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Well, new awareness made me realize a major booboo

and that is how it goes when we regularly have sessions: our realities shift daily what was true in the morning can be history after  the next realization.

Major Booboos and I still have a sacksful which I admit and when confronting these booboos gives the vital information in form of cognitions-realizations which changes the Entities outlook –attitude. [[ you all know this]] bigger the mistake after confrontation brings major changes.. so confronting Overts that brings huge change.. major shifts in understanding!

Well I am sharing this because this IS ON IMPORTANT REALIZATION and related to earlier posts.[ there is no such a thing as on unimportant cognition J they are equal in value.]

‘’’I have written when I will win that jackpot than I know I reached –attained –regained on ability’’’: To make something appear, OK, most of you read the posts on Lotto.

The booboo is in the above sentence, its meaning.

Well my reality is now that I was ignorant not understanding, I want to amplify the NOT UNDERSTANDING that my WINS-GAINS are no longer should be measured by the facts: WHAT STANDARDS ARE ON THIS PLANET REGARDLESS CONSIDERED: good or bad… winning or losing.

This was my mistake not understanding that the gains I have in form of cognitions and the abilities I have and power cannot be compared – evaluated by what is known here on this planet and agreed to by the majority what is valuable, or means power.

So, winning the lotto has nothing to do where I am at also charming the lotto or not: will not demonstrate – show that auditing works or not.

Winning that jackpot would bring huge havingness in many different forms: as in activities- traveling, ownership of property, gardening etc… taking care of things and have continuum which would be related to have-havingness hehehe — hehehe and WHERE THE WINNING THAT JACKPOT WOULD TAKE THE PERSON?

BACK TO MEST… becoming totally embroiled in doing stuff related to MEST.

Now I ask here: Winning that jackpot would really be a win for the Entity?

And that pot would be such a valuable-important -can’t do without ‘’havingness?

No… not where I am standing and not on the Path I am walking,  I am walking out and not about to get a huge mass and get entrapped.

I know this yet I still would like to have it.. so what this proves to me? Hehehe, I need sessions to as-is the “want”.

Please note that I am not saying that winning a lotto cannot be done by ‘’intention’’ or it is impossible to intend something and become real-solid,  I can’t say these things because if I would be so positive either way than I would KNOW, simply ‘’KNOW’’ and I can’t say that I have attained that level of understanding because if I would have I could not have any more sessions and I would vanish through that Portal.

We can only have sessions because here we have altered realities, cant have sessions on cognitions.Gypsy LordImage Class Ring

GypImage Berried Treasure Image Berry Fulfilling

Image Berry ScaryImage ConjurationImage Decadence

Image Best BetImage Care to DanceImage Drifting Bubbles

Image Carnival CapersImage Dracula's Kiss
 Image Cascadian RhythmImage Queen's Circle  I used to have these magnificent creations in my gardens beside dozens of other flowers which included 300 roses.






looking through a portal.

I have seen something which might interest you to know: in two different session I have seen a Port Hole and seen through it into a totally different universe and my understanding  –the outcome of the session is that we can only go into that universe when we totally as-is…erase our connection to this universe, because what we know here blocks our understanding of different realities and we simply could not comprehend what we would see -experience and the reason for why we could not comprehend what is happening because we would ”’still evaluate” accordingly what we know.

To me this makes lots of sense of course… what I have seen through the Portal was different coloring,  which was sort of orange-yellow-read and very bright in comparison to the colors here and there were shapes in it and movements but I could not make them out: because I am not ready to step through the portal I still have lot to confront here.

Evaluation comes from that little ‘’black box’’ which is constantly running in the head and we because we are not educated we believe that voice we hear is our voice hehehe.. no, that is on old recordings which have been spliced interwoven, mashed together from thousands of different recorded materials which as what idiots do, we never discarded any of them but kept them for later use!

Just how idiot-stupid we are? Hehehe.

That too we know, just we don’t dare to voice –admit. [but in this blog you can read my idiocies]

No shame in knowing self’s short comings and by knowing that we also know how incredibly brilliant we are!

I have known of this universe beyond the Portal, I have become aware of it when on OT Levels but it is for the first time I have had on image.

Now in your own reality what you might believe that I am depressed because I write about death—going vapor, parting-separating – leaving.

These are just items part of the whole packed and needs to be confronted.

Just because I have sessions daily that do not means that I am REALLY—REALLY ABERRATED as some persons believe who read my posts, !!!

So, don’t believe that..No… far from it, totally opposite and that only means; having lots of sessions=items to confront that I am very aware by now so aware that those who haven’t has session or had limited amount haven’t reached the understanding—awareness that there is more there than what seems to happen to them daily.

Even I, I still feel-know these days that I just had so far a small peeked at what is available, only have a small taste and nothing more.

Vastness of the universe equals the vastness of ones knowledge.

I also taken a whack again ”leaving the body”’ [ to some of you means going exterior] and this item is as complex as the items I run on ”’winning-losing”, and that so far was over 5000 hours in session hehehe and I haven’t accomplished ‘’ snap your fingers’’ and bingo: your wish appeared!

To drop dead [in body only] … to go vapor is not easy as it seems as when hit by the car or keel over from heart attack because that is enforced act done by re-stimulation and of course those incidents happening to people now were established -created long time back on the track.

Hehehe, we just use them again and again.. why not LOL… so far they always worked than why bother to change the formula now?

Wishing to go vapor.. to leave the body: the game itself by the use of willpower -intention-postulating: is equally ineffective as ask for that lotto jackpot to come in.. DONT WORK!!!

[Or I haven’t attained that ability to do so.]

Till I opened this can of worms I really haven’t realized, haven’t had single clue just how hard-solidly we are attached to the mass body and whishing -intending-wanting to get out of it will not accomplish the separation.

So far I have confront hundreds of different beliefs…but each confronted item is replaced by new different reasons just why I stay…want to remain and why I won’t let go etc… etc…etc.. and these reasons just pour in as on overpowering avalanche.

But no problem because I am getting educated and so far what I deducted from cognitions that death-parting-going vapor that act itself is strictly re-stimulation same as the very idea being ‘’born’’.

All ideas, beliefs are illusions.



Enjoy what you have.

Because both these items were very expensive.


The most important, the most valuable position – situation any Entity could be, buy into was once: POVERTY hehehe… because that state was the most stable state could be experienced and this ‘’Poverty Package” guaranteed that will keep you stable –hold you down, keep you constantly stimulated and entertained by the daily up-to-the-minute dramatic events which were designed to grip your attention at all times.

The owner of this valuable state would never need to worry, have anxiety that something or someone will pinch the body: the container itself of this valuable bundle, that would not be possible because the container is  weighted, plus the constant turbulent energy within the body-container is stable at all times.

So this gives the owner double guarantee!

The Manual stated of course that this ampoule needs to be given fuel food] at regularly basis to create and up keep that constant energy level within.


Those of you who in the past wanted to leave, inclined to travel or become tired of the game but could not leave the body –go exterior for thousands of years because the materials of the bodies were well made[similar as for us now plastic, steel, glass etc.]

Or you knew you were enslaved –kept caged inside the container and had enough.

But problems always have solutions

There were new inventions the Catalogue stated: which affected the body, destroyed-brake the materials down from within: as a result no longer functioned –stopped working thus you was free to go!

WOW, what on advertise!

But of course in those days same as now valuable things were expensive and to get you out of that body could be very expensive, the expenses depended on how fast the product worked.

THESE PRODUCTS WERE USED THAN AS HUMANS NOW USE ILLNESSES: to destroy the body and to become free. Nothing like a heart attack for a fast getaway! 🙂

Those products were incredibly valuable than.

I am not jesting here… but what now has no value, in fact has become a burden once the same was coveted by all and Poverty those times, way back was the most valued state off all realities.

and you were willing to give all just to get rid of that body.

Once upon … way back in different place..

Once upon … way back in different place..

When we still knew, when we still were aware that we don’t ‘’ die’’= decease expire when the body stops functioning than we simply thought when leaving the body that ‘’we vaporize’’ this meant for us that the things we were connected to no longer existed and we, the self, we become nothing or we no longer wanted to continue, gotten bored and thought: Hell with all these crap, I will go vapor!   

 It seems even than we associated, identified self with things, but we knew when we ‘’vaporized’’ that we still were, we still existed but without being tied-secured to things.

I like this expression: hehehe, see you guys I am going to vapor! J



The word POSTULATE has very interesting meanings and one of them is ‘’hypnotize’’ HEHEHE… hypnotize what?

I know that ‘’postulating’’ don’t work… cant because its original meaning, how it was used than is from the track…. From our past lives when we were putting ‘’spells’’ on things in order for something to take place, to come about or the opposite not to let things happen.

If you believe that this is wrong what I you reading here now because occasionally you have ‘’postulated’’ something and pronto it happened  I assure you:  you have already ‘’felt it—it was already in your space-life and you have known unconsciously what will happen, you have seen your own future therefore your thoughts were on it.

To really find out if your ‘’postulating—spell’’ works put that intention-spell on something totally different occurrence like walking on the street and finding-spotting a diamond bracelet, or winning that big jackpot as I have, [but so far haven’t happened!] but pick something unusual and see what will happen.

Stupid suggestion…???? No, not really, because spells haven’t been affective for those of us who are on this planet, but other place we have lived before we still had such abilities.

By the way we still have all our abilities regardless how outlandish they might sound like  but they are buried under contradictory beliefs… few millions in number … and that is the reason spells-intentions-postulates-commanding –wanting things to happen and mentally ordering of course don’t bring results.

Sometimes I might write about things which sounds contradicting and the reason for that is because each though –belief has thousands of different meaning that happened in different incidents, example: death of the body, was not a heavy duty ending when we lived outside of this Planet so nothing is black and white and nothing is written in stone till all thoughts-beliefs are erased.

Nothing is solid only beliefs make is so and this universe flows, shifts continually including this planet and here the flows move violently- clashing too violent where the population is heavy.




Fantastic- mind boggling cognition

Fantastic- mind boggling cognition.

I had hundreds of session over the past 43 years for the simple reason: wanting to understand why-for what reason we can’t see the ‘’future.’’

I confronted immense amount of incident in which I suffered greatly been put to death, blinded in many different life time’s [so I could not

’’ see’’ the future, and that worked] been burned, hanged, beaten to death more than once, chopped up etc.. etc.. simply because I could see what was coming at us.

What I found strange that not in one incident I found someone who wanted to know beside me, I in fact was pushed out of groups and shunned.

Even now when I mention this life this subject to others every one of these persons instantly protested that they did not wanted to know what is coming!

Buy why I wondered so often, what is wrong knowing the future?

My reasoning is: If we would have on inclination we could get ready ourselves by change –altering what is  there now so than the disaster –if bad is to come could be avoided escaped. I always thought that makes sense but others would not hear any reasoning.

And finally after so much digging and getting back some of the ability: picking up individual objects and can see what will become of them: the reason I can see this because objects are matter, they were made therefore they will have the end too.


If we could see the future than we could do something about it BUT THAT WOULD PUT US INTO “”BEING CAUSE”” and the Bank= the implants are set up that we only can remain AFFECT, therefore immense amount of blocks in form of bad incidents were implanted within the implants so those who wanted to see-know the future gotten into heavy incidents and when that happened on too many occasions in different life times than that person had given up on that ability.

ONE WAY TO CONTROL ON ENTITY IS ”DESTROY” ITS MOST PRECIOUS POSSEION : THE BODY. but that only can happen if having a body was made valuable!

Hehehe…. no one and nothing can stop Elizabeth…:)



Genie and his power.

Genie and his power.

There is a Genie  who is on incredible powerful Entity who can grant wishes regardless what those may be and he don’t even have to snap his fingers  and the wishes appear,  are there pronto.

But this powerful Entity too has a problem because he too is in the MEST Universe and he too is getting messed up embroiled in implanted materials.

Therefore this powerful Genie believes that he is locked up and can’t get out of the ‘’container= body’’ he is in.

So what is keeping this incredible great Entity who still has abilities we all would like to have and we hope to attain by erasing those counter intention?

His own beliefs that: “he is locked in that container’’ and that keeps him in there than: ‘’he can’t move out unless’’: I can’t recall the rest of the story.

So I think you understand why I post this fairy tale.

This was brought on by this morning’s session, the item was: ‘’’’kept in place’’’ this brought on on avalanche of incidents.


Build a sturdy –solid container which is run by strong electric currents and imbed these ideas: what this container can do, what its life span, had great importance, valuable… so every other floating idiot will want one after because it is valuable HEHEHE. oh forget to add: make the container look nice! 🙂 desirable to own!

everything is very simple, we have and only have what we believe in.

Heavy duty implanting is going on here on Earth by a group of ex-scn. auditors

I have edited this post.

This post I published 3 years back but I think it is good to put it up again because David St L. still drumming for costumers [ he has greed, huge ego, that he is smarter than LRH was because he= David and Roger has invented the REAL WORKABLE TECH, which is born out of LRH’s work but totally messed up.] that means he haven’t realized what he is really doing. His awareness is equal to where ‘’ blame’’ is on the TS.  which is lower  than the frags backside!

He claims he has found the solution to all ails which will be handled by his own technology but he haven’t realized yet that his solution apply to self-first and foremost than to some extant to those persons who share the same implant he is sitting in.[ unfortunately LRH believed in the same: that we were all on the same reality level.]

We don’t have-share the same implants and that is obvious, just look around and see the diversity among people and because we don’t share the same beliefs that is the reason we can’t duplicate each other.

Example: if we could share the same apple not one of us would know how that bite tasted for others, even if 2 million said it was sweet, we can’t possibly know what that sweetness tasted for others.

Entities… who are simply Spiritual beings like you and I are and LRH named them BT’s and Clusters.

There is David and his group of Auditors who are continuing implanting these Entities still at present time!

These Beings ..Entities don’t have bodies at the present time but that is only on ‘’uneducated assumption’’, matter fact they could have one but we are not aware of that fact just because the ”eyes” don’t see the bodies that do not mean they don’t have one.

AND THAT IS ALSO ON ASSUMPTION THAT THESE ENTITIES ARE OCLLUDED… being in one incident not necessarily make any one totally occluded-unconscious.

I had sessions same as you in where I was unconscious yet I lived the life as a human LOL.. hehehe not very aware LOL.. please no offence, this here is a Diary !!! I can write anything.

So how do we really know that those Entities we give sessions to are really unaware? WE DONT, AND THAT BELIEF WAS LRH’S OWN REALITY BUT NOT  NECESSAIRLY THE FACT! so we don’t go by that, we just don’t assume and find the real stuff how things are in the cognitions we have.

Assumptions are just that, not based on facts so don’t assume because can’t see something, the eyes what they project is not a reliable and we never know what information are added to those pictures by anyone who sees those images.

All I know that that these Entities  we give session to are suffering from some trauma [ and who isn’t] and they are stuck in that incident  same as we all are and we have the ability by use of the TECH to help these beings by giving them sessions… the Technology is simple- easy to use and the Entities- Ghosts respond well, some have wonderful cognitions and that realization frees them what they were in and now off they go if that is their desire, some just vanish quietly, and some expresses they gratitude for the help and what happens at the end of the session is totally depends on the awareness of the Entity.

Some of these entities want to stay and learn how it was done, the session, but that is again their choice and I never ever interfere with their decisions. Those who want to stay  are given session again in order to understand -to find out if that decision to stay was made by free will or was forced on belief.

When the first time the request was communicated I have to admit has taken me by surprise because I did not realized that could happen, and I felt honored, same times pleased that there are others who want to know -learn the technology.

Than if that Entity still wants to remain in my space is free to do so BUT NOT AS A HELPER, PLAYMATE or COMPANION! These are disgusting ­suggestions. !!!!

These beings-Entities have their own beliefs-realities, they have been in this universe for the long time and they too have track record of their own existence and they are also powerful, knowing Beings and they too know what they want and need to do in order to continue on their own track fulfill their own destiny.

3 years back when I was asked to join this private ”elite’’ group who are giving sessions in order to free self and these Entities the same time from incidents they share.

I was told by one of the group’s leader David – one of the inventer of the altered tech that my expertise working within this group will bring new reality which will help expand whatever the auditors already know: that my knowledge on this field which is new to them is “”extremely valuable”etc..etc.. I have joined and in a day and half I have resigned because after reading the material I understood that this group is running a replica of on implanting material from way back on the track!!

What they do is in session they ”waken the Entities, they bring them into sort of present time, conscious=becoming aware and then they run them through the incident they were stuck in [ good so far] but here comes the bomber the OVERT: than the AUDITORS GIVE THESE FREED ENTITIES THE TOUR OF THIS PLANET AND ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO BE !!!!!!

ASK THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO BE? Are these auditors are totally gone bunkers? Nuts? Out of their mind? GIVE A GUIDED TOUR IN HELL AND ASK WHAT YOU WANT TO BE WHILE  being HERE?

David the leader of this group of implanters and he has been auditing for 40 years and have not realized by now that the reason he is auditing people because those people who pay for their sessions want to free from the realities of this Planet, because these persons want different, want better life, and most of all want to be out of here: had enough being a Human and here is this same auditor directing this Entities back into into slavery, back to being into prison offering these newly freed Entities becoming somebody on this planet.!!!!! WOW.. this is a huge overt. Top of this, he calls these Entities, ””partners helpers and playmates….!!!!!””’

We are here to help to free beings and not to put them into the same slave position which we are in and we need-want to get out.

And furthermore anyone who believes they don’t have abilities them self and they need help should look in session WHY THE HELL THEY HAVE GIVEN UP THEIR OWN POWER-ABILITIES, WHY BECOME HEPLESS WHAT MADE THEM BELIEVE THEY ARE and take responsibility for self in that stupid state they are in and never mind assigning ” helpers” to give a hand.

JUST THINK IMAGINE: what would you do, how would you feel when finally you have regained enough awareness to return and continue whatever your Karma is and you are ready to leave than on ass would say: be my helper, be my playmate… help me!

Me I just would say: fuck off.. get a session and handle your helplessness.

I had many-many sessions on the STATE of being without the body, I call that a Ghostly State, I had sessions on these topics which are very complicated in order to understand why we connect to bodies  in the first place, what made the bodies so valuable-important in our beliefs and what do we do when we don’t have one, also  I wanted to know how we ”live” create as ghostly things.. therefor I collected vast knowledge on this topic and I am pleased to say in comparison we spend very little time with-or being bodies and most of the time we just do what comes natural to do for a intangible Infinite! 🙂



Suppression, it is not what we believe it is.

Suppression, it is not what we believe it is.

Suppression can only happen to the person when that person believes that the other person is stronger, better, more important, more valuable  in other words; superior in many ways than self.

When we acknowledge that we have been suppressed, with that we admit we are not equal we don’t have same power-abilities hehehe  not even close to what that so called  ‘’suppressor’’ can do, has.

When we say we are suppressed into some kind of situation with that we admit we are victims.. and being a victim is lower on the Tone S. than the frogs back side.

At the same time we also admit that we can’t take responsibility for our actions, that we are total effect of the other person: yes we are not in good shape, far from being on OT 🙂 whatever that means!

I never felt good about people being labeled as ‘’suppressive’’, when that happened to me at Flag I laughed at the ethics officer and told him ‘’ you got to be kidding me’’ I walked out and never went back.

But  few weeks later they called me and told me they were mistaken.. by then I was soloing every day and I did not need the church, so I told them ‘’ no way..not going to happen, I will not go back’’.

The reason they give me the ‘’suppressive’’ title because I have written up all the out points I have become aware while I was there and I even mentioned their overpriced bad restaurant food, the dirty uniforms the staff wore, the incredible bed linen in the room  full of nasty looking spots: had holes, the broken chair in [my expensive room] which had a spring sticking out through the filthy upholstery, the long waits for sessions, and the attitude of staff, that they were  doing paying public a big favor!

HEHEHE I ended my letter ‘’put this in your pipe and smoke it’’ of course I signed it. I had fun.! I was the victim of bad hotel management!

THEY DARED TO CHARGE $ 34.00 for 2 lamb chops and potato+some veggies!!! and that was in 82 when a 5 star restaurant only charged $ 14-18 for the same but well prepared meal. And they told me I was suppressive? LOL…

PS… I think PS’s were invented for me 🙂 suppression is a belief and we are the victims of our own belief EXAMPLE: I cant pull in that lotto pot therefore I am not at cause of that situation but I am a victim.. so my intention  is not working-none existent on that item and who can I blame? little old me… I can take this much responsibility that I know I am not able to win that pot… therefore my ability is zilch on that matter.  🙂  but by not winning from the very first , 2 years back I stated to chase lotto win, I had immense amount of wins…  therefore I might look like I haven’t got one once of intention in my OT bag but wow I am a true winner! the money is secondary it has no value.


knowing–seeing the future: cog

Knowing the future simply means the person-Entity has the ability to view not just one frame of ‘’now’’ the present time but can see the whole chain of that incident.

That means view –being outside of that event and can observe all of it at the same moment: Overviewing the whole event also being aware what part of the event gone and what is coming in: that would be the future.

Well, I always had great interest in this subject and I don’t have to say I had lots of sessions on this topic and every related item I could dig up.

I have notice at earlier part of this life, even before I stated to have sessions I was very good seeing-predicting what was coming so naturally I wanted to increase this ability.

But something happened after some years having regular sessions and I started to see less-and less of the future as I have advanced, than altogether that ability has stopped, no matter how many more sessions I had on this nothing happened. Zilch.

So for years I was questioning what has happened to this fun ability I had but no answer come, TILL TODAY and I laughed and laughed because the Realization was: we only can see the chain of events when the chain is there.

But when all or large part of it has been as-ised… erased- confronted than for that sequence of events from my view point no longer- don’t exist..  all gone therefore the future can’t happen, can’t be seen- viewed,  its gone for me.

So for the Entity who has erased all the implants than only experience of the moment exist.



dreaming -wishing-intending-postulates.

I have found in today’s session on Item which was exclusively designed-created not to have ‘’dreams-wishes’’ becoming reality but be totally destroyed and replaced by incoming problems which than need to be handled and those personal ‘’dreams-visions-desires’’ slowly submerges have become suppressed by these newly arriving problems.

This Implant same as any other Implants were not made intended as wicked –evil deed but to stop us from overwhelm from the inpouring things and to give us stable established space.

Just think: if everyone ‘’wish’’ would materialize than there would not be planet Earth, hehehe and not likely you would have that body which you claim as yours because someone else ‘’wish’’ desire who has more power than you in this moment would destroy your body or the Planet.

Personal ‘’dreams-wishes-desires’’ were menace to the survival of the group therefore they were not allowed to happen and everything was done by the group agreements to stop the individual from having that ability.

[by now we all have personal space and into this space we are allowed to put anything we want and that is our belonging and is protected by law… but not from thief’s.]

If we wanted to belong into any group, than we had to meet the terms of that group.

I have had hundreds of sessions so far on this item ‘’wish-dreams‘’etc what are they about, how they work, what suppress them and why, yet I still feel I haven’t found all the answers-cognitions yet.

But I believe todays sessions result the cognition have brought major change in understanding.

You can call ‘’wishing-dreaming’’ intention to happen or postulating but that word postulating belonged to LRH and I never felt good about it and to me ‘’dreaming-wishing’’ for something to happen is real, more in line with my way of understanding what IS.




WOW: being brilliant and occluded goes hand in hand.

and I love every moment of it!

Sometimes I find my own occlusions … not understanding.. not being aware simply astounding … and finding this of course is brought on by a cognition …but of course till I had this cognition on this item I did not know the extent of my ignorance.

But this is how the cognitions work and this is the purpose of confrontation to get that un-altered fact: the truth and with that the ignorance-stupidity the unknown will vanish and we have the unaltered fact!

Here is what I have learned from LRH and till now I totally agreed with him:

‘’’’EVERY SOLUTION SOONER OR LATER BECOMES A PROBLEM””  and was the fact for me till I had this cognition, few minutes back.


HEHEHE and more of the same, I love cognitions, I live for sessions so I can have these little gems.


Any chosen solution will become a problem and the newly chosen solution for that problem also will turn into a problem and the simple reason for this chain reaction: because the solutions are Bank Related Items and any item=reality-thought- belief-consideration-concept is thousands of time altered realities = that is the Bank= simple beliefs.

And out of the Bank only problems could arise!

Example: marriage- born out of ’’pure love’’[ that is a not the truth, but born out of heavy chemical stimulation] than after a while there are problems… solution-divorce… lonely, miss the sex the companionship: gets married again LOL again problems and divorce .

So my friends don’t accept that solution no matter how fantastic its sounds to continue on the same level as at the beginning… will sour and will croak too and at the end will be buried under a new solution.

Now you have to agree with me that I am brilliant! LOL.. even if I say so myself! LOL.

PS : why this thing come up about problem and solution?

I am still looking for the ”solution” how to win the lotto!

I said I never give up on that, and even if so far I haven’t win that pot but by now I have gained incredible reality: thousands of cognitions so, fellow Entities, but all means I am a winner, big time! 🙂 what incredible adventure! 🙂



short note.

had lots of interest on the subject of ”healing” but by intention therefore had many sessions concerning this topic.

I have experienced in those sessions fantastic things how we had used our healing ability but after a while I could not see- find any more reasons why I am not able to   do the same now. Wondered what stopped this ability.

Today  I found it: THEY ARE NOT WORTHY OF IT!

Well, shame on me, but I gotten my punishment for believing that I am better, important-superior to those persons and when I decided that they were not worthy of my attention-help in that moment I stopped- buried that ability for ever!

It works every time when we  punish others we  first punish self.

By now I am aware of course that we do heal others when we give them session and cleaner our space becomes from aberration with that too we help other with less re-stimulation