Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have read that some decades back that our reason to be ‘’is to survive as species ’’ through reproduction, when reading that than  because I did not know differently I agreed to that reality.

But since than I have gained different understanding on what we are not or who we are not and recants sessions cognition given me a totally different understanding.  In fact having a human meat body is not exact the winning thing for the first price- because these meat bodies originally were created –grown-harvested –processed for consumption very similar manner as humans do to cattle.[ that was long time back, that alien race no longer exist].

We have tens of thousands of motives -reasons –considerations why we want bodies, believe we are bodies , we need bodies to be in and I found  the main reasons  which is definitely not for the survival of the species, not even close.

Before I write the cognition I would like to share with you the knowledge-understanding I have gained in sessions that I have been in every kind of body including oceans, grass, clouds, mountains had every kind of so called animal bodies, birds, boulders, name it, I tried them all, and of course numerous variety of alien bodies which were nothing like meat bodies while being –living in different planets and some which till I recalled could not imagine that could exist.

Of course being and using planets, nebula, and comets as bodies … those are everyday occurrences for the Entities living the so called life while being here experiencing this Universe.

In fact our existence in this universe is mostly as Entities, free floating –experiencing the universe as is without having connection to bodies of any kind.

The reason I tell you this because by having huge variety different ‘’ bodies’’ over the eons made me realize, had the cognition that we are taking on bodies, we identify self with things: IN ORDER TO HAVE: TO GAIN STABILITY-PERMANENCY-LASTINGNESS which of course has nothing to do with and not the same as survival of the species.

We as Entities we are intangible and from the very beginning we identified self with something, for me was the first created light… the rest after that is my track.

Those things-bodies=matter I have experienced through occupation and I have -identified with has given me the impression-belief that I am permanent stable enduring that I exist and live of course.

But the disappointments about bodies were inevitable because matter sooner or later is destroyed –get dissolved, melts away or stops ticking and we had to get a new anchor-body to keep us in stable position.

The need to rely on bodies as being something which than make us into somebody a ‘’being’’that belief-reality is part of the bank, is the invention- the fib- the great big lie.

The only stable thing in this physical universe is the Entity: that we are intangible and infinite therefore permanent and nothing can change that.


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