Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have found in today’s session on Item which was exclusively designed-created not to have ‘’dreams-wishes’’ becoming reality but be totally destroyed and replaced by incoming problems which than need to be handled and those personal ‘’dreams-visions-desires’’ slowly submerges have become suppressed by these newly arriving problems.

This Implant same as any other Implants were not made intended as wicked –evil deed but to stop us from overwhelm from the inpouring things and to give us stable established space.

Just think: if everyone ‘’wish’’ would materialize than there would not be planet Earth, hehehe and not likely you would have that body which you claim as yours because someone else ‘’wish’’ desire who has more power than you in this moment would destroy your body or the Planet.

Personal ‘’dreams-wishes-desires’’ were menace to the survival of the group therefore they were not allowed to happen and everything was done by the group agreements to stop the individual from having that ability.

[by now we all have personal space and into this space we are allowed to put anything we want and that is our belonging and is protected by law… but not from thief’s.]

If we wanted to belong into any group, than we had to meet the terms of that group.

I have had hundreds of sessions so far on this item ‘’wish-dreams‘’etc what are they about, how they work, what suppress them and why, yet I still feel I haven’t found all the answers-cognitions yet.

But I believe todays sessions result the cognition have brought major change in understanding.

You can call ‘’wishing-dreaming’’ intention to happen or postulating but that word postulating belonged to LRH and I never felt good about it and to me ‘’dreaming-wishing’’ for something to happen is real, more in line with my way of understanding what IS.





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