Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have edited this post.

This post I published 3 years back but I think it is good to put it up again because David St L. still drumming for costumers [ he has greed, huge ego, that he is smarter than LRH was because he= David and Roger has invented the REAL WORKABLE TECH, which is born out of LRH’s work but totally messed up.] that means he haven’t realized what he is really doing. His awareness is equal to where ‘’ blame’’ is on the TS.  which is lower  than the frags backside!

He claims he has found the solution to all ails which will be handled by his own technology but he haven’t realized yet that his solution apply to self-first and foremost than to some extant to those persons who share the same implant he is sitting in.[ unfortunately LRH believed in the same: that we were all on the same reality level.]

We don’t have-share the same implants and that is obvious, just look around and see the diversity among people and because we don’t share the same beliefs that is the reason we can’t duplicate each other.

Example: if we could share the same apple not one of us would know how that bite tasted for others, even if 2 million said it was sweet, we can’t possibly know what that sweetness tasted for others.

Entities… who are simply Spiritual beings like you and I are and LRH named them BT’s and Clusters.

There is David and his group of Auditors who are continuing implanting these Entities still at present time!

These Beings ..Entities don’t have bodies at the present time but that is only on ‘’uneducated assumption’’, matter fact they could have one but we are not aware of that fact just because the ”eyes” don’t see the bodies that do not mean they don’t have one.

AND THAT IS ALSO ON ASSUMPTION THAT THESE ENTITIES ARE OCLLUDED… being in one incident not necessarily make any one totally occluded-unconscious.

I had sessions same as you in where I was unconscious yet I lived the life as a human LOL.. hehehe not very aware LOL.. please no offence, this here is a Diary !!! I can write anything.

So how do we really know that those Entities we give sessions to are really unaware? WE DONT, AND THAT BELIEF WAS LRH’S OWN REALITY BUT NOT  NECESSAIRLY THE FACT! so we don’t go by that, we just don’t assume and find the real stuff how things are in the cognitions we have.

Assumptions are just that, not based on facts so don’t assume because can’t see something, the eyes what they project is not a reliable and we never know what information are added to those pictures by anyone who sees those images.

All I know that that these Entities  we give session to are suffering from some trauma [ and who isn’t] and they are stuck in that incident  same as we all are and we have the ability by use of the TECH to help these beings by giving them sessions… the Technology is simple- easy to use and the Entities- Ghosts respond well, some have wonderful cognitions and that realization frees them what they were in and now off they go if that is their desire, some just vanish quietly, and some expresses they gratitude for the help and what happens at the end of the session is totally depends on the awareness of the Entity.

Some of these entities want to stay and learn how it was done, the session, but that is again their choice and I never ever interfere with their decisions. Those who want to stay  are given session again in order to understand -to find out if that decision to stay was made by free will or was forced on belief.

When the first time the request was communicated I have to admit has taken me by surprise because I did not realized that could happen, and I felt honored, same times pleased that there are others who want to know -learn the technology.

Than if that Entity still wants to remain in my space is free to do so BUT NOT AS A HELPER, PLAYMATE or COMPANION! These are disgusting ­suggestions. !!!!

These beings-Entities have their own beliefs-realities, they have been in this universe for the long time and they too have track record of their own existence and they are also powerful, knowing Beings and they too know what they want and need to do in order to continue on their own track fulfill their own destiny.

3 years back when I was asked to join this private ”elite’’ group who are giving sessions in order to free self and these Entities the same time from incidents they share.

I was told by one of the group’s leader David – one of the inventer of the altered tech that my expertise working within this group will bring new reality which will help expand whatever the auditors already know: that my knowledge on this field which is new to them is “”extremely valuable”etc..etc.. I have joined and in a day and half I have resigned because after reading the material I understood that this group is running a replica of on implanting material from way back on the track!!

What they do is in session they ”waken the Entities, they bring them into sort of present time, conscious=becoming aware and then they run them through the incident they were stuck in [ good so far] but here comes the bomber the OVERT: than the AUDITORS GIVE THESE FREED ENTITIES THE TOUR OF THIS PLANET AND ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO BE !!!!!!

ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO BE? Are these auditors are totally gone bunkers? Nuts? Out of their mind? GIVE A GUIDED TOUR IN HELL AND ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO BE WHILE  being HERE?

David the leader of this group of implanters and he has been auditing for 40 years and have not realized by now that the reason he is auditing people because those people who pay for their sessions want to free from the realities of this Planet, because these persons want different, want better life, and most of all want to be out of here: had enough being a Human and here is this same auditor directing this Entities back into into slavery, back to being into prison offering these newly freed Entities becoming somebody on this planet.!!!!! WOW.. this is a huge overt. Top of this, he calls these Entities, ””partners helpers and playmates….!!!!!””’

We are here to help to free beings and not to put them into the same slave position which we are in and we need-want to get out.

And furthermore anyone who believes they don’t have abilities them self and they need help should look in session WHY THE HELL THEY HAVE GIVEN UP THEIR OWN POWER-ABILITIES, WHY BECOME HEPLESS WHAT MADE THEM BELIEVE THEY ARE and take responsibility for self in that stupid state they are in and never mind assigning ” helpers” to give a hand.

JUST THINK IMAGINE: what would you do, how would you feel when finally you have regained enough awareness to return and continue whatever your Karma is and you are ready to leave than on ass would say: be my helper, be my playmate… help me!

Me I just would say: fuck off.. get a session and handle your helplessness.

I had many-many sessions on the STATE of being without the body, I call that a Ghostly State, I had sessions on these topics which are very complicated in order to understand why we connect to bodies  in the first place, what made the bodies so valuable-important in our beliefs and what do we do when we don’t have one, also  I wanted to know how we ”live” create as ghostly things.. therefor I collected vast knowledge on this topic and I am pleased to say in comparison we spend very little time with-or being bodies and most of the time we just do what comes natural to do for a intangible Infinite! 🙂




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