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Archive for August 31, 2016

Earth is a prison planet.

The main – primary reason intending ‘’intention’’ making a wish-postulating not coming through, don’t appear, happen out of blue don’t work on this Planet here because this planet is a prison- penitentiary, penal colony Planet.

LRH has mentioned this in his writings and I have come across about dozen incidents in sessions in which I knew the same purpose for this planet to be here.

Earth is a perfect prison where the prisoners own beliefs are their chains shackles=restrains which keep them within the boundaries.

Our power to intend does not work here because if they would than not likely any of the prisoners—inmates would stay for long.

Here to achieve personal or collectively postulated dreams has to be done manually  this means the ‘’intention’’ can only become real if it is shaped- formed – fashioned out of so called solid forms.

I JUST HAD This COGNITION REGARDING THE INEFFECTIVENESS of my desiring-wanting- postulating- my wishes… dreams… to become realities.

I have done much work, tremendous amount of sessions on these topics yet I could not make anything happen here on this Planet by postulating-intention, but in sessions what I have seen, experienced in other places-planets on the track wishing –intentions worked… in fact in many cases that has become a problem that our intentions become reality right off… to much-to soon.

NOW I NEED TO FIND THE REASONS THE CAUSES WHY OUR INTENTIONS_POSTULATES DONT WORK…. of course I have found by now thousands  of them related to other incidents but now I will need to dig  for failed intentions-postulates related to prisons, being captured, held against will.

I know till it happens, till they; intentions-wishes, dreams become real than something is blocking them, which are of course my very own beliefs-desires.

Nothing wrong with the auditing technology: it works… but the problem is that infinite is a unmeasurable amount of time and we lived, had equal amount of lives-experiences.