Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

BEING HERE and to be some other place: go exterior? How? Astral walking?

BEING HERE IS THE MOST VALUABLE – IMPORTANT-ESSENTIAL- VITAL- belief the person has, can have: and that is the only truth which can’t be as-ised in session !

This belief establishes creates on unwavering – solid- firm viewpoint, a viewing platform and from here, from this point all is viewed seen noticed: experienced. And being ‘’here’’ means inside, center of.

Being ”here” is eternal timeless and this viewpoint alone gives the being the reality of existing and the most important factor that being solid!=that is a lie of course!

But what is being ‘’here’’, ask that question not just once but stand there and ask this same question till you run out of answers!

LOL….. only objects –things are viewed-seen-observed.

In my reality what I have seen so far in 42 years’ worth of daily sessions I never ever were, never been without that viewpoint, regardless I considered I was  inside the body or had a Ghostly form.

I always have seen what I experienced from the core –place-spot and now I have total understanding WHY IT IS SO DIFFICULT TO SEE INTO DISTANCE and BEING THERE AT THE SAME TIME….. WHILE STILL IN THE “”HERE”” HAVING my ESTABLISHED LOCATION!

When we lose the body…. at that moment we still don’t lose the location but being without the body we gain different reality on what is ‘’’being here’’’.

Since we use the ‘’eyes’’ as a tool when having the body and when dropping—–parting from the body we do lose that belief that we see with the eyes because we no longer have that tool and now we do ‘’see’’= ‘’observe’’ our surrounding in very different way… no longer a flat picture, but now we do ‘’experience’’ the complete dimensions, we experience everything as they truly are without alteration.. in this ‘’here’’ there aren’t any deceptions –assumptions—evaluation– judgments–guessing there aren’t any  beliefs which existed while the Infinite had the connection to the body: all that have fallen away in the moment of disconnection-separation.

“Death’’ in reality is nothing more than ‘’Separation’’ from established beliefs which went with the body and that location where the body was.


And that reality is establishing the very fact that we are INFINITE!!!!!

In Ghostly Form: not having the body :WE STILL CANT BE IN OTHER PLACE AT THE SAME TIME WHILE WE ARE “”””HERE”””: since ‘’here’’ is always remain here, and ‘’there’’ represent a different location.. which of course no longer exist for the INFINITE as belief-reality after dropping the body because: That reality ‘’there’’ is part of the human belief-package.

While we are experiencing ‘’’here’’’ now’’’, because we really can do that and all  we can do and when some claims astral walking  if that would be really true, the fact  than that same person could be experiencing every so called ‘’location’’, not just ASTRAL WALKING!!!


 the person in reality walked among what ever and has described the space to a minute detail what has he seen than that same person could describe the Oval Office, what Obama is doing, or Putin, what these persons could be doing at any moment.

Or describe any happening at any moment on this Planet… including the start of the tornado-its location and experience that reality-power-movements’ what that tornado doing in minute detail!!!!

SO THOSE WHO CLAIM ASTRAL Walking AND CANT DO: be other places beside that, well, and describe those experiences in detail than they are full of shit.. and people buy that load because they simply don’t have the understanding what is happening.

When we are outside of the body and we experience being ‘’here’’ regardless where is that ‘’here’’, there is no guessing-estimating in our part for the reason that we know we have experienced that reality, we perceived every little detail to the smallest atom.

This is my reality and till I find different will remain as is..

I don’t claim that this is IT…. and cant be any other ways…because tomorrows’ session could bring totally different cognition which would change everything and by the way I never speak for others.


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