Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Being inside, being outside or being some other place.

Because we are not a body therefore we are not energy-  bulk, we are not a form – object that means we don’t have a location, as a result we can’t go anywhere –we can’t exteriorize –we can’t be inside of something or outside of some body-or on object: being  here over or being over there.

When we talk about moving the object in this case ‘’meet body’’ and we say I am going to Vancouver that in fact is only the body which is placed into a car and then relocated by this different form of body which is the car and the meet body is moved to Vancouver and the Entity say’’’ I am here, I have arrived’’.

For the meet body being inside the car do not means that the Entity, the Infinite is inside the car: only has the belief.

We don’t have location only physique- structures have location.. but the body-machine has ‘’eyes’’-instruments which can see [ I already written more than one post what ‘’eyes’’ are and do.] and as the car moves with the meet body inside as it- changes location, the eyes take continual pictures which we as Infinites add the believes –considerations ‘’ I am looking I am seeing the terrain’’, yes: the eyes see, but if you as on Entity has attention not on the terrain in fact you hardly see it, let say your attention is already on  the person you are going to meet, than as on entity you are already experiencing that persons space and hardly notice what the eyes see.

Since you were already with that person you have hardly noticed the terrain and experienced the trip itself when you arrived you would think or say “ the time flew by so fast I hardly noticed anything’’ RIGHT, because you were experiencing different location.

I am losing the point what I have seen in the realization.

WE WANT TO GO EXTERIOR… but because we can’t change location than the person who wants to go exterior and let’s say want to look inside the Oval Office or somebodies mind than the belief is- have to transport self, we have to travel even as Spiritual beings in order to be in different location.

And also the beliefs is that we will ‘’see’’ when we get there the same kind of pictures as the ‘’eyes’’ are taking.

This can’t happen, never will happen because it is impossible to happen.

When the Entity-person can see into distant, observe different location from where the body is, this means that Entity is still able to switch off the instrument-eyes and observe location without their use. That ability we all have.

The Entity haven’t changed location but only changes views and this happen all the time, every time we want to see-be in different places-locations but our trouble is that we wrong believe that  when being on that location without  the body than we should be able to see the same way,  have  same colorful picture of this local as if the body would be there and see the ‘same ways ‘’as eyes do’’ in order to be real…LOL… than we would believe yes, I am really in Buckingham  Palace and I really see what the Queen is having for tea.

It is all about belief, if it is believed that ‘’I am inside the body’’ than that viewpoint-belief is what you as on Infinite experience and believe in, whatever you think -feel what’’ inside’’ means to you: and that meaning-reality is totally personal and therefore different from any other entities and that is your truth.

When the person wants to ’’see’’ into distant location but can’t no matter how desperately wants that experience will not be able because that person has been stuck with understanding-belief that only the ‘’eyes can see’’ perceive and there is no other ways  any one can observe –see anything without this instrument-eyes: Won’t be able to observe anything besides what these eyes see: because that belief will not allow  to have any  other truth.

We have really –really heavy-duty belief in place that ‘’eyes –instrument’’ is that eyes sees and we as Entities can’t perceive without and even when we do something we are made to believe that picture we experience is just a trick of the mind, on illusion hallucination: not real, and it can’t be real.

So the illusion is in fact is what the ‘’eyes’’ see and what we observe; that flash of  flimsy image is the real thing.

As Entities- Infinites when we no longer hindered by our own believes when no longer being stuck in them than the Entity can perceive -observe total images of objects-places regardless of distance- locations and see them not as flat pictures but what they are : holographic images –structures –mock ups of vibrating flowing colorful energy.

But that is not so exciting observe in fact after a while the Entity loses interest looking at this dimensional images of flowing energy [ when seen one , than we seen them all]  but what is fantastic- greatly-interesting  and will remain so, is that when the Entity-Infinite observes this images in the same instant gets the reason why they were created: and that than is the true understanding… unaltered understanding will hit him as cognitions.

I will not say that cognition only counts if the Entity sees holographic images, No… cognitions how they come is different for each of us.

Here you read about my adventures how my universe was created and you have your very own private Universe.. Which was created the same as mine since there is only one form of energy, but you have different understanding how it was formed and why it is as is.  🙂




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