Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

part of the todays session.


I see a person in ”praying ”position, it seems this praying person trusts good’s power…

Realization:…..WOW….. OH…..total trust in god is ‘’’Total assignment of power .. total delegation of power…handing over power…means total submission ………

TOTAL SUBMISSION- being totally submissive : obedient , docile, meek, dutiful; IS INCRADIBLY POWERFUL ACTION because when give in to on any idea, teachings philosophy, when we accept that dogma as truth and don’t question… no matter what happens , how it affects our life therefore we become less stimulated by our surrounding-life and when total submission occurs that means total di-stimulation .. no longer being on affect…



But  total submission has a huge downside: giving up own awareness-reality-all personal abilities-creativity… but  the main objection is awareness and when giving up everything by becoming totally submissive as follower of any teachings – philosophies -religions.. regardless whatever that maybe.. that person  becomes a robot-slave who carries out the wishes of others.

Examples: we at first when went into Scientology we have not questioned LRH’s teachings.

LOL… and we become totally keyed out of our earlier life and gotten keyed into LRH’s life! How he thought, what he beloved in, with that we become on extension of his and we supplied power: WE ASSIGNED POWER TO HIM!  LOL his ego grown ..we made him a god ..

Those who after leaving the church went into Buddhism… LOL… now that is total submission …giving up everything not questioning and the same times quoting sayings behaving in manner dictated more likely assumed that is how should one behave if one a Buddhist ..WOW PEOPLE … these characters who have embraced that philosophy really hit the bottom… total robotic-none thinking machinery they have become.

Monks-priest is on the same level because they just follow and in my reality that level is lower than the frogs’ bottom.

But  LRH has offered a technology when used freed the user from that robotic-none thinking level…….and that is the fact , so LRH’s work was not all garbage but incredible valuable.

but religions never offered the way out because there is no roads-paths out of that shit, submission to any dogma is assigning power.

HEHEHE same goes when voting for Trump or Clinton! LOL.






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  1. This blog is written as a Diary, my personal journey-adventure and those who visit here they have they own reason why they want to read the cognitions.. They are welcome here same as you are but still this blog is very personal.

    Yes I lough at some ides but not at Entities.. never Entities. And you are on Entity!
    Ideas are implanted material but those belief are not the Entity because that would be impossible: you see, you are not matter, you never been matter, and you never will been matter regardless of your present beliefs not. You are not the body! Entities are not made… only bodies-matter can be made out of other matter.

    We are not ”bodies” but we are Entities– spirituals therefore we are never alone, we live not as a body but as on Entity. and we are part of this Universe, we all are interconnected.

    I am sorry I caused on upset, I sincerely apologies but the idea which is believed by you will not happen here , but has happened on your track and you still dramatize that incident.

    NO I don’t believe in C. Bill’s theory, or admire LRH as a man, but I truly believe what he and his friends put together the AUDITING TECHNOLOGY works.!!!!
    No I don’t share realities with Marildi or Gear, you see neither of them believes in auditing and I do.. that act alone places us on different level of activity reality.
    You are welcome to comment here, but I will not debate because I don’t wish to convince others that my beliefs are better -more important than theirs. So no debating.
    Best to you and again please accept my sincere apology …

    • Ok

      “””but the idea which is believed by you will not happen here , but has happened on your track and you still dramatize that incident.”””

      Yeah i run around with a plastic pistol in a Power Ranger cosplay, yelling pew-pew-pew, shooting stuff with that pistol. I dramatize a Space Power Ranger baby!! 😀

      Just kidding. 😉

      I believe that auditing works. In fact it works to some degree even when i totally work it wrong, like squirelling coffee-shop solo processing. (i only do solo because i never had an auditor)

      That’s why i love Scientology, it has best ideas, suggestions, tehniques. No other religion even comes close.

      I think Marildi believes i auditing, not sure, i may ask her. Geir has his own ways, but he was a Scino before. 🙂

      Ok we do not have to debate, but i like to write a comment when i read a blog. Even if it is a short acknowledgement, i like to express myself, coz i am an original human being. 🙂 I am not a robot. Most people on the internet behave like robots most of the time. I mean, they ignore messages, they do not start communications, they do not want to experience others.

      Worship belongs to 8th dynamic. It is not a bad thing to worship somebody, it is a from of high admiration plus copying others traits. So i can say that i worship Ron.

      • Admiration is a sticky –adhesive thing, same kind of energy mass this contains as hate-hating something do… depends how much how deep is on admiration or hate toward anything anybody is on indicator how heavily that person-entity is stimulated-effected by the stuff-words-concepts the admired person-or thing=objects emanates.


        • Sorry. It is difficult to understand you, and you even want to REDUCE communications here with extra rules. I cannot function with those rules.

          I will try to leave you alone. I thought that you want some company and silly & playful & casual communications mixed with wisdom & insights.

          Good day.

          • Whatever…
            you have assumed that I need company.. that I am alone.. and I am not alone and definitely not lonely.
            And you haven’t duplicated that this blog is the product of sessions and every post I put up is in the form of cognitions from end of the sessions.

          • Sorry I have forgotten to thank you for your kind offer
            to have ”””’some company and silly & playful & casual communications mixed with wisdom & insights.””
            Maybe some other lifetimes… but thank you again.

  2. you are welcome here same as others who don’t care to comment, they have their own reason reality why they don’t post comments.
    I have a belief that those who need to connect to this blog will find it, and I don’t believe in advertising but in ”silent communication” which is called telepathic communication and I know from experience that it work.. and very much alive but those who only have reality on verbal communication don’t recognize this unseen, soundless way yet every one picks it up, understand it.. but dont trust self that they have received a though, picture=consideration.
    So my friend from Serbia, those who read here they do leave communication but because it is not written that do not means it haven’t happened!
    We share space as Entities.
    Marildi DO NOT BELIEVE IN AUDITING!!!! and that is the fact but she believes in some oriental meditation whatever, and she ”worships” a guru.
    Marildi is the most robotic human I ever met. She cant think for herself, but she only can quote LRH and that guru.. These persons ”think” for her, she has moved into their valance and she has emanates the same thought-beliefs as these persons believed in and have spread verbally.
    I have my own reality on what worship means I had sessions on that topic.
    By the way in my reality scientology’s ”auditing technology” has nothing but nothing to do with religions in fact totally opposite.
    Having session is ”confronting” searching for the truth and religion is far from the truth, it is pure bank was created to capture, imprison, control, enslave.

  3. It is so much truth in this article, Elizabeth!!!
    All those rules and regulations and beliefs are the web that this so called Matrix consists of and you describe this so well here!
    Giving away your own power to someone or something else means that you degrade yourself and your power instead of finding out about yourself and investigating that which is in order to have a better life and be of service to others quest for the indivudual truth of our selves.
    Understanding of the world we created so that we may create a better world while we are here and have fun is my subjective reality.
    Thanks for your always interesting articles! 🙂

    • Thank you great to share … !!!! 🙂

    • Hello Conny !! good evening to you!

      when my thoughts go back to the subject than I know I haven’t finished with that item which it is on poverty-poor condition. Now Conny keep it in mind that I feel totally contented where I am at because I am not poor, suffer in any ways, and I have much more than I need.

      But these things are ”conditions” and the question arise ” can I change this condition by simply wanting to?” the answer was No… therefore there is still charge= buried considerations existing.

      Long as I have any I don’t rest till I dig them all up.

      Sometimes I use the simplest form of confrontation which I have learned way back: what its color?…. interestingly poverty has light gray coloring..this means: no movement, don’t vibrate this means not a creating force, but stagnant dead space

      what its weight? heavy enough to keep me in unmoving condition solidly wedged in location..

      what its size?… from outside it is big and round and I cant see through it.

      This next question I ask occasionally; ” what I love about poverty— being poor?”

      bingo!!!! nothing!!! well, my friend I got on answer which had charge on it indicates there is more.

      Now this do not take anything away from my last post on ”basic-basic” because that reality is very much valid-important to know but it seems I haven’t finished.

      By now I am very-very weary of Traps on the track and these traps are same as any other beliefs.. since every belief is a trap and you know this your self.

      So it seems I need to get my pickax out and do some more digging on these considerations which by now is not a chore but great fun-adventure into different realities.

      Ask yourself what color is riches- wealth? what its size? and do you love it?

      LOL.. its sparkling like crushed diamond and it is the size of the Universe!

      so to me riches means the creating force of which everything is made of… just pure energy.
      Happy digging!

    • just thinking here…. major cognitions are different realities which we were not aware before.. but these cognitions do not mean that we reached the end of the line… if we believe this we would end up as many ex scientologist has ended up thinking that one big cognition and with that they have reached that state NO….!!!
      that cognition just opened the door into a different reality, just given a small taste -gimps of what possible could be when all the collected junk is cleared away.
      LRH when constructed the Bridge with that made a huge-huge mistake by declaring that the person has ”attained” the level and could attest to that attainment when had one big cognation while being on some level of auditing. That mistake was costly mistake and brought disappointment for many and these disappointments were the belief THAT AUDITING DONT WORK!!!! therefore these persons stopped having sessions.
      The internet is flooded with their comments their screams from top of their lungs, some even write books on how they were cheated and give reasons why not the auditing don’t work. But not one ever think of that maybe just maybe the job haven’t been finished.. like that well know OT 8 who believes I am a total idiot because I do believe in the technology…
      But you see I have chosen for my self same as you have regardless how many has screamed it don’t work. I never went into agreement with the majority and that would have been easier LOL… would gotten acknowledgement and I would be the part of that group of losers.
      But I would have missed out on the greatest adventure since I entered into this electrifying universe!

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