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Reason to do: my destiny!

I haven’t thought -wondered much about my destiny why I am here and why I am having sessions and why I am ”relentlessly pushing on” day after day.

I know I have tenacity -that means staying power and I am like a bulldog once bite into something will not let go till that piece is bitten off.

But occasionally I would like it if I finally could say: that’s it, no more and just closes the door on the past and be happy with the incredible gains I have attained till now. 🙂

This is how I felt the past two days and I felt I just reached the state where I wanted to stop.

Who I was kidding but self, because I can’t stop and the reason is that sessions and their outcome is like reading a most fantastic mystery novel which can’t be put down because as we are reading we are waiting holding our breath wondering in great anticipation what’s going to happen, how the story will end and what will become of our heroine: in this case that person is me.

So the sessions go on, the adventures continue!

The reason I wanted to stop because I wanted to kick over -give up the idea buying that house on Vancouver Island and have it redone, the garden be turned into fairyland and of course winning the lotto, because without the lotto money I never could by $ 7.500.000.00 property  and spend lot to furnish it etc.

And I also known living there would not make me happier or more contented as I am here so why bother continue with the subjects in sessions?

You see, I have reached the STATE some years back [about 20 years] that to me things did not hold value so why the Hell I want to win that bloody lotto and buy that house? Why I am banging my head against the wall, OK had immense amount sessions and huge gains on these subjects and knowing very well without these realizations I would never be fee, and I had to have these sessions because the ideas-beliefs were on my path to confront. So my time wasn’t wasted, no, totally opposite.

The draw for the numbers were Friday [ every Friday] evening and of course I haven’t win again but one free ticket for the next draw so I have questioned today why I am pushing this item so hard so relentlessly and the realization hit me like a ton of brick: IT IS MY DESTINY, not winning the lotto or having the house, absolutely not, no, those things are the END PRODUCTS, but first: all the considerations-beliefs are need to be confronted which are the barriers in order to have that product.

And the only way to regain those abilities is by confrontation those myriads of reasons why it haven’t happened so far when I intended it, why could not have happened, why the intention-postulating don’t work when I putting them out??????

In other words: What the hell has happened to my willpower?

I know I put out, intended to happen something difficult: aiming for a goal which is not easy to attain as example: ‘’have the intention to win the jackpot of large some$$$’’and then session by session as –ising all the negative and positive beliefs which are connected to those concepts and let me tell you: the negatives -the feeling of loses just pours in like water down on Niagara Falls after each draw and me finding out that I haven’t win yet…and not winning means that I still have objections-counter postulates, fears of having-winning-owning, there is still denial, suppressions of will power and who knows what else is hidden-forgotten etc etc etc… But when I will win, have those 7 numbers come in than I will be done and I will know: I have finally re-gained what I have given away so long ago.

The power of intention: which brings results!

PS: no one can even imagine what it takes to as-is the immenseness of counter intentions, losses which results from that… just how many we have experienced in our time being here in this Infinite Universe. As My friend Maurice said more than once and I totally agree with him  that we have only scratched the surface and we both been at it..solo auditing, he since 67 and I 76!




cats meow…! attestation to a state

This is the cat’s meow, now as I said: ignorance stupidity can kill and because of ignorance not knowing differently we believe we die and the same goes why we are in any unwanted state or attain that wanted condition.

Example POVERTY… one of my favorite subject which I have been beating at-having session on about 3000 hours’ worth.

Well, sometimes I feel like banging my head against the wall because I haven’t thought of something and this is one of those times when I know that my ignorance is soooo enormous LOL.. I just don’t want to mince words: I am staying with simplicity : I am so stupid sometimes that its simply boggles my mind!

This is incredible!!!! I never thought, never entered in my ”mind” that on the Track I had lives–incident in which I have sworn –taken on Oath of Poverty … giving up all worldly possessions goods in order to serve the higher authority -god… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you ‘’gods’’, believing in that concept have caused more problems than what I care to list here or any other place, gods that ‘’idea’’ is on incredible troublesome crap and I too had my share of it on the Track.

NOW This means that these Oaths I have taken and who knows how many times and when and because Oath taking are very powerful solemn –intense incidents they become basic and all other crap regarding similar considerations are just piled on the top of that shit.

So.. try –just try to become rich—win the lotto- build on empire – do any adventure in which the gains would be measured in worldly good-possessions, Will never happen, can’t make it out and no matter how many occasion it is tried… will fail and the person “”ME=Elizabeth”” LOL”” will remain in the so called poverty mode to which has sworn to be in!!!!


Screw all this shit. LOL.. now I have proudly declare I have attained the spiritual enlightenment= The State of STUPIDITY!

on the serious side: I needed the cognitions on taking the oath before I realized what are the results on those solemn oath taking incidents.. the cognition was the result of confrontation ”living alone”  as now I do, but of course I have done the same many in many other lifetimes before and in some of them I was a monk.. living alone dedicating my life  serving ”god” this means keeping that idea alive and solid!

And I am truly having fun !