Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Genie and his power.

Genie and his power.

There is a Genie  who is on incredible powerful Entity who can grant wishes regardless what those may be and he don’t even have to snap his fingers  and the wishes appear,  are there pronto.

But this powerful Entity too has a problem because he too is in the MEST Universe and he too is getting messed up embroiled in implanted materials.

Therefore this powerful Genie believes that he is locked up and can’t get out of the ‘’container= body’’ he is in.

So what is keeping this incredible great Entity who still has abilities we all would like to have and we hope to attain by erasing those counter intention?

His own beliefs that: “he is locked in that container’’ and that keeps him in there than: ‘’he can’t move out unless’’: I can’t recall the rest of the story.

So I think you understand why I post this fairy tale.

This was brought on by this morning’s session, the item was: ‘’’’kept in place’’’ this brought on on avalanche of incidents.


Build a sturdy –solid container which is run by strong electric currents and imbed these ideas: what this container can do, what its life span, had great importance, valuable… so every other floating idiot will want one after because it is valuable HEHEHE. oh forget to add: make the container look nice! 🙂 desirable to own!

everything is very simple, we have and only have what we believe in.


Comments on: "Genie and his power." (2)

  1. Thanks, right the ”ending” part I did not remembered… but as he mention ”1000 years” well clearly this genie is into Earth time and has a calendar.
    I my recalls I have found the characters of fairytales and these tales are based on actual happenings. Magic its use was real, and as aberration taken over fewer and fewer retained the ability. 🙂 yet it happens regularly all-around this planet but not seen as magic.
    we have heavy snow-rain mix at the moment here on the Lower Mainland of BC we have unusual hard snowy winter, last year this time we already seen the signs of spring and now we walk ankle deep in slush… have a great day!

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