Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

and I love every moment of it!

Sometimes I find my own occlusions … not understanding.. not being aware simply astounding … and finding this of course is brought on by a cognition …but of course till I had this cognition on this item I did not know the extent of my ignorance.

But this is how the cognitions work and this is the purpose of confrontation to get that un-altered fact: the truth and with that the ignorance-stupidity the unknown will vanish and we have the unaltered fact!

Here is what I have learned from LRH and till now I totally agreed with him:

‘’’’EVERY SOLUTION SOONER OR LATER BECOMES A PROBLEM””  and was the fact for me till I had this cognition, few minutes back.


HEHEHE and more of the same, I love cognitions, I live for sessions so I can have these little gems.


Any chosen solution will become a problem and the newly chosen solution for that problem also will turn into a problem and the simple reason for this chain reaction: because the solutions are Bank Related Items and any item=reality-thought- belief-consideration-concept is thousands of time altered realities = that is the Bank= simple beliefs.

And out of the Bank only problems could arise!

Example: marriage- born out of ’’pure love’’[ that is a not the truth, but born out of heavy chemical stimulation] than after a while there are problems… solution-divorce… lonely, miss the sex the companionship: gets married again LOL again problems and divorce .

So my friends don’t accept that solution no matter how fantastic its sounds to continue on the same level as at the beginning… will sour and will croak too and at the end will be buried under a new solution.

Now you have to agree with me that I am brilliant! LOL.. even if I say so myself! LOL.

PS : why this thing come up about problem and solution?

I am still looking for the ”solution” how to win the lotto!

I said I never give up on that, and even if so far I haven’t win that pot but by now I have gained incredible reality: thousands of cognitions so, fellow Entities, but all means I am a winner, big time! 🙂 what incredible adventure! 🙂




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