Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Felt low this morning, pity party for not getting again or I believed I did not got again what I wanted, but I did got it I really did!

so I looked at the auditing List and DEFEATED was the Item, into session I went.

Realization has come very fast.

COGNITION: It might seem that we want to win at all cost, NO… that is the lie, big tall tale we tell to self and to others but in reality  we want to be defeated, we want to lose for the reason because if we win we are out of that game, we will move out of that problem zone, we no longer have those lovely ARCBs, we no longer can be victims, complain, suffer, get sympathy, feel guilty: we are simply out, sitting in the zone: nowhere.

We need to lose, we need to be defeated than we are still in, we still continue with our struggles, we still can do everything what our miserable little power allows and  we can continue to overcome all those self-created powerful wonderful obstacles we set up for self therefore we still can continue to take drugs, drink: get drunk , be sick,  eat comfort foods, complain how hard life is, get even and destroy those who made us lose, even commit suicide to show how life gotten to us, how difficult all these experiences has been!

Drama, pure undiluted delicious drama-act -play, because we know we cant really kill self, but it sure looks and feels great and creates lots of attention when we pretend that we have killed self therefore we are no more: Load of very stimulating enjoyable  garbage!!!

We just love the game and when we have dropped  that  body and played  dead and in on instant we turn around and we are back in the game on the same stage -continue with the drama start all over again by the means of ”reborn” into a new body!

Being defeated is a motivator, huge wonderful powerful motivator: solid to the core, and it works because we love to lose, to be defeated, to be victims, to be totally helpless, stand on the corner and beg and get wagon loads of sympathy or lose a limb or two, seat in a wheelchair, being looked after in nursing homes and being told: poor you, what has happened to you should not happen to a dog![ no, that should not happen to any dogs, but humans do make it happen for them! we are so good at it!]

But we are still in the game!

GO read the Guinness’s Book of Records than you know after the winner only can do is try the best to brake earlier records: that is next.

Look around you many of those who have win  goes back to the old ways of life, their house might be bigger, or now fly on their private jet, have ”everything” money can buy and some go into helping others, those poor helpless souls who suffer so, starve, who live in camps, don’t have hope, or simply been butchered  etc.. joke is on the winners! Because you are out!

The wines simply go back to the level where they feel comfortable= with the heavy stuff, the  heavier stimulations= the life experience that gives that solidity= knowing we are truly being alive!

There is no stable sensation for that high… the moment of winning is experienced as the lightest vibration and this vibration is overpowered by the stable solid heavy mass of energy= called life cycle.

This is the reason we have so few winners because winning is no good…it brings a momentary high, but that high is  for a moment and holds no drama,  no ARCB’s, don’t supplies problems, no suffering, struggling LOL… it is not life as we know it, or want it.

The condition Being Defeated holds us, that is a strong anchor..look around you, struggling to survive, struggling to make that daily needs, being dirt poor… LOL… what a victory, what on accomplishment, those accomplishments are our wins are our delicious dramatic experiences and we are proud of them..

Being defeated, ”to remain to continue” to be in the state being defeated takes lot of know-how , trickery, self- deceptions, lies galore, alteration of facts, which are those immense amount of self-created obstacles keeps us from winning, and they exist in the form of counter intentions by tens of thousands and these all are in place because we needed all those counter intentions not to win, to make it go right and why?

Simply because we are powerful Infinite beings who can do anything and call that anything: game -fun.

So wake up and smell the roses because what ever you have, what ever you feel-believe in is yours, your creation, you got it because you wanted it!

So ‘’can’’ the belief that what has happened to you is unfair, not right, ‘’shelf – discard’’ the all the blame you have, which feels so right:  those lovely righteous accusations do feel so right because those too are motivators and those motivators by fallowing them to act upon move you to lower level on the ToneScale: to have revenge, to get even at any cost. LOL..and  the game continues!

by the way, you can blame BTs, Clusters, GPMs, the governments, the gods, the CofScn, your parents or the boss… regardless who we believe caused, put us in this miserable condition..LOL.. when you have finally audited enough will find there is only one culprit, only one nasty powerful person who could  and have the power to caused all this and that is  the little old SELF!

Responsibility is the word which describe the action when we admit we are the only person who have the power over us.. and no other.


Comments on: "POOR-POOR ME! POOR-POOR ME!" (2)

  1. marknr1011 said:

    Excellent observation, Erszebet. The ultimate purpose is to play, to interact, at ANY cost. Anything is better than nothing. This, over a long period of time, leads to the most bazaar foibles that can be imagined.

    • Thanks Mark. Yes.. you are right. But the article-post :
      It is a COGNITION.. not on observation.. and there is a huge different between the two.
      Observation are compiled and they are assumptions, on the other hand ”cognition” is a first hand reality, totally unique reality for the cognizer and it is born out of confrontation. and holds no mass but observations are made of mass.

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