Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

and that is how it goes when we regularly have sessions: our realities shift daily what was true in the morning can be history after  the next realization.

Major Booboos and I still have a sacksful which I admit and when confronting these booboos gives the vital information in form of cognitions-realizations which changes the Entities outlook –attitude. [[ you all know this]] bigger the mistake after confrontation brings major changes.. so confronting Overts that brings huge change.. major shifts in understanding!

Well I am sharing this because this IS ON IMPORTANT REALIZATION and related to earlier posts.[ there is no such a thing as on unimportant cognition J they are equal in value.]

‘’’I have written when I will win that jackpot than I know I reached –attained –regained on ability’’’: To make something appear, OK, most of you read the posts on Lotto.

The booboo is in the above sentence, its meaning.

Well my reality is now that I was ignorant not understanding, I want to amplify the NOT UNDERSTANDING that my WINS-GAINS are no longer should be measured by the facts: WHAT STANDARDS ARE ON THIS PLANET REGARDLESS CONSIDERED: good or bad… winning or losing.

This was my mistake not understanding that the gains I have in form of cognitions and the abilities I have and power cannot be compared – evaluated by what is known here on this planet and agreed to by the majority what is valuable, or means power.

So, winning the lotto has nothing to do where I am at also charming the lotto or not: will not demonstrate – show that auditing works or not.

Winning that jackpot would bring huge havingness in many different forms: as in activities- traveling, ownership of property, gardening etc… taking care of things and have continuum which would be related to have-havingness hehehe — hehehe and WHERE THE WINNING THAT JACKPOT WOULD TAKE THE PERSON?

BACK TO MEST… becoming totally embroiled in doing stuff related to MEST.

Now I ask here: Winning that jackpot would really be a win for the Entity?

And that pot would be such a valuable-important -can’t do without ‘’havingness?

No… not where I am standing and not on the Path I am walking,  I am walking out and not about to get a huge mass and get entrapped.

I know this yet I still would like to have it.. so what this proves to me? Hehehe, I need sessions to as-is the “want”.

Please note that I am not saying that winning a lotto cannot be done by ‘’intention’’ or it is impossible to intend something and become real-solid,  I can’t say these things because if I would be so positive either way than I would KNOW, simply ‘’KNOW’’ and I can’t say that I have attained that level of understanding because if I would have I could not have any more sessions and I would vanish through that Portal.

We can only have sessions because here we have altered realities, cant have sessions on cognitions.Gypsy LordImage Class Ring

GypImage Berried Treasure Image Berry Fulfilling

Image Berry ScaryImage ConjurationImage Decadence

Image Best BetImage Care to DanceImage Drifting Bubbles

Image Carnival CapersImage Dracula's Kiss
 Image Cascadian RhythmImage Queen's Circle  I used to have these magnificent creations in my gardens beside dozens of other flowers which included 300 roses.






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