Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The recall- understanding I have about ”aging” of the body is very simple, since bodies are not solid and what the ”eyes” cannot see that the bodies are simply mocked up energy.. So is Gravity, but gravity is on incredible strong powerful field and this field do sucks-corrodes, pulls down-wears down any other mocked up pictures-structures existing within its power-limit-boundary: sooner or later all things ‘’die’’ on this planet=being pulled back into the mother force.

The so called energy field of the INFINITE: the Awareness who is moored to the body is held in place  by gravity it self and the same time is slowly sucked back into the gravity field.

This means we are powerless, and other meaning is we are not able to resist this field and we don’t have the choice: give in.


Yes, ignorance-stupidity kills, when we believe we are something than we can die too, but the joke is on us: we never do, but sure can have lots of fun put on the drama, playing the game.

The body is like a bag when new -young it is filled with energy therefore the outside-skin looks smooth, but as the energy is sucked out of it the bag-skin get wrinkled.. of course the gravity also effects every other part of the body: bones muscles etc.. but not just the body is effected but the Infinite it self.

By the old age the Infinites power too diminishes: being cause over the movements of the body: have less energy, can hardly walk, or stand up, but in many cases the thinking -communicating too is affected.

It is incredibly strong force this gravity is deadly- brutal in fact and we combat this continually, but we are powerless and we are totally overwhelmed: has to be confronted in session to be free of its affects  than the Infinite can move on… leave this Planet.

Gravity hold us here, it is our invisible prisons.

Sleep to is caused by gravity.. so is depressions, tiredness, feeling the weight + few hundred other beliefs of course have the hand in that too and many have believed that scientology failed because it did not delivered what it has promised!

LOL. and ashtrays cant be levitated… LOL…or we cant walk through walls.. of course we can LOL… you are just not aware that you have!

The tools are there but the work to free self has to be done by the Self because no one knows, can possibly know what you have created on your journey to where you are at.

Just to throw in to this pot here, ‘’age’’ that concept to has many side, why it happens and why it is used LOL.. I found many over the years in different session and one realization was so much fun: on one planet aging- altering the look of the body was in fashion thing to do…to be different, to look different from that other body! Wrinkles had character, they could express inner feelings!





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