Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

HELLO….or good by?

I just would like you let you know I won’t be writing much in the future.

If you are new to this blog and would like to read my adventures there are over 300 cognition related entries which touches ‘’almost’’ every topic. Well, not really because if I would have written about everything I have seen—have become aware than that would fill many-many volumes and that would have taken me years to write and same amount of time to read.[ time don’t exist]

LRH has talked –written about ‘’altered reality’’:

When the altered believes-realities are as-ised which includes understanding what is ‘’spirituality’’, and life-living it in every stage + death: death is part of life, death can’t happen –occur without the beliefs of having ‘’life’’= being born and of course in this package include the assumptions [ the human beliefs] what is the so called ‘’afterlife’’ or even what space is.

All these beliefs which were learned-read about-being told and the ”thoughts” them self any one has exist because they are altered…

What I have found through the gained realizations =cognitions is so very different from what I have assumed will be when reaching the so called ”other-side-different level-Native State- Spiritual Realm from where I started out in 73 … LOL.. Not disappointing, not at all but astounded in a very good way.

If there are questions you believe I can give on answer to please free to email or send your communication in  the form of comment.

Please keep it in mind what I know now do not make me better or important personage, not at all,  but JUST very-very DIFFERENT in HOW I SEE-PERCEIVE THE UNIVERSE FROM WHAT I HAVE KNOWN BEFORE and this gained knowledge  is not altered but it is the truth=consist of compounded cognitions.

The considerations what is Importance, better etc.. these are beliefs they exist because they are altered and agreed upon beliefs , therefore these concepts no longer apply-exist where I am at.

My so called work, or exploration of the Universe is not over, far from it.

To those of you who are into ‘’exteriorization’’, would like to go out of the body, have news for you… you never been inside the body! 🙂

Believing in something is the trap is self.


Best to you all. Elizabeth.



Comments on: "HELLO….or good by?" (2)

  1. noboxplease said:

    Dear Elizabeth,
    These are wonderful insights and rings so very true to me!
    Thank you so much for having shared this!

  2. Hello Conny.
    Thank your for the acknowledgement, yes it becomes the fact that more we solo audit because of the cognitions we can duplicate each others reality.
    Duplication don’t exist while the Entity has no other reality other than what has been learned-told by others and read in publications.
    Also duplication is impossible when the Entity believes that there is ”self than there are others”
    Not because we when as-is large part of our altered realities the lies, than we become ONE… no.. That concept to is altered- in fact cant happen.. since only matter can merge.
    Identities =valances-being-ness these concepts are the Bank it self, indication of separate persons.
    And we are definitely not persons or beings.
    I have shad all valances-identities, being-nesses and let me tell you my dear friend I am [I cant write-express any other way but by indication ”I am” ] Being somebody is the very thing which blocks off the awareness..
    By the way now I have difficulty with writing since I no longer have machinery the automatic reaction which was doing the job for me and now writing-collecting the words, putting them in order has to be done manually… LoL.. and words to don’t flow with ease as they used to be when the Bank was intact…
    This is a great gain.. and of course there are countless others.
    But the writing is not the only reason I wont be doing much but the COGNITIONS them self .. they vanish.
    In reality they dont but that is the only way i can explain , the cognitions dont contain mass therefore they only seems they vanish but in fact the newly gained knowledge become the base the very foundation of our new universe from which we now operate from and to bring the knowledge back and recreate them -describing them with words now is not easy and I am not compelled to do so.
    I hope this makes sense to you.
    But think what it means building a new universe which is not based on altered reality-lies!
    Best to you. Elizabeth

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