Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have written few post in the past 19 months about sessions where I was confronting the subjects : winning the lotto.

Well just to give on idea just how much time was spent is session on this item in all these months and EVERY DAY is about 3000 hours possibly more since some sessions were 8-10 hour long.

By now for me confronting any question and locating the item takes seconds or I get instantaneous answers. This means I have covered incredible amount of territory: beliefs-agreements, hidden –supressed items, ARCB’s O/W’s not only mine but others beings too which LRH calls BT’s and Clusters but I call them Ghosts –Infinites.

When I started out with the ‘’’belief’’’ that yes I can win by pure postulating and I was very positive… had total confidence that I will win that Jackpot.

Of course I bought lotto ticket every weeks and I looked forward the day when the draw was. Nothing… nothing…so I have taken my ‘’ disappointments’’ into sessions and there I was daily confronting: my losses, needs wants, must haves etc..

The COGNITIONS POURED IN and by getting them I realised that by having ‘’these’’ reason in place why I haven’t won, kept me not winning and I could not have possibly win that Jackpot because these ‘’counter –postulates’’ totally over-ridden my feeble –weak present time want-desire to win.

For the fact : old mock-ups – postulates on the Track are far superior in power what a person here can mock- up-postulate= believe that it can happen: we are powerless here in comparison what we had before.

Weeks, months rolled by and still haven’t won that POT at the end of the Rainbow… LOL.. back to sessions daily I went.

But in fact I was winning daily and I knew it because those daily realizations brought immense understanding that winning and losing is in fact not only part of our daily life we lead but it is in fact our way life!

As the sessions continued some days much as 10 hours well I was flying and each week because the draw did not have the numbers of my ticket I crashed and was hehehe wounded! More fuel for having sessions.

I never give up, I won’t because I know from experience that by eliminating what need to be eliminated we can have different outcome: EXAMPLE: I have posted the outcome, what I have done after the sever car collision I had and brain-damage, how I pulled out of that one.

So I continued buying those tickets and I still haven’t won that pot but by now I had sessions in which every facet of life’s activity was examined, take apart and over these months and years having sessions the same ‘’realizations’’ were confirmed become totally driven home that what we believe is what we have and no more.

‘’’’ And our surroundings, our way of life represent is in fact the mirror image of our belief.’’’’

BUT HERE IS THE CATCH: what we believe is not a solid – rock-hard— or touchable by hands or can be bitten into, or put on the scale and weighted.

Our believes are intangible but some of them can be translated into a more solid form: EXAMPLE: on artist has a vision and he paints that image onto the canvas or sculpts into a form or some kind of clothing .. cake.. flower bed etc..

But winning the jackpot well, how can anyone sculpt that into any shape or form?

Cant… we just can visualize what we would do with the money but those images remain just images even if we know the house existing is on the market for sale and the car has been made etc.. etc.. no matter what we want is in a solid shape and we have the ticket HEHEHE… well… let me tell you, by now I have run out of considerations how to make that winning a solid reality.

So far I can’t… but I have won that jackpot in the theta universe, I have everything what I wanted but not in solid form.

This I have difficulty to explain here…. when someone is been solo auditing longs as I have and had many-many millions of realizations on every side of life-living-death-having – not having –positive and negative sides to all beliefs the awareness do expands –increases with every realizations and yet, I so far haven’t found the answer how I could pull in the winning pot.

But that do not mean I have failed… NO… on the contrary because by having immense amount of sessions on winning and losing, being ‘’defeated’’ or the desires—the needs—the wants to have, the must and must not— the reasons for wanting the ‘’dreams’’ to come through, or want changes, and believing that something would be better than what I have now, well, all those too had been confronted.

THE FACT… THE REALITY IS… IF I WOULD HAVE PULLED IN THAT JACKPOT ONLY THE LOCATION WOULD CHANGE… ONLY THE SOLID ITEMS WOULD BEDIFFERENT AROUND ME, THE VIEW WOULD BE DIFFERENT from the windows [ at the present location I do have view of the magnificent forest and the tree branches touch the window] BUT ‘’SELF’’ HERE WOULD STILL FEEL THE SAME WAY no matter where the body would reside: HAPPY, CONTENTED and I still would be continuing eating the same heathy foods… do the daily walking etc..

So far confronting these items= ‘’winning—losing’’ and on its expanded form of beliefs-realities I have had on incredible adventure into understanding the competitions- rivalries-duals – matches, games between persons me, machines and me and me challenging self and others PLUSS the Universe it self!  Fact.. it is the fact.:)

These challenges the reasons for the ‘’why’’ we do or ‘’why’’ we don’t and frankly I know if I would not have done this monumental amount of confrontation on these subjects alone I know I would never be free of MEST: winning and losing are the negative and positive elements=beliefs which are holding the MEST INTAC: in place, in permanent position for each individual.

I also found BLOCKS OF IMMENSE VARIATY why we don’t want to win.

You see if our personal “wants -desires- wishes’’’’ would come though, would happen easily that would cause immense chaos –disorder in any system we are in and not only that but ‘’time- continuum’’ would no longer exist.. so years: meaning of years would too be gone too and human race would not be human race any more… LOL…

The instant winning-having does exist and that ability we haven’t lost, we have it as on spiritual being and we can have anything anytime in our own universe.

But we wanted here when having body too that same instant mock-up what we have in our own ‘’ mind’ ’in solid form to appear front of the body but that is blocked off by our own intentions which were formed way back.

BY THE WAY… This Universe is Infinite and exploring-confronting few thousands of beliefs-considerations is not the END of one topic… far from it… only means I only found – become aware that understanding.

Winning at anything gives personal satisfaction that we can accomplish what we set out to do… for me winning means gaining back abilities and with that proving for self that auditing works and by now I really-really know that it works! 🙂

It has been a HELL OF A RIDE so far… I wish you the same.

QUESTIONS? endlesstringofpearls@gmail.com





Comments on: "MORE ON LOTTO….WINNING- LOSING." (4)

  1. Instead of postulating winning the lottery, look up the track of this universe into its future and see what the winning numbers will be then buy that set of numbers. When you win I only ask for 10% 🙂 Love you E,


    • after thought..
      the vision of the future…. the picture I get when I ”see” the future the yet to come don’t have the same flat colorful photo like image what we ”see” with the eyes, not at all.
      The vision lasts for a fraction of the second and that is not so much of a picture but gives understanding what going to happen. The winning numbers are 7 combinations example; O7 11 13 22 29 35 46… now to see that clearly and to write it down before the image vanishes, well Brian that would need better abilities than I have gained so far.
      By the way I am positive that there are many ex-scn out there who have done their best to postulate winning something and never made it they just don’t write about it.
      You see that would admit failure… but not in my book because by now I know— I am positive of the extant of the Bank and small amount of sessions don’t erase— as-is the Bank.

      Postulates don’t work because the counter postulates on the same subject exist by the thousands.
      love ya back.

  2. LOL… that sounds perfect .. but it haven’t worked for me.. you have no idea how many hours I had in session about … knowing .. predicting.. the future… I can see thing coming too…. on most occasion I know beforehand what is yet to be but there, but there is more to winning the lotto for me than just predicting the numbers.
    First of all you see Brian, I found out that I don’t meant to have that WIN-money-etc, so far I found more counter intention-postulates than star up there, mind boggling array of blocks existed and I am sure there is more need to be unearthed. 🙂
    So, I also have to look in many different directions…and I know by now if something meant to happen it will be here…
    and as you know we do have on INFINITE TRACK in this Universe.
    I have to admit that I had incredible fun confronting this topic and I know I haven’t done with it.
    Even todays post on levitation is about winning…
    Friday’s jackpot is 60.00 million… that would buy lots of chicken feed!

  3. By the way I no longer ”postulate”, I have done it at the very beginning, but that belief ”it works” has been shattered flown out of the window long years back.
    In my reality which I become aware of through sessions -cognitions that I don’t have ”freewill”… I haven’t had any since I been on this Planet.
    I have discovered ever since I got into a body here, from that moment on I have become total effect and no one could convince me otherwise.
    Freewill exist in theta universe, when we are in ghostly state… but here gravity and total agreement rules this planet.

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