Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have realized I reached the end to a subject which I have worked on nearly 2 years.

It has started out that I decided I want to win the lotto and with the money buy a house on Vancouver Island in Victoria in the section called Oak Harbor right on the water overlooking the inlet and the mountains on the other side of the water and that was the original” intention”.

I am including the video of my ‘’house’’ because it is mine, I believe it is mine.

too reset the videos to view the house need to push the semi circle at the bottom of the video on the lefts side-bottom of the pictures facing you.

I have written 3 posts so far on how I was doing on this ‘’subjects’ ‘and by now I long have left behind the idea of winning since that consideration only has so many sides I could have session on.

Winning is not just winning the lotto.. but it is wanting – desiring –needing– to change a condition knowing-believing that the transformation would be bringing a better condition.


THAT IS THE GOAL-OBJECTIVE WHAT WE AIM FOR when we are having sessions, using the Technology to free self from the unwanted beliefs.

But the subject which started out is ‘’wanted to win the lotto’’ has opened into something massive which encompassed –embraced –involved my whole track in this universe.

And of course the ‘’wanting’’ is having ‘’intention to accomplish change conditions ’’.. so because the word is simple do not means simply one item has to be confronted LOL..no, but this simple word is just the cover to a bottomless pit which is our track and that is Infinite!

I also have written about visualization.. Confrontation of dreams, illusions, but of course I haven’t mentioned the hundreds of items-considerations I have separately confronted in sessions.

This morning I have realized that I have finished with this subject once and for all! But I did not feel happy, elated jubilant on this idea, in fact I felt let down.

WOW!!!        Then I also realized that I have:

I have Given in… accepted the condition because can’t change it therefore I no longer fight it  or wanting to work it out… capitulated .. in other words I have thrown in the towel!

Become defeated… accepted this defeat is part of life… inevitable … ohhhh .. Just let it stand –remain as is…. work with it what I have here… make the best of it…


Because force-power which hold everything in place is bigger than me?

I can’t go against it?  Karma is not changeable? Karma is inevitable?

We accept karma as something given by higher authority -power as our inevitable faith… inevitable faith is bank and nothing more.

SO… I am back and the adventure continues… I never give in because giving in is accepting the control: the bank and its power over me. 🙂

”defeat” simply means: something existing which don’t let something happen!

PS: I don’t live poorly.. by all means I don’t, I live in a lovely condo overlooking the forest and why do I wish to change conditions? because I want to… simply want to for the ”doing” of it and knowing I am at causer.! 🙂

PS; I no longer accept any condition as ”normal” simply because  here on this Earth was decided by  ”agreements” that something is normal, or on the ”Track” was decided what should be called normal occurrences – because decisions  never make any condition normal. There are no such a conditions as ”normal” conditions. AND IF WE CANT DO SOMETHING… OUR INTENTION DONT WORK THAN THE REASON IS THAT WE HAVE  ASSIGNED  POWER TO OTHERS OR THINGS-element-stuff in general that those persons or things are better, stronger,  bigger, more important than us.





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