Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

There aren’t any mysteries in this Universe which sooner or later becomes solved –explained—answered—deciphered in sessions…LOL… and to most cases the explanations-understanding are so simple that leaves one breathless –rolling from laughter.

Slap on the forehead and just blown away I am of the simplicity how these incredible so called mysteries to which science could not find explanations even if they believe they have one that explanation is totally wrong.

I am here talking about Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids.

What the ‘’eyes’’ see’’ and what is there in reality is two different thing and scientist who are ‘’looking’’ with ‘’eyes’’ will never find out how those immense boulders were piled up. LOL. LOL…

By the way the greatest creation, the most mind boggling invention was in this Universe: the eyes, how they work… without use of the ‘’eyes’’ how they work-project etc… we would never know and believed we live in solid universe.

The ”eye” seeing with them gives us the illusion of solidity and to these flat pictures we add the beliefs that what we see is real, solid, have weight, color, size, debt and  can be touched or tasted.. eaten  etc… in fact we project on that flat image our own beliefs and that makes it real.

We are simply brilliant because we can make something out of nothing!


The joke is on us.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth!… you said “What the ‘’eyes’’ see’’ and what is there in reality is two different thing”… so may I ask what’s there in reality?… please reveal the mystery to us…

    • Maribel there is no mystery in this Universe… none… sessions=confrontation brings realizations.. that is inevitable and each of these realization is the truth-fact on that topic which was confronted.
      Maribel, I have written more than one post which were my cognitions about the ”eyes” and how they work and my awareness about the ”eye” how they work haven’t changed.. neither the understanding I have about this Universe’s solidity: which is not.
      When we are not connected-use the body as on anchor than we ”see” through things…
      Stonehenge, when seeing it with the eyes + the observer puts there all the belief h/s has about those boulders: these belief are everything ever learned, read, + beliefs from the Track all that is projected so the observer sees what h/s believes in.

      Maribel… sessions-realizations give the person very different realities and please believe me, this Earth is not what believed is and neither are you 🙂

      LOL.. just because the boulder labeled ” solid” that do not make that boulder ”solid” , just because you believe that there is mystery in what I have written and you believe that you don’t know the answer how those things were projected into existence, that belief you have is for fooling self… and having a good time playing ignorance.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

      PS; over the years I had many session on item in which I claimed ignorance, being stupid, not knowing.. never known it. and few hundred other beliefs I have had in order to play the NOT KNOW GAME. 🙂

      By the way I have given the answer how those things were put there LOL.. see if you can figure it out! 🙂

    • let me know if you can recall the answer to the ”mystery” 🙂

  2. No Elizabeth I can’t recall the answer to the mystery… I was in Stonehenge recently, I touched the stones, they were cold.. I wanted to get pictures as to who put them there and how.. got nothing… I made a wish, that being the next time I visit Stonehenge I would know… I saw myself as an old person visiting the stones again, that’s all… we went there to celebrate the summer solstice just as the ancients used to do, lots of hippies there, it was a fun day, they open the site only on summer solstice, the rest of the year is closed and stones can only be seen from the fence.

  3. This is the flash pic I saw, I don’t know exactly what I was doing… I suppose finding out where the stones had come from and who put them there… I don’t trust this pic very much as this is what I wanted, so it’s very easy to mock things up accordingly, as in I wasn’t really looking into the future but rather creating the future I wanted which I suppose it is how we operate.. as you said above the postulates don’t come through in this physical reality.. anyway… but I still don’t understand parts of your post when you said: “What the ‘’eyes’’ see’’ and what is there in reality is two different thing”… well, there are pyramids there, the same way that you have a body or what.. they haven’t moved in 4000 years! 🙂

    • from experience I know that flash pictures are from the past.. we cant mock up something so fast.. which happens in on instant and totally unrelated to the present time experience.
      yes… you wanted to know and that picture was the answer: you were there before.
      this is my reality on what you told me.

  4. Oh..Maribel… that is the difference between your awareness and mine.
    If you would be in my shoes therefore by now you would have gained very different understanding of the Universe of what you have now and than you would too be looking at that pyramid as I do: not as solid something standing there for 4000 years but you would be seeing a holographic image.
    Yes, I accept what the eyes see, the hands touch but by now I am positive it is not real just a trick of my own imagination.
    Including that cup of tea I just had.! LOL

    Having ex-ray visions, I have regained this ability.

    the original structures are like a blue print to a house but 3 dimensional and it is made of simple flowing energy. I call these holographic structures and when not ”using-seeing” with the ”eyes” this is what you would see.
    Even a regular trees original body is a sort of orange-red flow and this flow is gently shimmering-trembling.
    The tulip grows out of the soil and you can see it with your eyes touch it with hands but that tulip is there because that holographic picture is there.

    Everything around you including your body has this energy base a holographic structure
    When one observe a so called heathy bodes structure the energy flows evenly has even good coloring + vibration, the ill body=holographic picture would show dark patches where the injury was or where the illness has effected the tissues.. the energy is not flowing there and that shows dark -dead spots.
    Meridian lines are real and acupuncture helps with the reconnection of these lines.

    Maribel you evaluate my posts accordingly to your awareness and that is totally normal because that action is done automatically, but when you compare you don’t see in your store of understanding what I see and therefore you believe it is wrong has to be wrong because you don’t have those same pictures…..and you are right, of course it is wrong by your understanding of the same subject… we do not share the same awareness.

    Duplication don’t exist it is impassible to ”see” into other person universe.
    We only ”see” what we put there… we never can see what other have there, but we ”say” I know what you mean… no… you only know what you believe how you see me.
    Sound confusing?
    by the way I do enjoy your communication always have and do continue with your questions! have a grand evening.

  5. Yes Elizabeth.. I agree with what you’re saying,.. I know it will be impossible for me to see through your eyes or not eyes… about the pyramids, because I still have the mystery.. and the mystery is that human beings couldn’t have possible built them, then who built them? ok, extraterrestrials, beings with different abilities to be able to have moved those huge boulders hundreds of miles and have perfect mathematics…I think this is already known it is just that scientists don’t want to recognize it as this will open a can of worms they don’t wish to open… You have a grand evening too.

    • Of course humans could not, did not built those things… but they were not built but projected and purpose of navigating, the ones I have used had instruments which projected light rays toward other planets and those rays of energy were like highways.
      Only your beliefs hangs the labels on these images as : solid, built, mystery, old, heavy, has surface, cant be seen through, etc… etc.. all these solid beliefs you have makes that vibrating holograph solid for you.
      Same beliefs you have that you are ”walking, living, having a life, you have a female body, you need food, sleep and you be no more after dropping the body etc… keeps those walls around you solid and the stone feel cold to your touch!

      • I’ve heard that in a documentary, a few alternative scientists believed the pyramids worked as posts for travelling, since they can be seen from outer space and also they are aligned perfectly with other sites, like the ones at Easter Island and Stonehenge.. Mars also has pyramids… ancient scripture reveals this planet was a holiday stop over 🙂 before going to other galaxies since it is in the corner of this part in the galaxy and has a lot of nature other planets don’t have… I believe many people in the past recalled these things and communicated it in their best way possible at the time, whether carved in stone or scripture.

        • I seldom bother reading documentaries because i prefer finding out stuff for self, but I should be reading some than i could compare my findings with theirs and see how correct is the recall. And again it is easier to get into session that go to the internet and do research… by now i have become lazy.
          I have seen what pyramids were made for in session while I was given ”Life-repair” [ i did not know than that people in general did not go into earlier life recall immediately]
          In that recall I seen calculation, numbers, and directions of the beams toward other planets… but that was long time back in 73 and the recall sort of vanished by now.
          Maribel, not too many earth years back i have arrived here as on alien so my recalls are not overly occluded by human beliefs… When I have cleared -as-ised in session the majority of my collected beliefs i have found out fast where i come from and why i gotten stranded here.
          While i was posting in Geirs blog I have posted many of my so called scientific founding’s about the universe mock up about which Marildi said that time that scientist should know about, example: have recalled how light travels… and the speed of light do vary accordingly the ”location”’ therefore it should not be used as accurate measurements on everything.
          The speed of the particles depends on the density of particles which they have to ”travel through” and since there is no void in this universe and just because the ”eyes” and telescopic lenses cant detect particles in space that do not means they are not there and their presence can hold back -slow down or let through particles on different speed.

        • Maribel…” I believe many people in the past recalled these things and communicated it in their best way possible at the time, whether carved in stone or scripture.””
          I to have the same belief… I also believe in Fairy stories… where magic was used, those stories in children books come from recalls and no wonder children love them… just look at Harry Potters great success WOW… it so far generated to different persons=actors-producers-publishing houses, 7 billion $$$$ !!
          Magic is wanted and badly needed on this planet.. and by believing while looking at movies or reading books transports those people into a real universe out of this black hole.
          To me sessions what I see while having them gives incredibly varied pictures of different situations… some are so way out that I am stunned till I get use to what I seen and by now I never doubt for a second that it did not happen what I experience in those recalls.

        • MARIBEL…. please I want to hear what you think espsze has quoted from LRH.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Kedves Erzsébet (Elizabeth) is pointing to something which was winningly expressed by Ivana in his father’s book The Return To Oneness (they do FreeZone processing).

    “Today I did this process and it went fantastic way. In last period whenever I applied it I come to the void and to the insight that this world is just illusion. Also that I have created that illusion to be able to experience those emotions belonging to it” […] “My body vanished in one moment and I was able to see around me sparkling around me and inside of me”

    • hello again… here is a quote from that win ”“My body vanished in one moment and I was able to see around me sparkling around me and inside of me”

      Please note that the win is: my body vanished”’ the cognition don’t mention being anything any one or being in a group…. simply states the fact being-experiencing, being aware of space ”sparkling” and that is Infinite, the Native State.=pure awareness-void of valances-being-ness.
      Native State is not a one -ness, or group thing.
      But that cognize could not possibly ”see” inside the self” because the body has vanished!
      Sometimes communication -words cant really describe the state we are in–what we become aware of.
      Tremendous win, 🙂

  7. Kedves valaki …. thank you for sharing that win -quote from the book. I must say that is a great win for that person…becoming aware of ”INFINITE”: what that really is–means.

    By the way I never belonged to any group since I left the church and I make up my own auditing lists so I am not familiar with the book, or Free-zone procedures.

    And I totally don’t believe in ”one-ness” because that one-ness still represent a group, that means ”beings- identities ” belonging into something–operating as one, that means they are still controlled: sitting in the Bank.

    PS: to you… so pleased that you have posted, it was a very pleasant surprise reading my name in Hungarian…!!! I do hope I be hearing from you again!

  8. Kedves Erzsébet, Úgy látszik el hamarkodtad. 🙂

    Basically, by “Oneness” the author of the book means that a Thetan does not have his theta attention units or theta splits stuck all around in the past, in identities, in different parts of the universe, in different universes, etc. It also means that a thetan is not identified with his creations or with some co-creations (creations agreed upon by more than one Tethan).

    • let split some hairs here, 🙂 … basically there is no right or wrong, because to those concepts we have arrived through ”evaluation” and evaluation=judgement -comparison exist only here on earth.
      When there is only ”awareness”’ in that state evaluation is not included but only momentary experience.

    • Hi…. I am truly interested to know what ”theta spit” means could you give me the answer and if not maybe find it in that book you have earlier quoted from?
      Thanks vey much…

      • I think your friend Espsze is saying it above: “…Thetan does not have his theta attention units or theta splits stuck all around in the past”… theta splits is attention units… but now that I come to think of it, it’s kind of odd, this datum from Ron.. he says a person recovers “his attention units” which have been stuck in the past, in engrams, incidents etc… so he has more potential in the present or “more energy” available to him… as if one would be claiming back energy that’s been trapped in incidents to become a Superman kind of guy… a Being is not energy, so again this sounds like a false datum from Ron, the making of an OT… not very spiritual.. I don’t want that.. my opinion.

        • Maribel you are right… in session we do not as-is masses of energy but we get UNSTUCK from that energy-mass, that is the reason we are no longer SATIMULATED effected.
          We cant as-is-or erase we cant make energy vanish into thin air, but when we have that realization AHA thing that is the true explanation why we were stuck in that incident.
          And in this case the saying also true: the truth will set you free.
          OT: IS NOT WHAT IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN UP… far from it, I too had total misunderstanding on that item and on many other things too!!!

          By the way if we would list all things which LRH has misrepresented LOL. the list would be long.
          Well… that is on excuse-justification covering up their own MU’s and their own giving-in… giving-up- their failures. In other words they BLAME OTHERS FOR THEIR OWN FAILURE and we know where failure is on the TS.!!


          IT WORKS ON EVERY SITUATION ONE EVER ENCOUNTERED ON THE TRACK… therefore his misrepresentations are easily forgiven- cancelled out by that ”’HUGE- INCRADIBLE VALUABLE TECHNOLOGY he has given us.
          But of course to gain the value from that Technology it needs to be used.

      • From LRH’s lecture of 20 October 1954 “The Parts of Man, Overt Acts and Motivators”

        Now, this mustn’t be confused with another function of the thetan, another action, another ability. He can actually create another thetan, just like that, bang! He can duplicate himself. That is to say, he can give birth to or create or bring into being an entirely different life unit – an entirely new, different life unit-which in its turn can have a full personality, which can have full determinism, which can do everything and anything that he himself can do and can be as powerful as himself, or more powerful than himself, according to its endowment.
        If he created something with this intention, “This is now more powerful than myself,” he then would have to observe its actions and activities, independently undertaken, and then have to modify and cut down his own so as to always have less power than he had granted.

        Basically, the thetan can simply create, without any system, another living being. Now, there’s an important thing. This is an ability of the thetan. But it is not a part of the thetan.
        A person is totally capable of doing this. A man can get himself thoroughly haunted by living beings – living, breathing beings – simply because he can duplicate himself. This is not machinery, and it is not part of the thetan, by definition. But it is the thetan moving outward through the second dynamic of creation into a third dynamic of becoming a group.
        Now, let’s look that over when we get up to that, and we discover this individual would have endowed, to make other chess players … You know, when you make a chess player you have to endow him with full intelligence and self-determinism, otherwise you can’t play chess with him. You discover that he, therefore, would not have remained a superior being by the simple act of creating all these other thetans to do this activity. It would have had no connotation of superiority to have done this, since any one of those beings he created could, in its turn, do the same thing.
        An individual could repostulate himself back into his original creative entity – you know, he could just say “I am no longer myself…” Nobody else would influence him to do this, you see. He’d say, “I am no longer this unit. I am now another unit which created me in the first place.” You see how he could do that?
        Because there is no such thing as time. So, therefore, it must go on continuously and continually as a created existence.
        In other words, this thetan could have made five thetans, played a football game, decided which one was the winner, and then have become the winner. And each one of the five playing could have then become just the winner, and they would not have lost either their identity or anything else.
        The only thing they could possibly lose, and they’d have to shut that off for themselves, would be their knowingness that they had done it. But to have done it at all requires that they would have had to have shut off their knowingness of doing it.
        You recover an individual’s knowingness, one of the first things you would recover is the fact that he has occasionally multiplied himself.

        • WOW… I just fallen off the chair!
          WOW… LOL… LOL.. I sure hope you don’t believe this your self?
          No I never read this before… but I KNOW WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT IS TOTAL NONSENSE..

          I just reread it again… and I never ever seen in any sessions where ”self”=me could create duplicate of my self or seen where other could create thetans… YES ..BODIES GALORE, but thetans.. Unless To me thetan means totally different meaning than it has for him.
          IS HE HERE TALKING ABOUT BODIES =controlled robot which were made in his image? Were given the same valance?
          Keep it in mind that he could be talking about MAKING IMPLANTS and IMPLANTING SPIRITUAL BEINGS WITH THE SAME IDENTITIES.
          Similar as himself… now humans are humans because as Spirituals received the same implants…sitting in same reality.

          What the hell he is talking about? I haven’t the clue!

          I will reread this again in the morning.

          By the way I thank you for taking the time out for posting this!

            • LOL…. thanks..LOL.
              I see a man, beg your pardon a person have a sense of humor ! I am still picking ”self” up! after reading that article and I wonder if Dexter will answer. He too has a good sense of humor.

              By the way I am not a scientologist. haven’t been since I left flag in 82. and I never looked back.
              I use technology for which I paid for therefore I consider it is mine to use.
              I left because I did not agree with their policies.
              I never been on staff, and I never really belonged to that group.
              I wonder why are you in hiding? and not even giving a name?
              fear– shame -pride -overts w/h etc.. etc..what ever … we all have those… after all that is what the bank made up from! no exception. LOL ..
              and I haven’t eaten anyone of late, you see I have given up meat.. and I am no longer in Cannibal valance!

            • PS; i love PS’s

              by the way I know that you don’t have to give your name just because you have left behind few comments.
              totally unimportant for me to know what is written on that label hanging on that body… 🙂

        • is he talking about having children?

          “He’d say, “I am no longer this unit. I am now another unit which created me in the first place.” You see how he could do that?”
          SURE WHY NOT, WHEN INDENTIFIED WITH MATTER=BODY I can see that after dropping the body, he can go back to the same family and get another body from the same father.

        • “”You recover an individual’s knowingness, one of the first things you would recover is the fact that he has occasionally multiplied himself.””

          the above is total nonsense… I have recovered immense amount of ”knowledge”’ in form of many millions of cognitions but not once I have seen self=me multiplied self since I been in this Universe.
          And I been here long time , this I know: I have experienced the first light… accumulation -bunching of particles.

        • “””He can actually create another thetan, just like that, bang! He can duplicate himself.”’

          More sessions -realizations I had more I as-ised realities-beliefs-considerations ..agreement which I have had in common-shared with others but because OF THE AS-ISING elimination of the same beliefs I no longer were the part of the group and therefore I have regained individuality…
          This individuality do not exist as a ”being” but as awareness.
          Duplication only can exist in shared realities=BANK beliefs; implanted crap.

        • I must have on MU what thetan is.. to me is the spiritual entity, the Infinite.
          What thetan means to LRH?
          please let me know! 🙂

        • Come to think of it I am a total idiot… in this case!
          LOL… otherwise I am brilliant!
          Sitting here and I realized just because I never heard of it or experienced this act… that do not means it cant be real for someone.
          He has written about it therefore for him it is real.
          But how come he did not duplicate self here on this planet than?
          Why not let die the sick-unwell body and move into a different body which he could have created a perfect duplicate..
          Problem with duplication if illness haven’t been as-ised… gotten rid of that the same would be duplicated with the rest.
          To me something just don’t make any sense.

        • I have sent Dexter the quotation because he too is a solo auditor and also have audited many PC’s and he might have or his PC’s recalled duplication of self.
          If any of you here who has recalled something like it in session please let me know.

          If want to communicate privately please feel free to do so, here is my e-mail endlesstringofpearls@gmail.come

          • You may also ask David St Lawrence because he posted this reference.

            • Hi there.
              Thank you for posting this article from David.
              I am very familiar with Davids work and I read most of his posts and I do comment there, been doing that for years.
              If you would read down on the first page of his blog you could notice that my name is included in the list bellow ‘’life beyond scientology inc.’’
              Please keep it in mind that I have done ‘’all’’ the OT levels which are available and I am very familiar with BT’s and Clusters and their presence in my life for that reason I have left the church.
              You see the church believes that they are harmful and from the start back in 73 but I felt –known that they are my friends, that we share life-realities and I always known [since 76] that what they feel-know I feel and what I know they to know.
              We as Infinites live in co-existence.
              I left the chuch because they wanted to stop me from solo auditing and they insisted that I be harmed by Infinites if I will continue.
              I did not agree and packed my bags and left flag in 82.
              Over the years I have given to sessions to unimaginable number Infinites because I know that the trap they are in that trap we shared and reverse is the same, my traps-incidents were theirs too.
              I also know that my cognitions are theirs too and through those realizations knowledge spreads.
              I also know which David or other auditors don’t know –talk about but I have mentioned this in my blog more than once that Infinites-Entities are in session in every session when ANY PERSON ON THIS PLANET IS IN SESSION! SO they don’t have to be pacifically addressed in order to be in session and that end cognition too is their realization.. we are truly living in sharing space.
              Infinites –Entities are everywhere, after all we are not in a solid universe but we coexist in the spiritual realm.
              I have written to Dexter not because I don’t know anything about Entities… I had different reason for that.
              So if you believe I have misunderstanding on what LEH said in that quotation you sent me, well, sorry about that because I have given the wrong impression.
              I just did not wanted to say what he was talking about was garbage. Not true, it don’t work like that, it can’t happen like that, we can’t make other entities, we can’t split self, we can’t duplicate self and send that duplicate to play soccer while me the original is weeding the flower beds!
              What people believe what spirituality means and what truly is that is two totally different concepts! And LRH haven’t had a clue what spirituality living in harmony meant.
              And to gain that understanding what co-existence is for us as Infinites- Entities that understanding can only become reality -only can happen when those altered realities which every human has-goes by and beliefs that is true are as-ised and cognitions replace them which are the truth.

            • Hi….
              The computer was out of order till now.
              I have found it interesting that you haven’t added your experience regarding that QUOTE from LRH.
              I will not be asking for Davids reality because Igo by my ownfindings=cognitions fon sessions and as I said I never have found any incidents as LRH mentioned.

              But here is Dexters e-mail and I have asked for this ”just in case” I have missed something but I haven’t.
              “Hello Elizabeth, I have not encountered this phenomena as such, but what resonates with me is that a being could locate his consciousness to more than one point, body, etc, and thusly might appear to be two identical selves, but it would be more correct to say that the same being or consciousness existed in and operated through more than one location and/or physical construct. But this would still be a single consciousness.

              But then, operating from 2 different locations becomes occupying 2 different viewpoints, so then we could see 2 different sets of evolution going forward, so the end result would be, given two different perspectives, this then amounts to an increasing differentiation between the two, and so we then have what could qualify, from that level, mechanically, as 2 different beings, but in a more expansive and inclusive sense, one collective consciousness- which could be a theory of how we all are in one sense connected as a collective consciousness, and in another since, a world of countless distinct selves.

              Always Have Fun!
              Dex Gelfand, Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling Specialist
              Website: http://dexsessions.com

              PS: creating-being in different valances is not the same as creating duplicate self and be at different location at the same time..

            • I am very familiar with Davids work. and what I have read from him so far he never ever mentioned anything like what LRH talked about it.
              so thank you for posting that quote which has given me on opportunity to look into if that is possible to do,. IF IT IS THAN NOT FOR ME AND NOT IN MY UNIVERSE I haven’t got that ability! 🙂 🙂 🙂
              🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi… hogy vagy?
      I guess I wont be getting on explanation about the theta-split ….it will remain as ”unexplained mystery” 🙂
      De te tudod hogy en tudom hogy mit jelent: lehetetlenseg.
      Be well. erzsebet.

    • The author of this book was in the CoS and then in David Mayo’s Advanced Ability Center. However, this book was written for non Scientologists, and is a translation from the original written in Serbian (he lives in Serbia). I just tried to roughly explain in Scientology terms what he meant by “Oneness”.

  9. Not likely :).. to me ONE-ness has a different meaning therefore I answered accordingly with my reality-belief.
    And how I understand One-ness is the universe where we operate without bodies… in that state we do not identify with matter, we don’t have identities yet we are aware.

    Now my friend … do explain what ” theta slit” means? because I haven’t the faintest idea I never read that expression-concept in any material I read from LRH.

    If I get it right but I am not sure…. one -ness is the indication that ”I am alone?” meaning: not in valences, do not identify with = MEST.? yet indicating self as something?
    come to think of it; One -ness is singular, that meaning still indicate identity, separateness from others than that is not the Native State.

  10. From: Elizabeth Hamre
    To: EspSze WordPress blog
    Comment: ”what is this blog?”

    I created a free WordPress account named EspSze because, in order to comment in your blog, one needs to have a WordPress, Twitter, Facebook or Google account.

  11. E: “Infinites-Entities are in session in every session when ANY PERSON ON THIS PLANET IS IN SESSION! SO they don’t have to be pacifically addressed in order to be in session and that end cognition too is their realization.. we are truly living in sharing space.
    Infinites –Entities are everywhere, after all we are not in a solid universe but we coexist in the spiritual realm.”

    Does that apply to everyone (me included)? Do I share the cognition of anyone in session anywhere? If not then why not?

    • PS: Of course the unconscious level means ” not being aware”.
      Any person who solidly believe what ever they believe in and identifies with those beliefs that person is not aware of any other reality.

  12. Yes… unconsciously of course.
    The power of the cognition is different because COGNITIONs DO NOT CONTAIN ENERGY it is not made of energy. Cognition is not a ”vibrating energy”
    If cognition would be energy than it could be stopped, blocked out by matter if it would be stronger, heavier mass..
    Cognitions don’t have wavelengths , they are just there.

    I have realized some years back just how powerful ”realizations” are, I was totally blown away.
    Cognitions when they happen reestablish harmony in the universe it self and not only to the cognize but all those who ever experienced the incident and because we are not individuals and we do not occupy space, we are not matter-energy as Infinites – Entities we are one!.

    I believe LRH said – written someplace only one person has to as-is the Bank and by now I know how that works.

    • If all share then is there one awareness? This is what eastern sages talk about as oneness, that there is only awareness/consciousness — everything is consciousness knowing its experience.

  13. Again, ONE- ness how I understand it don’t really exists. I believe it is on expression wanting to explain something which is impossible since there is no two reality-viewpoint exist on the same experience.
    For example, I have said a cognition is received by every one, BUT!!!! THAT UNDERSTANDING WHAT IS THE COG. IS ABOUT IS ON THEIR OWN REALITY LEVEL=how they view the self-universe.
    So cognitions do not create One-ness.!

    I don’t think much of eastern philosophy in fact I don’t think of it at all, same as I don’t think of hogwash either.. to me just because billions believe in it that do not mean it is ”spirituality’ Agreements’ don’t make it so!
    When practiced meditation keys-separates the person what h/s was keyed into than that person now cant live in emptiness-void but now fills it up with thousands of different symbols, sayings, different movements of the body and now that state is called ”being spiritual!!!
    That is not spirituality but just exchanged different ways of acting behaving- thinking- beliefs, because learned a bunch of different expressions, replaced the old stimulation with new stimulation and ++++ the beliefs that : this is it, I have arrived, I am enlightened, I am spiritual i feel great etc.. etc.. etc.
    Of course the person feels different, has to because he truly believes what h/s is in now feels good!!!
    We can change our feelings any time we want to.
    About AWARENESS.. I have read by now lots of different understanding how people understand what awareness means.
    Awareness is a doing ness.. conscious activity.. putting attention on something, IF I AM WRONG PLEASE CORRECT ME.
    I have read it somewhere that we as Infinite are nothing more than Awareness unit … well, how I see it… if being aware and believing that we are something, doing something on some level well than that person has long way to go to be on intangible Infinite.

    Read over this and sort it out for self and get your own answer what sages are saying.
    ”This is what eastern sages talk about as oneness, that there is only awareness/consciousness — everything is consciousness knowing its experience.”
    Have a great afternoon!
    By the way who you are going to vote for? Would love to know! Hell of a lots of wind blowing from both direction… and the waters are murky really polluted!

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