Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

This is the cat’s meow, now as I said: ignorance stupidity can kill and because of ignorance not knowing differently we believe we die and the same goes why we are in any unwanted state or attain that wanted condition.

Example POVERTY… one of my favorite subject which I have been beating at-having session on about 3000 hours’ worth.

Well, sometimes I feel like banging my head against the wall because I haven’t thought of something and this is one of those times when I know that my ignorance is soooo enormous LOL.. I just don’t want to mince words: I am staying with simplicity : I am so stupid sometimes that its simply boggles my mind!

This is incredible!!!! I never thought, never entered in my ”mind” that on the Track I had lives–incident in which I have sworn –taken on Oath of Poverty … giving up all worldly possessions goods in order to serve the higher authority -god… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you ‘’gods’’, believing in that concept have caused more problems than what I care to list here or any other place, gods that ‘’idea’’ is on incredible troublesome crap and I too had my share of it on the Track.

NOW This means that these Oaths I have taken and who knows how many times and when and because Oath taking are very powerful solemn –intense incidents they become basic and all other crap regarding similar considerations are just piled on the top of that shit.

So.. try –just try to become rich—win the lotto- build on empire – do any adventure in which the gains would be measured in worldly good-possessions, Will never happen, can’t make it out and no matter how many occasion it is tried… will fail and the person “”ME=Elizabeth”” LOL”” will remain in the so called poverty mode to which has sworn to be in!!!!


Screw all this shit. LOL.. now I have proudly declare I have attained the spiritual enlightenment= The State of STUPIDITY!

on the serious side: I needed the cognitions on taking the oath before I realized what are the results on those solemn oath taking incidents.. the cognition was the result of confrontation ”living alone”  as now I do, but of course I have done the same many in many other lifetimes before and in some of them I was a monk.. living alone dedicating my life  serving ”god” this means keeping that idea alive and solid!

And I am truly having fun !



Comments on: "cats meow…! attestation to a state" (4)

  1. If it´s fun just keep going! :)))

  2. You bet…. I also had to find out the reasons why I wanted to take those Sacred Oaths ,and pride has to do with it… LOL.. and of course the main reason was to find the answers what is beyond the solid universe, what makes the Spiritual Realm to tick…
    But keep it in mind when we enter into service of any kind, especially into the mighty gods than we give up our own identity and we take on the valance whom we want to serve.. so in this case I have become godly, god like.. therefore we believe we are above man, better than others, we have arrived [what ever that means] because now we are one with god.. crap in other words!!
    another example: servant in royal households those who are very close to the king, or queen, well they become snubs because they take on the valance of those who they serve and they feel valuable same as those who they serve.
    They are now above other staff members and man in general. Illusion of grandeur.

  3. Well, I am a LOT more stupid than you. So, does that mean I’m your spiritual superior?

    Hmm. Probably not.

    The dance between matter and spirit will always be a puzzle. But, one can choose to not be a sissy about it all and embrace the paradox fully.

  4. Up in arms! I will fight you for that title… just name the time and place!
    My dear we can’t valuate each others persons knowledge since we can’t duplicate -understand its scope.
    By the way I reality I like the expression dance between spirit and matter.. dance???? Well by now I have been clobbered so many times by matter that I have taken upon myself to find out what is I am murdered by so often so I went a long search and I have found the answers: I have become the victim of my own believes!
    Simple as that… when we believe in things example; that others have more power than we do in that moment when we believe that we become the victim and they are the cause! And that happens every time when we believe we are matter—something=somebody… because only matter can be destroyed. So I now dance to my own tune!
    PS; By the way I always believed you were and are brilliant. 
    Thanks for the song!

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