Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


I have written on many occasion about the ‘’eye’’ how we get deceived because we rely on this tool and we believe, totally agree on that the photo taken by this machine is all what is there and there is no more.


Let’s start with a bang: imagine that for one day every person on this planet seats on their hands all day long and not use it, not once for 24 hours !!!!!!

LIFE as we know it would stop-end right there: not one meal would be cooked and eaten, not one car driven, not one elevator would move, toilet be flushed and toilet paper used, make-up applied, hair combed, body dressed, shoes put on, nose whipped, or dipper changed, light turned on, not one cigarette would be smoked all cell phones would lay there unmolested.

In prison cell block would remain locked, train would not be running, not one drop of water or any other liquid would to be drank, or with great difficulty: slurped like animals do, sex..well, sex what could be done without hands?what ever…

IF all activity would stop by not using these Instruments NATURE WOULD SIGH WITH RELIEF! No pollution, no noise, just blessed peace would wrap its self around the planet.


From the moment of birth, the eyes see the hands and these hands are always front of the eyes to see.

These pair of hand do everything: they have the power to accomplish to make things happen, to have dreams materialise, and without hands doing all, we are totally, completely helpless!! The word comes to mind: CRIPLED!

Even the richest man on this planet regardless how many billions he has would be totally helpless if hands would not –working-moving-manipulating matter: the projects which are his intentions and making them solid, visible!

WE have put all our trust -beliefs that having the use of these instruments we can only accomplish and without hand we are totally completely helpless!!!!


And what happens to the Infinite after separation from the body??? The Infinite still holds onto this belief of total helplessness and therefore is helpless in the Ghostly State and when gets again into new body this Powerful Infinite will continue act helpless and the set of new parents will continue with their teaching and reassurance that you the Incredible Powerful Infinite that YES you are TOTALLY HELPLESS WITHOUT THAT PAIR OF HANDS!!!!!!!

We as Infinite, we traded our mental power-our ability to accomplish by pure intention what we want for a lousy pair of hands and we so trust and totally agree that only hands can move-shape-lift- transfer-hold and if these hands don’t move those objects….LOL.. nothing happens on this planet!

Of course we all have the inner-silent belief that things can be moved mentally, by intention and you can bet your sweet manicured hand that yes, that can be done!

But first the beliefs why we have put all our trust into these hands =instruments in the first place which only has the ability to move things, but first these trusted, time proven beliefs-agreements has to be confronted-as-ised, erased, discarded, nulled and truly believed that no longer have the power over us, than we can re- gain, have our intention, the mental power back to move, levitate that ashtray among other things too!

AND WE HAVE HERE GRAVITY and THAT ALONE HOLDS THING IN PLACE BY THE CONTINUAL DOWNWARD PULL! …….so Gravity has to be confronted too and find as-ised all the reasons why we need-want-must have this force in place.!!!

Gravity is on incredible powerful controlling energy vibration, which effects everything on this planet and just because it is not seen with eyes and no one thinks about it since it has become ‘’normal’’ to be in it, feel it, that do not means that bodies-items- objects and thoughts are not controlled by this strong controlling ever present agent. BY THE WAY THE CONDITION OF “”SLEEP”” THIS STATE TOO IS CAUSED BT GRAVITATION.

BUT….there is always a BUT…. While confronting the negative side we must not leave out the positive side the time on the Track when we could and were very able and could move anything under all Suns by our desire .. because at first always the positive sides-believes existed: that was unquestionable belief : yes I can!

So far I had sessions on this subject, on both side of reality and no, I can’t move a blade of grass, or a feather by intention.. nothing, zilch, nada, semmit, [Hungarian] and some of you who haven’t gone up on the Bridge to OT7 and still believe that by doing –reaching that level will bring back abilities like this… I have news for you..NO… it will not happen because we all lived infinite life’s in this infinite universe and collected infinite amount of different realities and these beliefs by now have become truly imbedded and trusted facts.

No… we don’t have to confront each of these beliefs because they exist in chain forms only these long chains do need and can be to be as-ised individually.

But our immense amount of beliefs do take a bit longer than 100000 -200000 hours’ worth of sessions to as-is all those counter intentions.

PS: don’t feel bad… you see, when we could move things by intention-desire-want, than we still were powerful… that means ‘’we did not have counter intentions’’ but these counter intentions in place give the illusions that we have lost our power! we havent… J

Go watch Matrix again!



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