the opposite is true..

Transportation of self, and a huge cog!

Totally fascinating cognition: why do we want our daydreams- visualization become reality: appear in solid form?

Because we believe that ‘’self’’ and our surrounding is ‘’solid’’ therefor we believe that our ‘’daydreams, visualizations’’ to should become solid- dense in order to be “real” same as what the eyes see, hands touch etc… and when that do not materializes we believe what we have seen experienced only ‘’daydream-illusions’’ and was real and did not happened, and all that was totally meaningless what we as Entities have perceived –observed without the use of the ‘’eyes’’.

To me this realization is a major-major realization, expanded awareness because when I see things as on Entity to me those manifestations are more real than what I see here with the ‘’eyes’’.

By the way here is something which not likely ever been written about: daydreaming—conjuring illusions and experiencing them as real once upon a time was used as on escape to, into different Universe-reality which we created: where we wanted to be and we could continue from there.

IN FACT WE TRANSPORTED SELF INTO THAT REALITY!! Gotten on identity what ever we wanted to be! We were true OT’s! [in these illusions-daydreams are all on positive creative side where destructions, miss-emotions don’t enter: therefore death-violence evil intentions don’t exist.]

Hehehe, Captain Kirk eat your heart out.. LOL, we can do transportation without your gadgets and this still works.

PS: of course the above cognition greatly helps me to understand the past 2 years work -confrontation on the subjects of wanting to win the lotto…and  the visualization how it works, I am truly having a gargantuan cog.