Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Reason to do: my destiny!

I haven’t thought -wondered much about my destiny why I am here and why I am having sessions and why I am ”relentlessly pushing on” day after day.

I know I have tenacity -that means staying power and I am like a bulldog once bite into something will not let go till that piece is bitten off.

But occasionally I would like it if I finally could say: that’s it, no more and just closes the door on the past and be happy with the incredible gains I have attained till now. 🙂

This is how I felt the past two days and I felt I just reached the state where I wanted to stop.

Who I was kidding but self, because I can’t stop and the reason is that sessions and their outcome is like reading a most fantastic mystery novel which can’t be put down because as we are reading we are waiting holding our breath wondering in great anticipation what’s going to happen, how the story will end and what will become of our heroine: in this case that person is me.

So the sessions go on, the adventures continue!

The reason I wanted to stop because I wanted to kick over -give up the idea buying that house on Vancouver Island and have it redone, the garden be turned into fairyland and of course winning the lotto, because without the lotto money I never could by $ 7.500.000.00 property  and spend lot to furnish it etc.

And I also known living there would not make me happier or more contented as I am here so why bother continue with the subjects in sessions?

You see, I have reached the STATE some years back [about 20 years] that to me things did not hold value so why the Hell I want to win that bloody lotto and buy that house? Why I am banging my head against the wall, OK had immense amount sessions and huge gains on these subjects and knowing very well without these realizations I would never be fee, and I had to have these sessions because the ideas-beliefs were on my path to confront. So my time wasn’t wasted, no, totally opposite.

The draw for the numbers were Friday [ every Friday] evening and of course I haven’t win again but one free ticket for the next draw so I have questioned today why I am pushing this item so hard so relentlessly and the realization hit me like a ton of brick: IT IS MY DESTINY, not winning the lotto or having the house, absolutely not, no, those things are the END PRODUCTS, but first: all the considerations-beliefs are need to be confronted which are the barriers in order to have that product.

And the only way to regain those abilities is by confrontation those myriads of reasons why it haven’t happened so far when I intended it, why could not have happened, why the intention-postulating don’t work when I putting them out??????

In other words: What the hell has happened to my willpower?

I know I put out, intended to happen something difficult: aiming for a goal which is not easy to attain as example: ‘’have the intention to win the jackpot of large some$$$’’and then session by session as –ising all the negative and positive beliefs which are connected to those concepts and let me tell you: the negatives -the feeling of loses just pours in like water down on Niagara Falls after each draw and me finding out that I haven’t win yet…and not winning means that I still have objections-counter postulates, fears of having-winning-owning, there is still denial, suppressions of will power and who knows what else is hidden-forgotten etc etc etc… But when I will win, have those 7 numbers come in than I will be done and I will know: I have finally re-gained what I have given away so long ago.

The power of intention: which brings results!

PS: no one can even imagine what it takes to as-is the immenseness of counter intentions, losses which results from that… just how many we have experienced in our time being here in this Infinite Universe. As My friend Maurice said more than once and I totally agree with him  that we have only scratched the surface and we both been at it..solo auditing, he since 67 and I 76!




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  1. Knowing knowing knowing.= (meaning) You (knowing) that(knowing) which you perceive (knowing).

    100% create.

    Have you done any mockup (creative) processing?

    • I know what mocking up is or mucking out means 🙂
      I have long passed those lists, I am looking at experiences in a very different way-have different reality on as I had when I was still in the church and doing what required of me to go OT7
      By the way, have that list brought you what you wanted to achieve?
      I have a felling that they have not and haven’t because they are not good but because much more is needed in order to eliminate the accumulated layers of charge which have pilled up over the eons on those item.
      and again you wont be answering as usual.

    • Brian… why do you think so many people have walked away from the church disappointed?
      There were more than one reason but I just want to mention one here.
      The Lists we have done did not bring the results which were advertised to do. Those List, having cognitions on them, those realizations have just given a glimpse what possibly could happen when all considerations are as-ised.
      People walked away disappointed because they have not attained that ”promised” stable state.
      and there is no such a thing as stable state in this universe because the continual shifting energies which reshape things as they shift.. LOL.. even a boulder or a diamond is just on illusion of the mind so how could on Entity gain stable state?

  2. “I won’t be answering as usual”

    OK 🙂

    Creative processing doesn’t have lists.

    As long as you know “something” then that “is” what you’re going to know. If you know you don’t have a house then you don’t have a house. To intend to have a house will fail as long as you know you don’t have a house. If you want a house to appear then you have to not-know quite a lot of agreements (knows) that you believe.

    An entity is just a mind construct and so is this universe. 🙂

    • Thank you…”’To intend to have a house will fail as long as you know you don’t have a house. If you want a house to appear then you have to not-know quite a lot of agreements (knows) that you believe.”””

      And what do you think I been doing all these years if not eliminating all the incredible amount of reasons for having or not having?
      You said you have read every post in this blog which is well over 400 by now, and what I been writing here? Auditing is nothing more than confronting having.
      I not only have sessions on unwanted moments, beliefs=considerations but on the wanted desired=pleasure moments because they are the ”’true” addictive beliefs because if we have them-experience them than we are really gotten stuck into them as Entities!

      What do you think what is wanting to ”’fall in love means”‘?????? and being in love means?

      Wanting means : desiring and why any one wants that which is pure undiluted pleasure which is a total trap till it is confronted and realized -understand why we want to fall in love and be in love.
      The true love the real affinity is not the same as humans believe means!

      By the way there is a huge difference between having a house, seeing the house, living that image, feel it, smell it touch it, than owing the house and have part of the body , the hand touch its wall, the nose smell the garden, feel the ground under the feet and having that solid piece of paper in the hand of the body… seen with the eyes and knowing that piece of paper is the bill of sale!
      The first part is owned by the Entity: me, and I don’t have problem owing visualizing, seeing having, I own my universe, the knowledge which I have accumulated from many-many millions of cognitions.
      the second part is owned by considerations how that is here on Earth on this Planet. Owing here means the body own it, WE NEED BODY TO OWN, TO FEEL SMELL TOUCH.

      Now Brian this is out of the way… please if you can give me your reality how to achieve the second part I am totally open to any suggestion or anyone’s suggestions! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Brian; “”An entity is just a mind construct and so is this universe””

      MY reality, to me the Entity is the INFINITE, not even the so called ”awareness unit” since I believe there is no such a thing…same goes for ”levels of spirituality”’..that belief too is crap.
      To me the Entity cant be described, because it is not constructed, cant be constructed because if that would be case than would be constructed from accumulated matter which too would be a consideration and considerations are simple labels naming matter.

  3. Brian…..you haven’t answered my question: ”By the way, have that list brought you what you wanted to achieve?”

    since you pointed out that there is no such a List so let me rephrase has ”mocking-up” has given you the desired results?
    Care to answer this?

    Mocking up something is not the same as experiencing the actual space which would be Example: let say being -experiencing a ruby in the ring [ just happen to have it front of me’]
    It seems to me going exterior simply means no longer experiencing something than experiencing something different, this we do second to second.

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