Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Deserve= merit, justify, be worthy of, earn, rate,

Since we all are powerful, we all can do and have anything we want but of course not by now, not in this state – this level we have reached-we are in.

Long-time back on the Track when we were still fee to do and have: that means our dreams- illusion imagines fancies become reality and to be so there were no restriction.

But as time went by and as we continued creating new games =new life cycles we created different rules-laws-regulations and agreements and we accepted these new rules in order to have a more exciting game… to have more difficulties because to overcome these difficulties given us the illusion that we can do, that we are able and we are good and we can overcome obstacle!

We could become heroes, superior beings by showing our ability to overcome monumental problems!

To make a long story short over the span of time-eons we have created immense amount of obstacles which have blocked our abilities and we did this in order to make the game more difficult to play and we have: by now the word is ‘’overwhelm’’.

Of course we have forgotten in other words we conveniently buried this knowledge away, and by acting out why we have ‘’forgotten’’ why we have made everything so difficult… our game, our life has become truly difficult.

In today’s session I found on item ‘’’not deserving’’’ well this item was inserted into our track by our agreement of course that we do not deserve our wishes – dreams come through simply because we don’t deserve them because we are sinners, and as ‘’punishment’’ we should go without: not have our dreams come through: suffer you dog, 50 lashes you deserve, rot in hell, in the dich you go where you belong, you low life you!.

Now that takes some doing to get out of that state and make it go right and to become a hero, on upright citizen… LOL.. that would show ability, willpower.

You see, we are sinners… LOL… and sinners don’t deserve good things to happen to them and when something good is happening there is disaster –punishment sure to fallow: which will sour that sweet taste of having that dream to become reality.

By accepting that title’’’ sinner’’=being total effect: we given away power, we admitted that there are others who are better than we… what a crock of shit that is!

Sinners are who have Overts and every person on this planet is here because having Overts… LOL… the whole set up of being a human is about being on effect. The immense-ness, the amount of blocks I have found so far and these are the walls=beliefs=rules-regulations- laws- agreements we all made in order to bloke our creative abilities is simply mind boggling.

I have seen in sessions things which if I would write about would not be believed by anyone here therefore I don’t bother but sometime when I am hit with ‘’viewpoint’’ something new-never seen before I just seat here and I wonder at the extant of the universe, the beliefs which has created this Universe.

But I am off the orange crate… no big deal, nothing important I write of, just I have taken one more step and this cognition was the result.

If you ever felt small, powerless, forgetful, don’t know, don’t remember, not able to achieve something, felt lower than the frogs ass, depressed, had loss, cried out in despair, yearned, unhappy, felt that reached the end of the rope, gotten drunk to forget, ETC….ETC….ETC… few thousand other way, well..

This is not much.. but there you have it.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth.. I was just thinking about you then saw your post… thank you for posting I enjoy reading you a lot.

  2. Hi Maribel, I am pleased you get something out of reading the posts.
    You too have been in my universe, wondering how your solo sessions going.
    How are you?

    • Sessions are going fine Elizabeth, I’m very happy.. I’m on OTV and I know I have to complete cycle but very excited about the future and all the things available for me to audit.. I wanna know so many things and I have a trust I can achieve great things… I don’t know exactly what those great things are… but I suppose this is a normal feeling at this moment… :)))

      • Sounds great… happy for you… our goals as we continue change because our awareness becomes different..
        by now I only have one goal left…. to get into my daily sessions because by now I have realized nothing can be more important than gaining my freedom from MEST.
        Have fun..!

      • PS… for example on todays menu I have Gravity… not the first time I been examining this powerful force, so far had many sessions on it but in todays session the understanding have come that gravity causes the aging of the body.
        This realization is fantastic and I know no matter how people fight this condition =ageing will not stop the effects of the gravity,.

        • This is what scientist have said, that aging is caused by gravity, I read it somewhere. Very good cognition

          • Interesting…as you can see auditing -confronting brings knowledge.
            Scientist too had past lives and they too recall but they believe in the ”must” must have hard-solid evidence in order to be real-true.
            In their recalls they don’t get the full picture but if they do they cant explain this recall unless it can be demonstrated.
            The recall- understanding I have about ”aging” of the body.
            very simple, since bodies are not solid and beside what the ”eyes” can not see the bodies are simply mocked up energy.. So is Gravity, but gravity is on incredible strong powerful field and this field do sucks-corrodes, pulls down-wears down any other mocked up pictures-structures existing within its perimeter.

            The so called energy field of the INFINITE who is anchored to the body is held in place and the same time is sucked into the gravity field, the body is like a bag when new and it is filled energy therefore the outside-skin looks smooth, but as the energy is sucked out of it the bag-skin get wrinkled.. of course the gravity too effects every other part of the body: bones muscles etc.. but not just the body is effected but the Infinite it self.
            By the old age the Infinites power too diminishes, have less energy, can hardly walk, or stand up, but in many cases the thinking -communicating too is effected.
            It is incredibly strong force this gravity is and we combat this continually, but we are powerless and we are totally overwhelmed.

            Gravity hold us here, it is our invisible prisons.

            Sleep to is caused by gravity.. so is depressions. tiredness etc..

            • I have also read that a genetic strand in the DNA is part of the aging thing, if this strand wasn’t “programmed” the way it is, or wasn’t there at all, human beings would live hundreds of years… as believed was the case long time ago… a physic woman tried to “audit” this strand, resulting in her body aging the next day, she then stopped messing around with it… she looks younger than her age by the way.. I’m writing to you private Elizabeth I have a question that’s just popped up in my mind.

              • I also have had sessions on DNA and every form of other aging process. What I have found that no matter what ”programmed” into the body that program do originate from earlier programs which were different style of bodies.
                There is nothing new on this planet, inventions of any kind are just recalls.
                This body here is 76 and people don’t want to believe me when I tell them.
                Aging is not just wrinkles, sagging baggy skin and silver hair.
                But way of thinking… walking, moving, level of energy is affected by believing that one is aging-old.
                The whole system is slowing down -caving in- melting away.
                Now when the affects are as-ised, as I have done over the years the youthfulness –the so called energy level returns, there is lightness to the steps, the body is held erect and the movement are the same as when I was young.
                The Item-Aging-old is huge and complicated because aging start in the moment of conception therefore any one who want to tackle in session this topic has to have session on every phase of the ”’life-cycle”…+ has to as-is all the collected agreements which are serious imbedded realities.
                Over the past 42 years I have touched this complicated item had countless sessions on them as my awareness allowed me to see-understand different levels.
                Having sessions on aging is not out of vanity, or fear of death but believing one is Human.
                Being a Human is a Valance and this valance has a life-cycle.

              • ask away.. you have my e-mail address.

              • A word come to me which is ”attitude” aging, being old is just that 🙂

  3. Hi Elizabeth, just read you last few posts. Nice cognitions! Thank you for sharing them

    • Hi there B…. good to hear from you.. been wondering how you are doing with your project?
      if you care to share I would love to hear because I too have interest. I did lot of work on that project in the past few months.

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