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So far I haven’t written much about Entities.

So far I haven’t written much about Entities.

My reason for leaving the church in 82 was because at Flag  the senior C/S ordered me to stop continuing — having solo sessions and did their best to scare me with the IDEA that Entities – Beings are my enemies and they will affect me, cause case problems. [I never agreed to that.]

But that is what they have known in the church that time because till than LRH haven’t  found incidents where spiritual entities were good therefore he had great fear of Entities and  he communicated the same beliefs : we all need to fear Entities.

I just realized something now: that it can be on assumption on my part that the Entity I am communicating with doesn’t have the body:  Just because I can’t see a body with my own bodies eyes that do not mean that Entity don’t have a body ten galaxies away from where my so called body is! In fact I can’t see the Entity either! LOL..I like that!

Relying on that truly incorrect information the church acted as what they have known but acted as they were the  AUTHORITY= know it all- about Entities. [ I don’t blame the church for handling me  that way.]

I did not have- shared than that reality-belief with the church about Bt’s –Clusters =Entities because from the very early on in as 73 I realized I was a spiritual being- on Entity myself, I felt at home with that belief and to me to be surrounded by spiritual beings-Entities brought total delight knowing we were all here, we were never alone..  we shared everything…no one was ever lost, no one has ever died  and to me this knowledge brought great happiness-contentment: I realized finally arrived , was finally at home,  belonged, part of this great Realm and no longer segregated.  [ only my own beliefs made me feel separated.]

I have given countless sessions to Entities since 76 but so far I found less than a dozen who were in fact out to get me, these few were put into my space to destroy and harm-eliminate at all cost  and that was their sole purpose. LOL.. but they too responded to auditing, confronted their own reality and finally become free with that their mission ended.

Poor Entities they were, because they only been given-implanted with one determination to destroy one Entity and that is without a doubt a very poor reason to exist. LOL.. but no one can destroy on Entity! J

What I have found in sessions that all Entities were simply stuck in incidents… that we all are in the same situation, being in the same boat regardless we are connected to the bodies or not. [ as for paddles we have the auditing technology.]

Some years back I realized that not much point giving sessions separately to any one because IF I KNOW OF SOMETHING, IF I FEEL SOMETHING even if it was NOT NECESSARILLY MINE BUT I KNEW ABOUT IT THEREFORE TO THAT EXTANT THAT INCIDENT –feeling understanding –EXPERIENCE WAS exclusively MINE and session was needed to confront the incident.[ I believe here is my responsibility for self-kicked in.]

Matter have location, we Entities-Infinites we don’t have location therefore We as Entities we share sessions, we share cognitions and by knowing that we share, we equally take responsibility- confront our own and same time we all take responsibility for our own case, and  knowing this I can’t hardly blame others for how I feel what I think-believe in.

We as Entities we don’t have same realities, look around you and you know that is the fact…therefore any Entity who are in these sessions have their own reality=version of that incident accordingly how they see-believe and also have their own version of cognition at the end of the session.

This means I don’t have reality on other Entities Universe.. I only know mine and I never known any other.. LOL. that is my having –ness, my Realm- Universe.

Why I write this? Because in well-known blog  written whatever  happens to us is caused by the Entities this includes good things also.

As I see it not only bad happenings can be blamed on others, in this case the Entities… But blame can be put on others causing good things to: blame is blame no matter how we perceive this concept.

When blaming that is assigning power, ability, assigning responsibility: They have it and I don’t, in other words blaming others for existing conditions we are in: regardless what that is.

And in that blog again the writer is saying that Entities helping us, empowering us..

OK… but again the auditor should have sessions why the help is needed: what are the reasons personal power and abilities are missing, how I made self so helpless and weak, and how come other are better than I, more powerful and reasons should be looked for why in the first place I am affected  etc… etc..  there are thousands and thousands of reason there are on our track why we are as we are. And NOT ONE ENTITY CAUSED THE CONDITION WE ARE IN.

Blame is present when the person is still sitting in the Human Cluster= human beliefs,  BUT that is not how it works in the Spiritual Realm: We are responsible: totally responsible for the conditions we are in.

There is no other way.

Example: no one can feel your toothache … same goes for everything else.

Can others influence us with their intention?

LOL… that one only could be judged –assessed come to conclusion of if we would have two experiences and compare these two experiences what would have happen IF we believe that our experience was NOT INTENDED-influenced or yes I did that because I was under influence from others!

Blaming others gotten us into where we are at.

No matter what we experience, that experience is our and it can’t be shared.