Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

LOCKED IN- not exterior.

Locked in.. [ just had a major realization: read it at the end of this post]

I have done lots of session over the years on ‘’Exteriorizing’’ since I had great interest in this subject.

And by now I have dug up – confronted every concept –considerations I have known and have become aware because the cognitions on this subject, on those new awareness –realities I also had sessions. [this means I never run out of session material because sessions-cognitions bring new realizations which can be explored.]

And I am aware of that WE AS ENTITIES WE DO NOT GO ANYWHERE BUT ONLY WE VIEW- EXPERIENCES  THINGS FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE – ANGLEs- have different viewpoints -experiences on the same subject. [ and this viewpoint will stand till I gain different views and I will in the future if there are  others existing: about going –moving etc..]

Example: I am inside the house… this means I as on Entity experience, are aware-view the so called inside –interior of the house because the body is inside and the ‘’eyes’’ see the inside therefore I consider that I am inside.

Same goes for viewing the house from outside, this again means the body is outside and the ‘’eyes’’ taking the photos of the exterior of the house.

But as on Entity I can only see shimmering holographic image of the whole thing and I have written about how the ‘’eyes’’ work in earlier posts.

So for me by now there is two awareness-experience on the same item: one as me aware-experience holographic images,  the other is what the ‘’eyes’’ see and these images  instantly evaluated –  labeled therefore I have consideration that there is: inside -outside etc..

BUT TODAY I HIT THE JACKPOT because I become aware of a concept which I never confronted in this meaning [ so far had about 8 hour session and continuing.]

This concept-belief is : ‘’being locked into the body’’, this belief is powerful-solid as a brick outhouse and of course has lots of other related concepts-thoughts-considerations which all influence how we view self in locations.

The interesting thing is I have had so far immense amount of sessions on being locked in, prisoned, walled in, behind bars, barriers, in visible form: having  the body   etc…etc… etc.. but never thought of confronting the belief, the understanding as me, on Entity locked into the body. [ occlusion is a human state therefore part of bank.]

Of course there is another side to the coin and this too has to be confronted which is: ‘’being locked out’’ I haven’t had sessions yet on those beliefs-thoughts I have.

How I see it so far what it means to me: going exterior is able to view—experience anything the attention is put on. [Listening to President Trumps snoring!] HEHEHE ]

We as Entities can’t move because we are ”intangible” and only objects, matter can move so going someplace the body can do but we as Entities can view experience anything we desire to do.

We can, but depends just how much the ability is hindered, just how solidly any person is stuck  locked into on the idea-belief that she or he is a body, lives, and is a human.

PS: believing in something because heard it or read it and agree to that : that I am a spiritual being… will not bring back abilities, will not free anyone from the burden of human realities.

To regain and understand what abilities we have all the counter intentions need to be removed and we all have those by the millions. If you don’t believe this than have on experiment: see me as I am, or drop by Trumps office see what he is doing, if you can than you are not locked into condition in where you cant see do what you want.

It was not easy achievement to gain the incredible reality that we live-have life, solid form and therefore we have continuum and these things were once greatly desired by us Entities and was the solution to gain stable state in the Universe but by now has become a problem: we gotten stuck- boxed in… cant get out, locked into own private hell which are our own beliefs.

LRH was right: every solution becomes a problem… and I can second that.

It has taken eons to achieve the ‘’illusion of solid state’’ and some people who had few hundred hours in session are disappointed because they realized- come to conclusion after a bit time in session that the TECH don’t work because magically things did not appear for them… The Tech works, but what they don’t understand the Cosmos, its immensity and our relationship, how we created and what we created have locked us in.

And to understand what we and the Cosmos is about we need to have sessions in tens of thousands  and cognitions in many –many-many millions!

REALIZATION=COGNITION: we have created incredible amount of barriers over the eons   [by the billions] we did this every time we gotten new life because we no longer needed or wanted the old ways and we by creating new barriers  to keep away the old: we have controlled our new way  of life: we are control freaks 🙂

So you want the abilities back????? hehehe   most of them buried so deeply covered with  countless layers of newly created laws, regulations hehehe that it will take  lifes time worth of session to clear away all that useless crap. But it worth the time because what is discovered is knowledge and that is beyond value.

PS: I wonder if any of you know the reasons why problems-troubles were made by us? And why we love to tell our friends our family how we handle them…how we cope and overcome our problems? hehehe… simply we are showing off how capable we are, how good we are handling those nasty problems which it seems we are the victim of.

We want their admiration, their acknowledgement that yes!!! we are good, we can handle anything ! We want to be seen that we are in control, we have power… So there are no victims but have lots of pride which is pure undiluted bank material. 🙂


Comments on: "LOCKED IN- not exterior." (2)

  1. “PS: believing in something because heard it or read it and agree to that : that I am a spiritual being… will not bring back abilities, will not free anyone from the burden of human realities. ”

    Many people believe they are spiritual, but they are so identified with their bodies that they get offended with the concept of the human bodies evolution from monkeys.

  2. 🙂 Good one!
    keep it in mind they are offended because they believe that the monkey are inferior and if these persons would really understand Nature: other race of beings who are connected to different bodies than human they would not be so offended and proud to be a human.
    The only good thing come out of me occupying the human bodies- realities that I finely found the Tech and can solo.
    By the way I know I know lot about monkeys I used to have that body, gorilla hehehe, also I was once attached to a clam.
    We as Entities, we had every kind of body -item there is in this universe.
    for example, I loved being a forest, not just one tree but a whole forest… boulders being attached to one gives very stable state.
    When gotten stuck to a comet that was a very long relationship lasted till it has burned it self out.
    By now I know from experience I have experienced all but so is everyone else, I am not on extraordinary Entity, but I am fortunate that I haven’t had too many human bodies therefore I am no occluded to heavily so my memory-recall this ability is not closed off.
    By the way thank you for your comments kind of you to take time out for communication.

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