Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Reached the basic-basic

on a very well know State and why that state was created.

There is a reason for everything we do and we have, the state-condition we are in, how we think, what abilities we have or why we haven’t got them anymore.

Poverty being poor has been one of my major projects to confront and of course reasons to understand why I have experienced this state and joined others in this experience.

Not only poverty-being poor-having very little etc.. etc.. but I had to also confront being rich-having everything and this not all but I had to confront more than one universe —This physical so called Solid Universe but I also had to explore the Spiritual universe where we lived –operated without bodies.

I could write books on this subject, there have been hundreds —thousands of reason for each state=consideration=belief to exist plus all the related items I have confronted in order to understand what it means why we are poor or rich.

I finally reached the basic-basic incident and with that the understanding the true reason why the ‘’state of poverty’’ was created and followed by so many.

The Entity who has created this State has truly understood how and what has effected-stimulated us, and how to – curtail-limit and reduce these effects.

This Entity understood and this understanding was very simple, too simple and that simplistic basic reason was to keep the Entity pure, or minimally effected, not to be embroiled – entangled- caught up- ensnared- mixed-up and get confused by masses of energy=possessions but keep it simple: to live simple life, only have what is needed for survival and have nothing more than that.

The rest would count to be extra, not needed or wanted because those extras are the extra baggage which hinders the Entity.

By now unfortunately the  true meaning of this simple state  has been altered and now made out to be punishment because value is placed on matter: more you have more valuable –important you are and when have little than that person is nothing-no one.

Yet priesthood –some other religions still based on the same principal.

I completely agree with this Entities belief because I also know that every thought, belief, agreement-consideration we have is connected to large masses of energies which were one time or another in solid forms  and that these masses of energies= mental images-pictures are what we gotten embroiled –ensnarled by.

If we would have kept our life simple this would not have happened but again we would not attain the knowledge what means is having everything and to experiencing everything.




Comments on: "Reached the basic-basic" (2)

  1. It is interesting that all big questions have a simple answer, just like the entity is a simple and uncomplicated being! Kudos to you, Elizabeth, for having travelled through all that was to arrive to a simple but so important answer that gives much meaning to the question “What it is to live a good life”!

    • Oh.. yes I do live a ”good life” but I also eliminated the effects of riches having great amount, and complications therefore I can now live a good life if I would be living on the street having basic simple clothing or in a palace clothed in designers dresses… and adorned with jewels.
      Either state… living condition for the body is simply for the body not for me as on Entity.
      Things no matter what they are lose their stimulating effects and when they no longer do we just feel simply good, top of the world at all times.

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