Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Cognition ON NUMBERS.

Items can be seen and numbered just how many are there and what the numbers are indicating, and these symbols means the same in any language: example: there are apples in the bowl, because they can be counted, there can’t be make mistake just how many there are, can’t be argued about this number, can’t be denied, disputed, there is no uncertainty when numbers are present: We get agreement!

There is  group of people running, they can be counted, let say there were 4 of them  so same as the above example the number cant be changed because  that would be a lie…

So what numbers doing to our reality is commanding agreements, with that in place the story of that incident: we have seen 4 people running becomes solidified: permanently established and no one can’t change that anymore.

So numbering things brings agreement… example Buddhism has 400 million followers so this huge number really solidify the fact that Buddhism is good true faith because 400 million people cant be wrong!

LOL… LOL.. agreement on anything is agreement on solidity, true thing as in Infinite and what that stands for cant be counted, describes but what can be counted and described plus adding symbols to it+ behavior and that behavior is then regularly PRACTICED!!! is and always masses of energy and those agreements make it totally solid.

So look out… more agreement there are on any subject, which are represented by numbers are indication of solidified masses of energy= pure undiluted bank.

Because numbers don’t lie and I believe that only numbers are not miss duplicated by people, concepts cannot be duplicated because we cant see-know what others feel and about those reality the arguments miss-understandings arises  but ”numbers” do represent solid facts!

it seems Numbers knowing their meaning and how they function sort of ties together to some degree that we as individual have some  reality on each other.

example: I haven’t the clue how your half of the apple taste for you, so that part we can have a big discussion,  but we can totally agree that we both have 1 half apple!

Just think just how solid a concepts have become next time you bite into on apple, or drink a glass of water or take a big lungful of air and you believe that its feels so good, taste good and you  cant live without  that lungful of belief!

All these exist because having agreements on the subject.


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