Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

as a comment,  as my reality on fear… his latest post but David occasionally don’ let my comments through… which is of course right, because after all it is his blog.

I have in this blog cognitions on fear written up as posts.

Hi David…. great post..

my personal experience about FEAR… well, I had many sessions while I was advancing on all levels while in the Church and I had great many wins on elimination of incidents which contained Fear but I could never totally erase that incredible sensation which I now call ”glue” because its holds the beliefs-realities; whatever they may be bunched -glued together for the Human Cluster.

As you know I had continued with the solo sessions after I left the church which was in 76 and till this day I still confront realities of which I have become aware being in this Universe.

About 18 years back I decided to take up on item to confronted what is VALU- IMPORTANT-VITAL and had hundreds of sessions over the next 6-7 months on items what I had considered held ‘’value’’ was for me in my life.

Of course the same time my lists also contained items which I believed had no value, were worthless totally ‘’useless’’ things.

I always had sessions on all items which contained both side: the full spectrum of the incidents, [and everything related] the reason for that because in my reality -belief the reason one exists because the opposite belief too is there: holding it in place.

Example: we can only know what happiness is if we know what being unhappiness feels like to us, means to us, therefore happiness too has to be confronted in session because happiness is held valuable therefore holds that person in that condition: and that is not what true spiritual=Infinite State means.

The sessions [18 years back] taken many months and each days sessions ended with fantastic… life changing cognitions.

Than one day I had a huge blowdown and F/T + realization of course on values and after that for 3 weeks I was just floating about feeling incredible but I occasionally had a nagging sensation which surfaced now and then that “” SOMETHING WAS MISSING FROM MY LIFE!””

I was stumped by this realization since I knew I never felt so fantastic before and what I felt, where I was, remained totally ‘’stable’’ permanent state.

So I pocked around because I really wanted to know -understand what was missing?

It did not take too long and the realization was so enormous that after I could hardly walk for days!

I had lost all sensation feelings, I could not feel the body, I could hear the sound of footsteps but I could not feel the sensations in the legs.



Fear only exist when we have ‘’values’’… we fear to lose, not to have because we believe it is important to our survival.

LOL… that concept, that belief strictly belong to human realities and of course … value-importance exist, can only exist when we believe associate self with matter: when we believe we are something, somebody.

Those sessions 18 back eliminated all the reasons I belied things were valuable and of course   among the many items I had confronted the ‘’body’’ itself the very reasons for believing was valuable for survival, why I have valued it so much PLUS major ‘’items’’ like ”life’’ with all its realities I believed in too was completely confronted.

By elimination of values –importance’s I have As-ised fear itself and that has placed me on different level… outside of the Human realities, I am no longer in the Cluster which is held together by fear of loss.

Without values-importance the so called ‘’life’’ here is nothing more than momentary experience.

After the elimination fear I totally understood what it means is Infinite: without identity and being-ness.




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