Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Fantastic- mind boggling cognition.

I had hundreds of session over the past 43 years for the simple reason: wanting to understand why-for what reason we can’t see the ‘’future.’’

I confronted immense amount of incident in which I suffered greatly been put to death, blinded in many different life time’s [so I could not

’’ see’’ the future, and that worked] been burned, hanged, beaten to death more than once, chopped up etc.. etc.. simply because I could see what was coming at us.

What I found strange that not in one incident I found someone who wanted to know beside me, I in fact was pushed out of groups and shunned.

Even now when I mention this life this subject to others every one of these persons instantly protested that they did not wanted to know what is coming!

Buy why I wondered so often, what is wrong knowing the future?

My reasoning is: If we would have on inclination we could get ready ourselves by change –altering what is  there now so than the disaster –if bad is to come could be avoided escaped. I always thought that makes sense but others would not hear any reasoning.

And finally after so much digging and getting back some of the ability: picking up individual objects and can see what will become of them: the reason I can see this because objects are matter, they were made therefore they will have the end too.


If we could see the future than we could do something about it BUT THAT WOULD PUT US INTO “”BEING CAUSE”” and the Bank= the implants are set up that we only can remain AFFECT, therefore immense amount of blocks in form of bad incidents were implanted within the implants so those who wanted to see-know the future gotten into heavy incidents and when that happened on too many occasions in different life times than that person had given up on that ability.

ONE WAY TO CONTROL ON ENTITY IS ”DESTROY” ITS MOST PRECIOUS POSSEION : THE BODY. but that only can happen if having a body was made valuable!

Hehehe…. no one and nothing can stop Elizabeth…:)




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