Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Where are our abilities? Very funny question: they are still at the same place as where we left them, when we have denied we had them by saying we can’t do it, cannot be done, when we assigned powers to others, that others are more powerful than were are, more able, stronger, smarter, born at the right place, to the right parents, when we believed other are more deserving than us and when we believed that others were more important than us!

And when we said and believed that we are just not lucky… the luck is not with us, we never had luck, we never been lucky, we were born under on unlucky star, on unlucky day, when we believed we were cursed, lived in a corrupt age, where a honest person cant make it go right etc.. etc..

And we have seen other how lucky they were, no matter what they have touched turned out alright! and than we have compared self with these people and evaluated self… devaluated self : that yes!!! They were born under the lucky star, they were born with the silver spoon in their mouth therefore they have everything whatever they want and us poor saps we just live on the sideline as observers.

So where are our abilities?

The present time in this age the name-title I believe ‘’ability’’ should be called ‘’LUCK’’….  and you can evaluate for self—summon up just how lucky or unlucky you are  in your present state; the  life cycle  you are in.

Luck, being lucky is not just related to gambling.. or going into new ventures: wanting to make better living but luck is how one’s marriage  is working out or not, how we cope with our daily adventures, how we feel, how is the health of the body, how our dreams has come through, or have they been discarded and let them die? happened because we were not lucky????

Unlucky… simply means ability to make it go right is no longer present.

I have had immense amount of sessions over these years in order to unearth the abilities I have had and I can say all the sessions I had since 73 do addresses  directly or indirectly  this item: ability-luck.

Everything we ever do, have done=experienced are interconnected, each incident, each life we lived exist because others have existed.

I haven’t recovered abilities… not the way I thought they will be when I started out: snap the finger and whatever I want will appear LOL ..  that is not how it works but if it  works that way than I haven’t regained that ‘’ability’’ yet!  But I have learned: nothing is impossible: if we can think of it than it can happen!

SOOOO…. I have said this before how we think what we believe in that is all we have.

If someone wakes up in the morning and thinks: ohhh, not another lousy day.. ohhhh how horrible that job is, I can’t stomach this another day! Well, you got what you asked for, what you believe in and don’t wait for better.

Auditing-confronting works because we can eliminate the unwanted beliefs… and that makes the Tech.. magical, it is the Magic Wand.

soup is hot—the soup is cold…. I can walk through the wall… I cant walk through the wall .

This is a very simple Universe… cant get any simpler: what we believe we have.



  1. So true, Elizabeth! 🙂 The magic is in ourselves if we can confront that which tear down the unmagical and boring!
    The Technology is an excellent tool for this!

    • 🙂 I am so delighted that we are on the same reality..!!!!!!
      yes you are right we are in our- self a singular universe. 🙂
      if you ever care to post your cognitions please feel free to do so! most welcome they will be!

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