Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Enjoy what you have.

Because both these items were very expensive.


The most important, the most valuable position – situation any Entity could be, buy into was once: POVERTY hehehe… because that state was the most stable state could be experienced and this ‘’Poverty Package” guaranteed that will keep you stable –hold you down, keep you constantly stimulated and entertained by the daily up-to-the-minute dramatic events which were designed to grip your attention at all times.

The owner of this valuable state would never need to worry, have anxiety that something or someone will pinch the body: the container itself of this valuable bundle, that would not be possible because the container is  weighted, plus the constant turbulent energy within the body-container is stable at all times.

So this gives the owner double guarantee!

The Manual stated of course that this ampoule needs to be given fuel food] at regularly basis to create and up keep that constant energy level within.


Those of you who in the past wanted to leave, inclined to travel or become tired of the game but could not leave the body –go exterior for thousands of years because the materials of the bodies were well made[similar as for us now plastic, steel, glass etc.]

Or you knew you were enslaved –kept caged inside the container and had enough.

But problems always have solutions

There were new inventions the Catalogue stated: which affected the body, destroyed-brake the materials down from within: as a result no longer functioned –stopped working thus you was free to go!

WOW, what on advertise!

But of course in those days same as now valuable things were expensive and to get you out of that body could be very expensive, the expenses depended on how fast the product worked.

THESE PRODUCTS WERE USED THAN AS HUMANS NOW USE ILLNESSES: to destroy the body and to become free. Nothing like a heart attack for a fast getaway! 🙂

Those products were incredibly valuable than.

I am not jesting here… but what now has no value, in fact has become a burden once the same was coveted by all and Poverty those times, way back was the most valued state off all realities.

and you were willing to give all just to get rid of that body.


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