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part of the todays session.


I see a person in ”praying ”position, it seems this praying person trusts good’s power…

Realization:…..WOW….. OH…..total trust in god is ‘’’Total assignment of power .. total delegation of power…handing over power…means total submission ………

TOTAL SUBMISSION- being totally submissive : obedient , docile, meek, dutiful; IS INCRADIBLY POWERFUL ACTION because when give in to on any idea, teachings philosophy, when we accept that dogma as truth and don’t question… no matter what happens , how it affects our life therefore we become less stimulated by our surrounding-life and when total submission occurs that means total di-stimulation .. no longer being on affect…



But  total submission has a huge downside: giving up own awareness-reality-all personal abilities-creativity… but  the main objection is awareness and when giving up everything by becoming totally submissive as follower of any teachings – philosophies -religions.. regardless whatever that maybe.. that person  becomes a robot-slave who carries out the wishes of others.

Examples: we at first when went into Scientology we have not questioned LRH’s teachings.

LOL… and we become totally keyed out of our earlier life and gotten keyed into LRH’s life! How he thought, what he beloved in, with that we become on extension of his and we supplied power: WE ASSIGNED POWER TO HIM!  LOL his ego grown ..we made him a god ..

Those who after leaving the church went into Buddhism… LOL… now that is total submission …giving up everything not questioning and the same times quoting sayings behaving in manner dictated more likely assumed that is how should one behave if one a Buddhist ..WOW PEOPLE … these characters who have embraced that philosophy really hit the bottom… total robotic-none thinking machinery they have become.

Monks-priest is on the same level because they just follow and in my reality that level is lower than the frogs’ bottom.

But  LRH has offered a technology when used freed the user from that robotic-none thinking level…….and that is the fact , so LRH’s work was not all garbage but incredible valuable.

but religions never offered the way out because there is no roads-paths out of that shit, submission to any dogma is assigning power.

HEHEHE same goes when voting for Trump or Clinton! LOL.








Mystery is the most coveted, sought-after, desired, longed for item in this WHOLE UNIVERSE! Regardless what shape, what form or not having a Form like on Entity.

make something mysterious and bingo everyone wants it!

Example: Spirituality this philosophy has always been shrouded in mystery, therefor many entered on a journey to discover for self what this spirituality is?

And because so many has embarked on the journey to find out for that reason is we have that many outcome LOL.. and not one of the founding is true… Spirituality cannot be defined.. Expressed in any way or in any form and symbolism as in all religions definitely does not describe the Universe which holds no shape or form.

Mystery is on the same level as ‘’unknown-not known’’ yet mystery- mysterious items were once and are still tremendously valuable.

After all it has taken us Eons to create mystery to cover up our awareness, our total understanding because when we are viewing something we have total understanding on any subject-object what that may be to the last molecule it contains and why that exist in our space.

My friends we do know everything about this universe but we are so incredibly brilliant that by now we made ourselves believe we know nothing.. LOL… that is the most gargantuan lie we ever conjured up in the history since we are playing: being stupid-ignorant human.


Two people enter into marriage and they sure love each other but as time goes by= particles move= life continues lots of things change and these two people react differently to the daily happenings and sooner or later each notices that the other person is not behaving as they ‘’should’’ LOL.. now that comes a surprise  and each partner thinks and say “ OHHH I DID NOT KNOW S/H WAS LIKE THAT IF I WOULD HAVE KNOW I WOULD NEVER married THAT UGLY SO AND SO!”  of course you have known it but have ignored  the facts … simply because if you would admit than that marriage would never take place.

Mystery is not only built into relationships but it is the backbone in the game of life. LOL… only on idiot, on Entity who is playing being ‘’stupid’’=not know gest body with that gets all the trimming which goes with it and suffers – struggles but secretly loves every second of the game LOL.. everyone is so occupied to change things.. to discover things, to make things better: so much fun…so much drama… and nothing is more DRAMATIC THAN BELIEVING THAT WE DIE!!!!!

Now  who ever invented that ” death’ ‘concept truly deserves the glory because believing that DEATH EXIST that concept has put Spirituality- after life into total mystery which simply means our the true life -existence -creativity -abilities, knowing were forgotten,  sank into mystery… become shrouded  by the veil of ”unknown”.

The Universe exist because we made it into a mystery in other words: into altered reality.

So far I haven’t written much about Entities.

So far I haven’t written much about Entities.

My reason for leaving the church in 82 was because at Flag  the senior C/S ordered me to stop continuing — having solo sessions and did their best to scare me with the IDEA that Entities – Beings are my enemies and they will affect me, cause case problems. [I never agreed to that.]

But that is what they have known in the church that time because till than LRH haven’t  found incidents where spiritual entities were good therefore he had great fear of Entities and  he communicated the same beliefs : we all need to fear Entities.

I just realized something now: that it can be on assumption on my part that the Entity I am communicating with doesn’t have the body:  Just because I can’t see a body with my own bodies eyes that do not mean that Entity don’t have a body ten galaxies away from where my so called body is! In fact I can’t see the Entity either! LOL..I like that!

Relying on that truly incorrect information the church acted as what they have known but acted as they were the  AUTHORITY= know it all- about Entities. [ I don’t blame the church for handling me  that way.]

I did not have- shared than that reality-belief with the church about Bt’s –Clusters =Entities because from the very early on in as 73 I realized I was a spiritual being- on Entity myself, I felt at home with that belief and to me to be surrounded by spiritual beings-Entities brought total delight knowing we were all here, we were never alone..  we shared everything…no one was ever lost, no one has ever died  and to me this knowledge brought great happiness-contentment: I realized finally arrived , was finally at home,  belonged, part of this great Realm and no longer segregated.  [ only my own beliefs made me feel separated.]

I have given countless sessions to Entities since 76 but so far I found less than a dozen who were in fact out to get me, these few were put into my space to destroy and harm-eliminate at all cost  and that was their sole purpose. LOL.. but they too responded to auditing, confronted their own reality and finally become free with that their mission ended.

Poor Entities they were, because they only been given-implanted with one determination to destroy one Entity and that is without a doubt a very poor reason to exist. LOL.. but no one can destroy on Entity! J

What I have found in sessions that all Entities were simply stuck in incidents… that we all are in the same situation, being in the same boat regardless we are connected to the bodies or not. [ as for paddles we have the auditing technology.]

Some years back I realized that not much point giving sessions separately to any one because IF I KNOW OF SOMETHING, IF I FEEL SOMETHING even if it was NOT NECESSARILLY MINE BUT I KNEW ABOUT IT THEREFORE TO THAT EXTANT THAT INCIDENT –feeling understanding –EXPERIENCE WAS exclusively MINE and session was needed to confront the incident.[ I believe here is my responsibility for self-kicked in.]

Matter have location, we Entities-Infinites we don’t have location therefore We as Entities we share sessions, we share cognitions and by knowing that we share, we equally take responsibility- confront our own and same time we all take responsibility for our own case, and  knowing this I can’t hardly blame others for how I feel what I think-believe in.

We as Entities we don’t have same realities, look around you and you know that is the fact…therefore any Entity who are in these sessions have their own reality=version of that incident accordingly how they see-believe and also have their own version of cognition at the end of the session.

This means I don’t have reality on other Entities Universe.. I only know mine and I never known any other.. LOL. that is my having –ness, my Realm- Universe.

Why I write this? Because in well-known blog  written whatever  happens to us is caused by the Entities this includes good things also.

As I see it not only bad happenings can be blamed on others, in this case the Entities… But blame can be put on others causing good things to: blame is blame no matter how we perceive this concept.

When blaming that is assigning power, ability, assigning responsibility: They have it and I don’t, in other words blaming others for existing conditions we are in: regardless what that is.

And in that blog again the writer is saying that Entities helping us, empowering us..

OK… but again the auditor should have sessions why the help is needed: what are the reasons personal power and abilities are missing, how I made self so helpless and weak, and how come other are better than I, more powerful and reasons should be looked for why in the first place I am affected  etc… etc..  there are thousands and thousands of reason there are on our track why we are as we are. And NOT ONE ENTITY CAUSED THE CONDITION WE ARE IN.

Blame is present when the person is still sitting in the Human Cluster= human beliefs,  BUT that is not how it works in the Spiritual Realm: We are responsible: totally responsible for the conditions we are in.

There is no other way.

Example: no one can feel your toothache … same goes for everything else.

Can others influence us with their intention?

LOL… that one only could be judged –assessed come to conclusion of if we would have two experiences and compare these two experiences what would have happen IF we believe that our experience was NOT INTENDED-influenced or yes I did that because I was under influence from others!

Blaming others gotten us into where we are at.

No matter what we experience, that experience is our and it can’t be shared.






GREAT COG… !!! Love the stuff!

I spend lot of time with my older sister who has severe Dementia and I been confronting this very interesting intriguing phenomenon and so far have had many major realizations.. but tonight’s session brought- ended with  fantastic cognition which has tied all previous understanding into a nice neat package. I believe I reached the BASIC on this topic. F/T!

The main reason aged-old people forgets things- no longer remember things BECAUSE WE POSE TO EMPTY OUR MIND before we depart – move off—set out for a new adventure!!!

Just think… even meditation teaches the same…. ‘’in order to attain spiritual enlightenment one must empty self of all earlier beliefs-realities’’

But for the so called forgetfulness the good Doctors have given a names:  Dementia or Alzheimer’s because they believe that not remembering—losing all connections to surroundings is on ‘’illness-sickness’’ because for many Entities who’s body gotten old  have the same or similar symptoms.. But of course the Entities know that the body soon will stop working and they are just getting ready, doing house cleaning=== getting rid of the left over: the bits and pieces of the past life cycle. LOL.. DOING THE CLEAN GET AWAY !!!!!

The good doctors haven’t the clue what spirituality means, that we are Infinite and they don’t know we leave the body after it stops functioning therefore to them any departure while we are with the body from the ‘’normal’ ’human behavior whatever that is: is sickness – illness of the body or the mind.



Just gotten the answer to a question:

Why people fear the darkness!

Only light -brightness as in daylight or artificially illuminated space can contain pictures- images – WHICH THE EYES ARE ABLE TO SEE..TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH OF and therefore the Entity=person feels the connections to these images and feel the stimulation from these images which of course gives the impression being alive.

The Entity at all times have the need for light, to be in the light and when darkness comes the Entity in fact becomes inactive: all stimulation stops because the darkness don’t contain pictures not the kind which could be seen with the eyes!!!

No pictures, no experiencing.

Of course the artificially created light-brightness now changes the experiences… can prolong the experiences and with that the lengthen stimulation.

THE ENTITY IS ANCHORED BY THE LIGHT-BRIGHNESS [ which is nothing more than vibrating mass of energy] and HELD IN SPACE and is STUCK TO THE IMAGES BUT IN THE DARK-space THE ENTITY  NO LONGER MOORED, HAVE FIXED POSITION, no pictures and therefore ‘’fear’’ sets in, fear of no longer being-having those images and without them there is no life: of course that is a fat lie.


EXAMPLE: on inmate when in the prison can be given the most severe punishments which is Solitary Confinement in a absolutely dark cell being alone: while in the cell the Entity ‘’can’t see pictures’’ can’t communicate, consequently loses all connections to the BANK=life which would be the stimulations- vibrations of those pictures, he than loses the concept of time-space- being fixed-moored into location which of course only exist because we are seeing-looking with the ‘’eyes’’.

So the prison-person misses ‘’life’’ LOL.. LOL… no longer has ‘’life’’ which never happened it in the first place.

That is the major punishment for a human is to be eliminated, no longer belonging to the group, not acknowledged that: yes you are alive and being here!

The only reason that prisoner lost his life-pictures because he believed he had it.

When the prisoner come out of the darkness- he has to re-orient himself= re anchor self into location-society=group same ways as we do after each waking: we are going over what has to be done that period of time =daylight till the dark period the night takes away the pictures again.

The fact is darkness don’t contain the same pictures kind of pictures as light can have away they never have. When darkness is confronted explored in sessions than the Entity find totally different realities about what ‘’darkness’’ is.

Darkness is not empty and it is not dark not one bit… this space is our true element where we are really home, where we are definitely free.

So fearing the darkness simply means dreading the loss of matter, really fearing being without MEST, without having identity- valances.

PS: OF COURSE THE ENTITY STILL HAVE ALL THEIR BELIEFS-CONSIDERATIONS, the darkness cant take that away.. but minus pictures…

PS: there is a post in this blog in which the explanation for the ”darkness”.



extinction of the Dinosaurs-session.

I have just seen a most interesting incident which occurred just before  the Dinosaurs and other living critters were fried.

From tooth ache I moved into this incident where the Dinosaur had toothache but turned out to be something totally different: the Dinosaurs pain was caused by  being hit with a lightning bolt and the searing pain went through his jaws.

What I have seen is that suddenly the terrain become  dark, this darkness was deep inky blue and  this darkness was on electric storm:  abruptly immense lightning bolts filled the air but these huge bolts were flying horizontally close the  surface of the Earth and the electric bolts  were like  humongous living whips sizzling- lashing out hitting and burning up what they touched,  the air glowed iridescent blue when the storm moved off there wasn’t  living thing left on the surface of the Planet… some charred –scorched smoldering  patches of dirt here and there and the higher points of the terrain continued to discharge some of the  collected voltage and this power bolt went wild in the air till they found a target a higher surface of the  planet –hill top or boulder and they hit these targets whit such a force that boulders gotten pulverized , and hills tops sheared off and mountain side were reshaped.

I still see this as it was just now… you see I have just experienced the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

HELLO….or good by?

I just would like you let you know I won’t be writing much in the future.

If you are new to this blog and would like to read my adventures there are over 300 cognition related entries which touches ‘’almost’’ every topic. Well, not really because if I would have written about everything I have seen—have become aware than that would fill many-many volumes and that would have taken me years to write and same amount of time to read.[ time don’t exist]

LRH has talked –written about ‘’altered reality’’:

When the altered believes-realities are as-ised which includes understanding what is ‘’spirituality’’, and life-living it in every stage + death: death is part of life, death can’t happen –occur without the beliefs of having ‘’life’’= being born and of course in this package include the assumptions [ the human beliefs] what is the so called ‘’afterlife’’ or even what space is.

All these beliefs which were learned-read about-being told and the ”thoughts” them self any one has exist because they are altered…

What I have found through the gained realizations =cognitions is so very different from what I have assumed will be when reaching the so called ”other-side-different level-Native State- Spiritual Realm from where I started out in 73 … LOL.. Not disappointing, not at all but astounded in a very good way.

If there are questions you believe I can give on answer to please free to email or send your communication in  the form of comment.

Please keep it in mind what I know now do not make me better or important personage, not at all,  but JUST very-very DIFFERENT in HOW I SEE-PERCEIVE THE UNIVERSE FROM WHAT I HAVE KNOWN BEFORE and this gained knowledge  is not altered but it is the truth=consist of compounded cognitions.

The considerations what is Importance, better etc.. these are beliefs they exist because they are altered and agreed upon beliefs , therefore these concepts no longer apply-exist where I am at.

My so called work, or exploration of the Universe is not over, far from it.

To those of you who are into ‘’exteriorization’’, would like to go out of the body, have news for you… you never been inside the body! 🙂

Believing in something is the trap is self.


Best to you all. Elizabeth.