Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

As I have advanced over the years, from where I viewed the incidents have changed: the location of ”self”  has changed: the beginning years in session I always felt have seen that I was inside the body.

In later years sessions the incidents which I recalled some were inside the body and in other incidents I have seen the body from outside: from the back, from above and of course I seen-been in many different locations and these locations were all over this planet and many other places in the Universe.

Later years, as in the past few years I rarely found incidents in which I was ‘’ inside the body’’ but something new I started to see which I could not understand what it was.

I would see in the incident a mass of energy moving about but usually I felt I was being stuck in some mass-incident and I could not get out, but I knew I did not have the body any more… I knew I was a ‘’spirit’’ a ghost.

SO what was happening than?

In these incidents I felt I was struggling to get out but that did not make sense to me since I knew I no longer had the body, than why I felt I was being stuck and struggling?

I was in session just now and I was running so called ‘’death’’ incident when I already left the body and after that I have seen the funeral of the event, the flowers etc..than I as a Spirit revisited places where I lived before, and even set on the chair I have many occasions and wanted to communicate with people but no one could pick up my presence.

Then I went earlier incident where I was just a ghostly figure but what I have seen is the ball of energy being stuck-struggling and could not get out of that place and this is where I got major blowdown-cognition because I realised I was associating self with that ball of energy-mass:


this small energy mass is the spirit without the body …what I believe, but not in reality!

WOW… I have seen this mass of energy in many incidents but I could never understand what or where this ball of energy come from and what has represented!

In these incidents I no longer observe-see the body but I still see =observe from distance this energy which belongs to me — I identify with and use it as on anchor!!

So this is that mass of energy scientists talk about that its weight about 2 ounces, they have come to this conclusion when weighted the person’s body before and immediately after ‘’death’’= when the body stopped working.





  1. great cog. This is what is called the astral body, there is also another even finer energy body called the causal body too. Have you run any incidents of what happens between lives?

    • by now thousands of them…
      I have done lot of sessions on this topic because I wanted to know what we are doing when not in connection to the body.
      I know for the fact that we spend most of our existence when not inside-or in connection to bodies.

  2. Like the incident you described, but instead of going earlier, see what happened later, where did you go?

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