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Being inside, being outside or being some other place.

Being inside, being outside or being some other place.

Because we are not a body therefore we are not energy-  bulk, we are not a form – object that means we don’t have a location, as a result we can’t go anywhere –we can’t exteriorize –we can’t be inside of something or outside of some body-or on object: being  here over or being over there.

When we talk about moving the object in this case ‘’meet body’’ and we say I am going to Vancouver that in fact is only the body which is placed into a car and then relocated by this different form of body which is the car and the meet body is moved to Vancouver and the Entity say’’’ I am here, I have arrived’’.

For the meet body being inside the car do not means that the Entity, the Infinite is inside the car: only has the belief.

We don’t have location only physique- structures have location.. but the body-machine has ‘’eyes’’-instruments which can see [ I already written more than one post what ‘’eyes’’ are and do.] and as the car moves with the meet body inside as it- changes location, the eyes take continual pictures which we as Infinites add the believes –considerations ‘’ I am looking I am seeing the terrain’’, yes: the eyes see, but if you as on Entity has attention not on the terrain in fact you hardly see it, let say your attention is already on  the person you are going to meet, than as on entity you are already experiencing that persons space and hardly notice what the eyes see.

Since you were already with that person you have hardly noticed the terrain and experienced the trip itself when you arrived you would think or say “ the time flew by so fast I hardly noticed anything’’ RIGHT, because you were experiencing different location.

I am losing the point what I have seen in the realization.

WE WANT TO GO EXTERIOR… but because we can’t change location than the person who wants to go exterior and let’s say want to look inside the Oval Office or somebodies mind than the belief is- have to transport self, we have to travel even as Spiritual beings in order to be in different location.

And also the beliefs is that we will ‘’see’’ when we get there the same kind of pictures as the ‘’eyes’’ are taking.

This can’t happen, never will happen because it is impossible to happen.

When the Entity-person can see into distant, observe different location from where the body is, this means that Entity is still able to switch off the instrument-eyes and observe location without their use. That ability we all have.

The Entity haven’t changed location but only changes views and this happen all the time, every time we want to see-be in different places-locations but our trouble is that we wrong believe that  when being on that location without  the body than we should be able to see the same way,  have  same colorful picture of this local as if the body would be there and see the ‘same ways ‘’as eyes do’’ in order to be real…LOL… than we would believe yes, I am really in Buckingham  Palace and I really see what the Queen is having for tea.

It is all about belief, if it is believed that ‘’I am inside the body’’ than that viewpoint-belief is what you as on Infinite experience and believe in, whatever you think -feel what’’ inside’’ means to you: and that meaning-reality is totally personal and therefore different from any other entities and that is your truth.

When the person wants to ’’see’’ into distant location but can’t no matter how desperately wants that experience will not be able because that person has been stuck with understanding-belief that only the ‘’eyes can see’’ perceive and there is no other ways  any one can observe –see anything without this instrument-eyes: Won’t be able to observe anything besides what these eyes see: because that belief will not allow  to have any  other truth.

We have really –really heavy-duty belief in place that ‘’eyes –instrument’’ is that eyes sees and we as Entities can’t perceive without and even when we do something we are made to believe that picture we experience is just a trick of the mind, on illusion hallucination: not real, and it can’t be real.

So the illusion is in fact is what the ‘’eyes’’ see and what we observe; that flash of  flimsy image is the real thing.

As Entities- Infinites when we no longer hindered by our own believes when no longer being stuck in them than the Entity can perceive -observe total images of objects-places regardless of distance- locations and see them not as flat pictures but what they are : holographic images –structures –mock ups of vibrating flowing colorful energy.

But that is not so exciting observe in fact after a while the Entity loses interest looking at this dimensional images of flowing energy [ when seen one , than we seen them all]  but what is fantastic- greatly-interesting  and will remain so, is that when the Entity-Infinite observes this images in the same instant gets the reason why they were created: and that than is the true understanding… unaltered understanding will hit him as cognitions.

I will not say that cognition only counts if the Entity sees holographic images, No… cognitions how they come is different for each of us.

Here you read about my adventures how my universe was created and you have your very own private Universe.. Which was created the same as mine since there is only one form of energy, but you have different understanding how it was formed and why it is as is.  🙂






 I start this as usual: I have had immense amount of sessions on memory-forgetfulness why we have, it why we don’t and why we lose it with age and confronted every other related concepts I could dig up over the years.
I have put up posts on Dementia, Alzheimer’s  and I had great gains-understanding on this subject.
I must mention that ”losing” ones ”memory” as one ages do cause immense stress, upsets, and not remembering is a very inconvenient  thing to experience. By considerations is a bad thing, and people with bad recall=memory are looked down on, like they have some problems, and those who have good recall are believed that they are smarter, or brilliant, better off, because they are superior to others who’s recall is less then theirs! full of shit!
SO…. every person on this planet is doing their very best TO KEEP THE INFORMATION INTACT= NOT TO FORGET A THING BECAUSE IF THEY WOULD DO, LOL…LOL… THAT WOULD MEAN THEY ARE BECOMING “”SENILE”” LOL…LOL… and every person would think of them ””OH poor so and so she/he is losing it! “”and before they know it a room is reserved for them at the old age home!
Seldom anyone has photographic memory on this planet and there are thousands of reason for that… we all remember -can recall things but  there are holes in our recalls and for that there are immerses amount of reasons existing again.
So how we individually recall  is normal to each of us: happens accordingly what kind of stuff we are sitting in.
 If you would go back in this blog and dig up the posts on Dementia and Alzheimer’s   than you will understand why we get into that state at certain age group.
 The implant station don’t want to lose a costumer and in the first place it was forced on believer, on the user=costumer=you, that if you do not remember, or have forgotten something than you should be worrying and do everything in your power to get back to THAT IMPLANT  and we all do just that by making it sure that we keep the memories intact -alive.
Explanation: Your beliefs-thoughts-considerations-agreements what ever you know are implanted-forced on beliefs and it is a control mechanism.
While you are ”aware” of it and by believing it is a fact, the truth, than you cant become aware of different realities of the Universe.
SO YOU MUST REMEMBER AT ALL COST! .. and back you are in that good old BANK. !
comments, questions are welcome, in the blog or privately.. endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com

Magic… where is our ability?

I always say the same “” over the years I had countless sessions’’’’ and I mention a subject.

Today the subject is Magic… I truly had great gains over the years confronting more likely ‘’researching’’ what ‘’magic’’ is how we have done and most of all why we no longer applying this wonderful ability?

While going ‘’up’’ on the Bridge I have fantasised what will be like when I hit that magic level of OT7, shit… that is what I hit and with full force. LOL. But then I want laughing!

By the time I got back to Vancouver from ST Hill I was totally overwhelmed by ARCB’s … no money… no job… no place to live!

Plus I felt soooooo disappointed that I could not ‘’intend’’ to pull in a job-money etc..

My sister has taken me in and soon I found 2 waitressing jobs so money-tips rolled in.

But my disappointments did not vanish and that is when I taken out my wood e-meter and stated solo sessions and slowly I climbed out of the masses of ARCB’s-problems=disappointments galore.

What this has to do with Magic? LOL… A LOT! Because I truly believed that by the time I finish and reach OT7 I will be able to use ‘’magic’’ and my life will be easier!

So than I started to have sessions on this subject but of course other things too had to be handled and I only could as-is a thin-top layer because the understanding what magic is was deeply buried under myriad layer of altered realities which I believed ‘’’wrongly of course were the truth nothing but the truth’’— and let’s leave god out of this!

I never given up on this because I truly believed it can be done and I still do… so every time the occasions were right back to sessions I went with this subject and 25 years back while I lived in Edmonds Washington, I hit the jackpot … and I really knew seen what we could do when having this incredible ability!

But could I do it… of course not!

So more layers were confronted over the years and brilliant cogs-realities poured in but NIL..!!!!!

But of course there were disappointments and feeling loss- being a total failure had to be handled as they surfaced.

So far I never ever given up on any subject and of late I again had sessions and I realised-had cog. that gravity here on this planet is brutal and has a great deal to do with holding down our abilities, these brutal force which we need in order to live in steady –steady environment sort of sucks away our energy.

We constantly battle this gravity force… but of course we are not aware.

But still I knew there had to be more to magic-ability what I haven’t discovered.

And by now I had hundreds of realization which included: we were punished severely if we used magic: some places we were segregated, put into different groups, cut off from regular normal society members, because use of magic was evil, we were effected diseased by evil.. in this universe there were many places the punishment was total annihilation to our person for the smallest fraction use of or even thinking of magic… and please believe me there were devices which could detect different energy levels in each person and anything-anybody who did not have ‘’normal’’ vibration level was zipped to oblivion!

Again few days back I was sort of looking around this plant and wondered why here we don’t have this ability… we have thousands of entertainers ‘’’who do magic tricks’’’ people do believe that magic existing but why we can’t do magic, why our abilities are totally gone?

Bingo!!! Had the realization which is so simple LOL.. all cognitions are simple because they are the truth and truth is not altered reality.

HERE ON THIS PLANET WE ARE IN “”””TOTAL AGREEMANT”””” that we can’t do… we are not able no matter how hard we try… and the TOTAL AGREEMANT is the very item which won’t let magic –wishing –intending allowing that instants appearance= become visible for all to see-have.

The reason is that personal wishing-intending is not allowed for safety reasons and many other planets have the same laws enforced. Personal power is a no no in most established societies because that would disturb – change- alter the foundation the basic energy level of the planets! That is true…


Well, implants contain many safety devices and they are all there to keep the control.

By the way as I said we are operating in two different universe at the same time but of course that is on illusion and in one we are able to do anything, magic is the way of life and in the other universe we believe we cant and that is a total lie!

unexplained Mysteries of this planet.. LOL.

There aren’t any mysteries in this Universe which sooner or later becomes solved –explained—answered—deciphered in sessions…LOL… and to most cases the explanations-understanding are so simple that leaves one breathless –rolling from laughter.

Slap on the forehead and just blown away I am of the simplicity how these incredible so called mysteries to which science could not find explanations even if they believe they have one that explanation is totally wrong.

I am here talking about Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids.

What the ‘’eyes’’ see’’ and what is there in reality is two different thing and scientist who are ‘’looking’’ with ‘’eyes’’ will never find out how those immense boulders were piled up. LOL. LOL…

By the way the greatest creation, the most mind boggling invention was in this Universe: the eyes, how they work… without use of the ‘’eyes’’ how they work-project etc… we would never know and believed we live in solid universe.

The ”eye” seeing with them gives us the illusion of solidity and to these flat pictures we add the beliefs that what we see is real, solid, have weight, color, size, debt and  can be touched or tasted.. eaten  etc… in fact we project on that flat image our own beliefs and that makes it real.

We are simply brilliant because we can make something out of nothing!


The joke is on us.

I posted this in David st Lawrence’s blog.

as a comment,  as my reality on fear… his latest post but David occasionally don’ let my comments through… which is of course right, because after all it is his blog.

I have in this blog cognitions on fear written up as posts.

Hi David…. great post..

my personal experience about FEAR… well, I had many sessions while I was advancing on all levels while in the Church and I had great many wins on elimination of incidents which contained Fear but I could never totally erase that incredible sensation which I now call ”glue” because its holds the beliefs-realities; whatever they may be bunched -glued together for the Human Cluster.

As you know I had continued with the solo sessions after I left the church which was in 76 and till this day I still confront realities of which I have become aware being in this Universe.

About 18 years back I decided to take up on item to confronted what is VALU- IMPORTANT-VITAL and had hundreds of sessions over the next 6-7 months on items what I had considered held ‘’value’’ was for me in my life.

Of course the same time my lists also contained items which I believed had no value, were worthless totally ‘’useless’’ things.

I always had sessions on all items which contained both side: the full spectrum of the incidents, [and everything related] the reason for that because in my reality -belief the reason one exists because the opposite belief too is there: holding it in place.

Example: we can only know what happiness is if we know what being unhappiness feels like to us, means to us, therefore happiness too has to be confronted in session because happiness is held valuable therefore holds that person in that condition: and that is not what true spiritual=Infinite State means.

The sessions [18 years back] taken many months and each days sessions ended with fantastic… life changing cognitions.

Than one day I had a huge blowdown and F/T + realization of course on values and after that for 3 weeks I was just floating about feeling incredible but I occasionally had a nagging sensation which surfaced now and then that “” SOMETHING WAS MISSING FROM MY LIFE!””

I was stumped by this realization since I knew I never felt so fantastic before and what I felt, where I was, remained totally ‘’stable’’ permanent state.

So I pocked around because I really wanted to know -understand what was missing?

It did not take too long and the realization was so enormous that after I could hardly walk for days!

I had lost all sensation feelings, I could not feel the body, I could hear the sound of footsteps but I could not feel the sensations in the legs.



Fear only exist when we have ‘’values’’… we fear to lose, not to have because we believe it is important to our survival.

LOL… that concept, that belief strictly belong to human realities and of course … value-importance exist, can only exist when we believe associate self with matter: when we believe we are something, somebody.

Those sessions 18 back eliminated all the reasons I belied things were valuable and of course   among the many items I had confronted the ‘’body’’ itself the very reasons for believing was valuable for survival, why I have valued it so much PLUS major ‘’items’’ like ”life’’ with all its realities I believed in too was completely confronted.

By elimination of values –importance’s I have As-ised fear itself and that has placed me on different level… outside of the Human realities, I am no longer in the Cluster which is held together by fear of loss.

Without values-importance the so called ‘’life’’ here is nothing more than momentary experience.

After the elimination fear I totally understood what it means is Infinite: without identity and being-ness.