Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Is being inside the body.[ having that belief].

Please some of you will say-think that you have been happy many times in your life.

OK, that is a fact .. but every happy moment we have is not because being- feeling the body but experiencing some other things: which is happening outside of the body.

Examples: finally getting something you always wanted, seeing something funny or beautiful which when experienced lifted you out of the body, smelling baking cookies= the fragrance which has given the happy feeling is not the body but the spices.

Why do you think that every person all through their life is at all times continually –relentlessly, ceaselessly pursuing searching for something which will give ‘’pleasure” ?

Why do you think every person is dreaming going exterior to the body, why millions are taking drugs to feel better, why millions get drunk daily to feel better or have coffee or tea: just to feel better?

Why millions meditate or pray or have massage or partake in thousands of other activities LOL: go and gamble.. bet on hundred different things, shop till drop. Billions have sex daily just to feel better, or beat someone till near death, just to feel better!

Simply because having a body is sheer HELL a most wretched-despicable condition the Infinite happen to get stuck in.


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