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Archive for October 17, 2016

extinction of the Dinosaurs-session.

I have just seen a most interesting incident which occurred just before  the Dinosaurs and other living critters were fried.

From tooth ache I moved into this incident where the Dinosaur had toothache but turned out to be something totally different: the Dinosaurs pain was caused by  being hit with a lightning bolt and the searing pain went through his jaws.

What I have seen is that suddenly the terrain become  dark, this darkness was deep inky blue and  this darkness was on electric storm:  abruptly immense lightning bolts filled the air but these huge bolts were flying horizontally close the  surface of the Earth and the electric bolts  were like  humongous living whips sizzling- lashing out hitting and burning up what they touched,  the air glowed iridescent blue when the storm moved off there wasn’t  living thing left on the surface of the Planet… some charred –scorched smoldering  patches of dirt here and there and the higher points of the terrain continued to discharge some of the  collected voltage and this power bolt went wild in the air till they found a target a higher surface of the  planet –hill top or boulder and they hit these targets whit such a force that boulders gotten pulverized , and hills tops sheared off and mountain side were reshaped.

I still see this as it was just now… you see I have just experienced the extinction of the Dinosaurs.