Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Magic… where is our ability?

I always say the same “” over the years I had countless sessions’’’’ and I mention a subject.

Today the subject is Magic… I truly had great gains over the years confronting more likely ‘’researching’’ what ‘’magic’’ is how we have done and most of all why we no longer applying this wonderful ability?

While going ‘’up’’ on the Bridge I have fantasised what will be like when I hit that magic level of OT7, shit… that is what I hit and with full force. LOL. But then I want laughing!

By the time I got back to Vancouver from ST Hill I was totally overwhelmed by ARCB’s … no money… no job… no place to live!

Plus I felt soooooo disappointed that I could not ‘’intend’’ to pull in a job-money etc..

My sister has taken me in and soon I found 2 waitressing jobs so money-tips rolled in.

But my disappointments did not vanish and that is when I taken out my wood e-meter and stated solo sessions and slowly I climbed out of the masses of ARCB’s-problems=disappointments galore.

What this has to do with Magic? LOL… A LOT! Because I truly believed that by the time I finish and reach OT7 I will be able to use ‘’magic’’ and my life will be easier!

So than I started to have sessions on this subject but of course other things too had to be handled and I only could as-is a thin-top layer because the understanding what magic is was deeply buried under myriad layer of altered realities which I believed ‘’’wrongly of course were the truth nothing but the truth’’— and let’s leave god out of this!

I never given up on this because I truly believed it can be done and I still do… so every time the occasions were right back to sessions I went with this subject and 25 years back while I lived in Edmonds Washington, I hit the jackpot … and I really knew seen what we could do when having this incredible ability!

But could I do it… of course not!

So more layers were confronted over the years and brilliant cogs-realities poured in but NIL..!!!!!

But of course there were disappointments and feeling loss- being a total failure had to be handled as they surfaced.

So far I never ever given up on any subject and of late I again had sessions and I realised-had cog. that gravity here on this planet is brutal and has a great deal to do with holding down our abilities, these brutal force which we need in order to live in steady –steady environment sort of sucks away our energy.

We constantly battle this gravity force… but of course we are not aware.

But still I knew there had to be more to magic-ability what I haven’t discovered.

And by now I had hundreds of realization which included: we were punished severely if we used magic: some places we were segregated, put into different groups, cut off from regular normal society members, because use of magic was evil, we were effected diseased by evil.. in this universe there were many places the punishment was total annihilation to our person for the smallest fraction use of or even thinking of magic… and please believe me there were devices which could detect different energy levels in each person and anything-anybody who did not have ‘’normal’’ vibration level was zipped to oblivion!

Again few days back I was sort of looking around this plant and wondered why here we don’t have this ability… we have thousands of entertainers ‘’’who do magic tricks’’’ people do believe that magic existing but why we can’t do magic, why our abilities are totally gone?

Bingo!!! Had the realization which is so simple LOL.. all cognitions are simple because they are the truth and truth is not altered reality.

HERE ON THIS PLANET WE ARE IN “”””TOTAL AGREEMANT”””” that we can’t do… we are not able no matter how hard we try… and the TOTAL AGREEMANT is the very item which won’t let magic –wishing –intending allowing that instants appearance= become visible for all to see-have.

The reason is that personal wishing-intending is not allowed for safety reasons and many other planets have the same laws enforced. Personal power is a no no in most established societies because that would disturb – change- alter the foundation the basic energy level of the planets! That is true…


Well, implants contain many safety devices and they are all there to keep the control.

By the way as I said we are operating in two different universe at the same time but of course that is on illusion and in one we are able to do anything, magic is the way of life and in the other universe we believe we cant and that is a total lie!


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