Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Knowing the future simply means the person-Entity has the ability to view not just one frame of ‘’now’’ the present time but can see the whole chain of that incident.

That means view –being outside of that event and can observe all of it at the same moment: Overviewing the whole event also being aware what part of the event gone and what is coming in: that would be the future.

Well, I always had great interest in this subject and I don’t have to say I had lots of sessions on this topic and every related item I could dig up.

I have notice at earlier part of this life, even before I stated to have sessions I was very good seeing-predicting what was coming so naturally I wanted to increase this ability.

But something happened after some years having regular sessions and I started to see less-and less of the future as I have advanced, than altogether that ability has stopped, no matter how many more sessions I had on this nothing happened. Zilch.

So for years I was questioning what has happened to this fun ability I had but no answer come, TILL TODAY and I laughed and laughed because the Realization was: we only can see the chain of events when the chain is there.

But when all or large part of it has been as-ised… erased- confronted than for that sequence of events from my view point no longer- don’t exist..  all gone therefore the future can’t happen, can’t be seen- viewed,  its gone for me.

So for the Entity who has erased all the implants than only experience of the moment exist.




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