Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

So far I have taken off hundreds of layers.. had same amount of cognitions why we are not able to see what  the next step brings.. I am not talking about making that cup of coffee, the motions we do in order to taste that liquid.

But I am talking of days- weeks ahead  how things will be with the situation we are sitting in the ”present” time… how it will turn out, how it will end.

Today I hit pay dirt…Realization: everything possible -imaginable was done in order to erase -eliminate  this ”major ability”: by achieving this the Infinite has become totally helpless —believing that we are helpless and by not seeing what is coming at us we cant change our situation and remain helpless. It is like sitting in a boat and not having paddles… we just drift helplessly.

Those earlier cognitions to had equal importance… there are no lesser or more important realizations  they are equal because cognitions are not born out of evaluation.

Incident from the past:

I am still at looking why  cant I see the future events, the continuation of the so called present time… if we are believing that we are watching on implant than that has continuum… even if the implant is in segments, than we still could -be able to  see part of the video which is available…is our life.
 On the track in one incident I could see the future and I went to the Court told the good king what I have seen… what is coming. The good king did not believe me in fact he ordered to have my eyes seared out and he said if  I after still can see what is coming than he will act accordingly but not until than.
 My eyes were burnt out with the hot burning end of stick and I was of course blinded.. immense searing pain come with that experience.
The good king asked what I can see now and of course I could not see anything because the ability I had was overpowered by this incredible dramatic experience I was sitting in.
I could not see beyond this present time drama…. the good king had me than beheaded for lying and with that he put fort on example for others to see-understand that no one but non one can see into the future.
Did the good king committed on overt? The king has to answer for his own beliefs and I do the same for mine.
I have seen lots of O/W’s I have committed against those who could see the continuums of the events..so getting some back is no problem and I do not feel I am a victim.
I am only victim of my own beliefs.
We can ask if I could see into the future why I have bothered to go to the king and beheaded because of this?
Oh… the question entered my mind: I was not seeing my future but the countries and I did not see individuals what will happen to them therefore I did not see the head being severed from the body but soon as that happened I was out of that incident and was looking down at the crowd in amusement and I have seen the future becoming reality in the form of earthquake which separated the land and swallowed that small kingdom with all its habitants.
was this born out of imagination???….. NO…. we don’t have imagination.. there is no such ability. 🙂

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, … I like your post.. and I would like to fully understand it.. are you saying that because you had the dramatic experience (with the eyes) you were unable to see the future AFTER but you were before?… but you did not see your future coming?.. because you did not have eyes?.. after departing you saw a catastrophe happening to those inhabitants and good king no? because you didn’t have eyes then? Thanks.

    • Hi Maribel… Seeing with the ”eyes” , seeing anything has nothing to do with the ”eyes”.
      Example: in session we do ”see’ pictures but not with the eyes we have in the body, but we see as Infinite.
      But when we believe we see with the eyes.. well that belief is wrong.
      So in the incident I have written, I could see as on Infinite, because I still had ability to do so being outside of the body and by not having beliefs that I see with the eyes. But the king by than believed that eyes see….therefore had mine burned out. The reason I could not ”see” because the heavy -painful experience would not allow me to have other pictures beside the pain.
      Example: when we drop a heavy object on the foot and while that sensation is experienced, we cant really think of how beautiful that tree looks front of the house.
      Same was for me, the pain occluded the ability to see because I after that incident when wanted to see the future I automatically went into that painful incident.

      In the recall of the lands future I was not concentrating on my body, since I was not attached much but I was one with the terrain therefore I was able to”see” know what was happening to the land. The best way to explain I was more into the land than the small body.
      Maribel, ever since I know I am not a body I have been greatly interested ”knowing the future” Had hundreds of sessions since 76 and each time I have as-ised a belief I gained new reality why I cant see what is yet to come… but I had made great progress.
      Example: early last spring I was out in the garden and I just new I will be moving by the summer. I had no reason to move to leave that magnificent garden I created yet I was out by mid June.
      I can see future by now for general thing easily.. Example I have a porcelain monkey, I have seen it on the stone floor its head broken off and its body in pieces.. when that will happen I haven’t got the clue.. I do see occasional disaster to the Earth is self and they happen..
      PS; yes after being totally dropping all connection to the body I have seen that land from above in full detail-color.
      If need more clearing please feel free to ask.

  2. Thanks for the explanation, I think I know what you mean… you said “On the track in one incident I could see the future and I went to the Court told the good king what I have seen… what is coming”… but you didn’t know what it was coming to you (beheading) because you could only see certains things? is that what you’re saying? You saw the land but not what was to happen to people and yourself?
    Seeing the future, destiny.. etc is probably one of my favourite subjects… I’ve had a slim of that kind of thing… I’ll tell you quickly one instance.. one day I was walking down the street and pictured a handbag in my head.. I really needed one as I was always carrying books with my hands… when I arrived home my flatmate handed me her handbag which she didn’t want and was identical to the image in my head… now my question is: is our future then delineated already? we can’t escape our destiny??

    • I haven’t see my future because I was not paying attention to self… if I would have than I would know what the future will bring for the body..and that time I was not much into bodies and to me they were not valuable.
      Matter has a cycle… it is mocked up and believed in..they exist simply because it is believed it exists but any mocked up object will dissolve-corrode-crumble by the presence -the other matter’s vibration.
      each so called ”life-cycle”’ exist because it has been mocked up and sitting on vibrating mass of energy..
      Maribel, the only reason we cant change these mocked up images-beliefs because we believe we cant.
      What is destiny? ask yourself…the major beliefs on this planet that we are bodies, were born, have a life-live than the body gets old and stops working with that we no longer live and some beliefs there is afterlife and others are dead sure they are totally dead.. all has ended for them when the body stopped working.
      The only way to get out of these life-cycles by as-ising the reasons which keeps the Infinite trapped in these belief.
      By now no, I don’t believe in Destiny LOL… because I have as-ised thousands of different life-cycles in which each time I had a destiny.=to achieve something-to become somebody, to be recognized for whatever.
      IF you believe you are solid than there is destiny because solid things are made in order to be something to serve a purpose but they do dissolve sooner or later but how on INFINITE could have a destiny.. that is beyond my awareness. Since Infinite is not made, not postulated into existence therefore how could have destiny?.
      How are things with you?

    • Hi Again…Since we are sharing favorite subject I like to tell you, auditing do not give the ability to know the future, it is there to be seen at all times. I am talking about objects which include Earth it self… we all know what will happen to Earth but we block that knowledge out and we use lots and lots of different believes-energy masses to block our knowledge out..
      We all know everything what is coming at us, but we ignore .. not ignore, but by now we put there so many walls we now only can so the walls, which are beliefs-agreement=considerations galore that by now when we want to know, we simply cannot see those things how will they evolve..
      Rarely we have on experience like yours with the bag.. but we have those in a more keyed out moment.
      But here is confusing thing… which only confusing when the person believes that they are human.
      That picture of the handbag in your head could be there because you have picked up the intention of your friend that moment when she has decided she will give you the bag. you see her intention was pure affinity and affinity don’t have much mass and it is easy to pick up.
      These things are confusing but in the Infinite universe don’t make any difference who creates what.. we just experience and that is fine.
      More likely what you have experienced is a totally spiritual unity of though.-having… but of course the body went home later and the bag become solid reality. You already had that bag when she intent it for you to have. Since time don’t exist in reality there is no such a thing as future… but we call evolving of mas =future. But on the other hand all of it is illusion… confusing? LOL… beliefs are just that.. whatever we believe is alright.

      I am looking at ”change–changes” in session and I will write ”maybe” my next post on the so called destiny..

  3. wow.. yeah.. that’s so cool what you wrote… about destiny I guess I was referring to short term destiny, like in the next few months for me or this lifetime.. I know you embrace a much larger scope because of your reality, you’re very broad.. I can’t talk about what I don’t know yet.. for me it is tomorrow, next week, this lifetime etc.. my reality at the moment.

    I find very fascinating the following: “in the Infinite universe don’t make any difference who creates what.. we just experience and that is fine”… what creations would that be? pictures for all to experience, ideas?… I just picture a room full of people all talking at the same time.. what a mess! hahaha.. of course I will not understand this until I experience it myself but nevertheless it feels very free and right.

    • Maribel… the true living- life is what we do where we are at when not sitting in the prison of beliefs and not having the body as prison guard -warden over us.
      As-ising the beliefs-agreements which are the content of the human mind gives the freedom to chose and I really cant tell you what you will be choosing and my reality never be yours.
      But dear Maribel, believe me the gains what you get in exchange for being in session year after year…decade after decade is not explainable because what you be gaining is at the present time beyond your comprehension, sorry for the evaluation… please do not take it as on insult.
      I am talking from experience and what this experience brought me.
      At first when I started out I had goals LOL.. did I ever! But over the years the cognitions changed my reality so drastically that I lost these goal, they become unimportant or the reason for wanting them were as-ised. I made new goal that was still in the first decade 🙂 but after awhile goal were not made outside of having the daily sessions. I guess I can say the only goal I have which cant be defined is to understand to know- to get on answer.
      LOL.. almost 1 1/2 year back I had a goal after watching the video ”SECRET””I wanted to win the Lotto.
      Maribel… I still haven’t won that jackpot but what I have gained is beyond what 50 million $ could buy..
      So far I had hundreds of session exploring the reality from every possible angle cogs are pouring in which of course given me the reality that without not understanding-knowing why we cant have our dreams become reality I would never be truly free.
      But I haven’t finished with the subject… dreams-having them and their existence is huge subject which has opened wide the understanding what it is like being without the body and to truly live.
      As you can see, I wanted the jackpot-solid matter and I discovered the depth of true living.
      🙂 we never know what the session’s cognition will bring LOL, we go into the session looking to find the apple and we come out with shoe! Now I ask what could be more fun?

      PS:”just picture a room full of people all talking at the same time.. ”’ when in the future you will explore what communication is in debt, than you will understand the real meaning of what you have observed.

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