Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Archive for October 30, 2016


Mystery is the most coveted, sought-after, desired, longed for item in this WHOLE UNIVERSE! Regardless what shape, what form or not having a Form like on Entity.

make something mysterious and bingo everyone wants it!

Example: Spirituality this philosophy has always been shrouded in mystery, therefor many entered on a journey to discover for self what this spirituality is?

And because so many has embarked on the journey to find out for that reason is we have that many outcome LOL.. and not one of the founding is true… Spirituality cannot be defined.. Expressed in any way or in any form and symbolism as in all religions definitely does not describe the Universe which holds no shape or form.

Mystery is on the same level as ‘’unknown-not known’’ yet mystery- mysterious items were once and are still tremendously valuable.

After all it has taken us Eons to create mystery to cover up our awareness, our total understanding because when we are viewing something we have total understanding on any subject-object what that may be to the last molecule it contains and why that exist in our space.

My friends we do know everything about this universe but we are so incredibly brilliant that by now we made ourselves believe we know nothing.. LOL… that is the most gargantuan lie we ever conjured up in the history since we are playing: being stupid-ignorant human.


Two people enter into marriage and they sure love each other but as time goes by= particles move= life continues lots of things change and these two people react differently to the daily happenings and sooner or later each notices that the other person is not behaving as they ‘’should’’ LOL.. now that comes a surprise  and each partner thinks and say “ OHHH I DID NOT KNOW S/H WAS LIKE THAT IF I WOULD HAVE KNOW I WOULD NEVER married THAT UGLY SO AND SO!”  of course you have known it but have ignored  the facts … simply because if you would admit than that marriage would never take place.

Mystery is not only built into relationships but it is the backbone in the game of life. LOL… only on idiot, on Entity who is playing being ‘’stupid’’=not know gest body with that gets all the trimming which goes with it and suffers – struggles but secretly loves every second of the game LOL.. everyone is so occupied to change things.. to discover things, to make things better: so much fun…so much drama… and nothing is more DRAMATIC THAN BELIEVING THAT WE DIE!!!!!

Now  who ever invented that ” death’ ‘concept truly deserves the glory because believing that DEATH EXIST that concept has put Spirituality- after life into total mystery which simply means our the true life -existence -creativity -abilities, knowing were forgotten,  sank into mystery… become shrouded  by the veil of ”unknown”.

The Universe exist because we made it into a mystery in other words: into altered reality.