Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

On Willpower.

In my recent wandering around the universe, I bumped into a minor god who was sort of standing’- levitating  beside a large heap of nice vibrating mass of energy but the god looked terribly bored stiff.

Looking at him I was wondering why was he so bored and why was he standing there beside that heap of something?

So I figured might as well find out his reason for looking so sour, down on the mouth and since  at a moment  I had nothing better to do, place to rush off in the hurry and I was really curious what is that lovely heap of vibrating could be representing and why was he standing beside it.

So I greeted him: Hi there good god…

He looked through me and said: greetings human..

Now, I realized I pegged him right  that this god was really minor-uneducated  because he did not know if I  was a human, I could not see him, talk to him and know what he was saying, and I would not be floating about….but I let that ride, not much point making him wrong, no gain in that.

I inquired : what is that heap you are standing beside?

Oh, he said: Willpower.

Willpower, wow I though, now that is fantastic I would not mind having some.

I asked: are you selling the stuff?

Oh… no…said he, I want to give it away but no one wants it, few have  come by and one taken some but  brought it back, he said it is not working has to be defected…LOL… I laughed, silently of course … LOL.. now that is funny!

He continued: than small group come by they talked it over but decided against but before they left explaining it to me, if someone has willpower, than has to take responsibility for their action and they were not about to do something like that, it was not in their bag start some stupid fad that way, no, they did not want anything to do with willpower.

 The poor god poured out rest of his unhappy story, he said; two others come and they had sniff and taste but they did not say a thing just left, they did not even bother to say good bye!

Here I was thinking… this good god was lucky that they were humans or some other breed because if this taster were dogs more likely they would have peed on pile before they left.

He continued: I really would like to get rid of this heap here because six galaxies away there is someone giving lessons in square dancing and I want go and learn… you see, she gives discount on the lessons now because it is a slow season.

I laughed I could not help myself since this made total sense to me after all  I thought: every god should know how to square dance, but I just said: since you are giving it away I would not mind having some of this Willpower, will you give me some?

He noticeably perked up and asked: how much you want? Well,  I said ‘’ I take it all’’, thinking: I had nothing to lose by having it.

As he looked at me measured me up and he wrinkled his godly eyebrows: That is a lot of willpower here, he said, are you sure you want it all? can you handle it? I just have to tell you I don’t have a manual, it got rotted away by the passing of time. Sure you want it?

Sure I am sure : I answered,   I figured what I don’t want I will sell  on E-bay.

 Well, to make this story sort, here I am stuck with a large load of willpower…love the stuff.

And now because humans don’t have any of this commodity therefore many of you can go on selling ideas and make a good living offering courses that teaches: yes: you can do it!


Comments on: "read it..or dont…up to you." (19)

  1. Well, SHIP that shit to Texas Girl! I love that stuff!

    • 🙂 Hi there! forget it, I am selfish and I am keeping it all.
      you need to go and find your own, I have heard on the invisible communication line that 15 galaxies away there will be a big garage sale, you might find there something useful… I be going my self because I no longer have use for EGO, selling it dirt cheap or exchanging for a manual on levitation.! you can hitch ride with me, I have plenty room on my Comet! 🙂

      • Oh yeah? Oh YEAH? Well, we’ll see how badass your free will is when I unleash the Chocolate Chip Cookies of DOOM and see if you are strong enough NOT to eat them!

        That’s right. I went there.

        Yeah. Your freewill powers will prat fall like Donald Trump on roller skates.

        No free will can stand up MY cookies!

        Sorry I had to play dirty. But you left me no choice…

        They go good with Comets!

        • WOW… man oh man you have miss judged me.!!! Big time! I don’t eat cookies and I don’t like chocolate..but I make Pizzelles , I have them in the morning with hot-hot strong black coffee, which has one teaspoonful of maple syrup… for giving that extra kick… after all I am a Canadian and I wave that flag with the maple leaf.
          Pizzelles are my only weakness and I don’t have reason to give them up. 🙂

          • But my cookies were my stable datum! Nobody’s free will has been able to turn them down!

            NO! NO! … must … not … melt … like … Wicked Witch of the West … must … not … fail … like … Dearth Vader!


            • Hearing that I crashed of your ”stable datum.”.. that must been hell for you to waken up to and have your day ruined ! Wow.. what power I have! should I feel important? nooooo.. no point in that, I live that to Mr Trump.
              What do you think of our boy Justin and his wife Sofia?

              • Justin and Sofia are a lot classier than anything we have running.

                I’m still reeling over the cookie beatdown. Your free will is … unflappable.

                Not even cookies can dent it. No wonder you don’t share …

                Guess it’s off to garage sales. Maybe I can find some cookie-dominating free will on the cheap since you Canadians are so stingy!

                • Oh Hell, I cant stand a grown up man crying..I will share! Its in the mail and I included a hug.

                  • Crying? Not me!

                    When chocolate chip cookies fail to be the bad-ass free will destroyer of doom, you won’t find me whimpering. I’ll, just pick up and move on.

                    I’m tough like that. First I get a dominating truth like chocolate chip cookies and then when it’s seemingly doesn’t dominate the multiverse, well, you won’t see me complaining.

                    I’ll cry a LITTLE. And then it’s tough upper lip baby!

                    Free will, it has to be here SOMEWHERE …

                    Off to the garage sales! But I will check the mail…

  2. PS; I wont be going on that garage sale, I got a phone call from a guru and he is buying my Ego. LOL.. it seems, those guys are use it as gas, inflating self to look bigger. 🙂

    • So, what is a good price for an ego these days?

      This “guru” of yours … did you check to see if there was a tail? Was he wearing a hat pulled down over his eyebrows to hide horns …

      • I don’t have a guru and I don’t have the need or want to have, I think kindly of them.. But you are right, they are Hell sent.
        there is no ego unless person think they are important: what they are saying, believe in has importance. LOL.. words are like grain of sand in Sahara and Gobi and about that many spoken daily too. Important: are they really important?
        My universe is silent… not filled with wild chatter of nothing. I seldom speak, or write-comments, exchange comments, I rarely communicate with words..

  3. PS—PS.. if you wonder what my Ego went for, well, I sold if for a song, it was not much of song, sounded more like a chant, but it wasn’t much on Ego ether, so I am happy! 🙂

    • Don’t sell yourself cheap sweetie! Rumor has it, your name is on the BEST bathroom walls in the Galaxy!


      What is your take on the ego?

      • on Ego… well, LOL.. truly depends on the belief what we think of our self, how important, we are… LOL..
        I don’t think of my self as important, but valuable and that is not the same.
        and to know that my name is scribbled all over the walls now that made my day! LOL..

      • William..

        “”Don’t sell yourself cheap sweetie! Rumor has it, your name is on the BEST bathroom walls in the Galaxy!””
        LOL.. the coin just fallen, I am ever slow because I just realized you meant the above as on insult! LOL..

        • No not at all!

          It was a compliment! As plucky as you are, I was saying that across these bazillion lives of yours that you are known as the hottest lover in the Universe!

          • LOL… a different viewpoint about the bathroom graffiti.. LOL. love it.
            William I have met while blogging more than a few people and there is two I would have wanted to get to know better and one of them is you.
            By the way all the crazy thinks you have said-written in the post with that you have show you are not important 🙂 but valuable.. no ego or not much?
            A bit of insight into my universe, I am known across the Universe for my Willpower.

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