Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Suppression, it is not what we believe it is.

Suppression can only happen to the person when that person believes that the other person is stronger, better, more important, more valuable  in other words; superior in many ways than self.

When we acknowledge that we have been suppressed, with that we admit we are not equal we don’t have same power-abilities hehehe  not even close to what that so called  ‘’suppressor’’ can do, has.

When we say we are suppressed into some kind of situation with that we admit we are victims.. and being a victim is lower on the Tone S. than the frogs back side.

At the same time we also admit that we can’t take responsibility for our actions, that we are total effect of the other person: yes we are not in good shape, far from being on OT 🙂 whatever that means!

I never felt good about people being labeled as ‘’suppressive’’, when that happened to me at Flag I laughed at the ethics officer and told him ‘’ you got to be kidding me’’ I walked out and never went back.

But  few weeks later they called me and told me they were mistaken.. by then I was soloing every day and I did not need the church, so I told them ‘’ no way..not going to happen, I will not go back’’.

The reason they give me the ‘’suppressive’’ title because I have written up all the out points I have become aware while I was there and I even mentioned their overpriced bad restaurant food, the dirty uniforms the staff wore, the incredible bed linen in the room  full of nasty looking spots: had holes, the broken chair in [my expensive room] which had a spring sticking out through the filthy upholstery, the long waits for sessions, and the attitude of staff, that they were  doing paying public a big favor!

HEHEHE I ended my letter ‘’put this in your pipe and smoke it’’ of course I signed it. I had fun.! I was the victim of bad hotel management!

THEY DARED TO CHARGE $ 34.00 for 2 lamb chops and potato+some veggies!!! and that was in 82 when a 5 star restaurant only charged $ 14-18 for the same but well prepared meal. And they told me I was suppressive? LOL…

PS… I think PS’s were invented for me 🙂 suppression is a belief and we are the victims of our own belief EXAMPLE: I cant pull in that lotto pot therefore I am not at cause of that situation but I am a victim.. so my intention  is not working-none existent on that item and who can I blame? little old me… I can take this much responsibility that I know I am not able to win that pot… therefore my ability is zilch on that matter.  🙂  but by not winning from the very first , 2 years back I stated to chase lotto win, I had immense amount of wins…  therefore I might look like I haven’t got one once of intention in my OT bag but wow I am a true winner! the money is secondary it has no value.



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  1. Hi… I would love to know what K.R. means.. don’t keep me in suspense!

    • Knowledge Report 🙂

    • thanks so much now i know i will sleep better!
      hehehe I never head of such report but again I haven’t heard many things so I feel very comfortable in the ”state” not know.
      By the way I have had sessions on ”not know”’ and every related considerations I could dig up, had huge wins.
      Today I was confronting subjects on vanished -hidden ”informations ” fun subject. 🙂

      • I’m so glad you slept better 🙂
        I was worried you could not process due to this PTP (present time problem) mystery 🙂

        A Knowledge Report (KR) is a write up of out-points and out-ethics. It was first mentioned by LRH in a HCOPL in 1967. But it started to be popular after LRH wrote a HCOPL stressing the importance of KRs in 1982.
        Since you told them to go fly a kite in 1976, you were not familiar with KRs.

        Now, as you can see in the picture, president Trump has made your KR official with an Executive Order. 🙂

        • I just knew Trump is the main man, I knew he would makes things happen hehehe.
          I am interested how his Karma unfolds… it is not a coincident he is in the White House.
          there are No coincident on this Planet… even what Hitler did was born out of similar incident on the Track, but that incident was huge, gas was used there to. A whole species were erased… people still remember that incident artist have painted that scene as Hell: dead white bodies falling all over … really interesting what one can dig up in sessions.

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