Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Raging Evil Spirit

Raging Evil Spirit…dream snatcher.

I just seen in session a raging violent Evil Spirit who come at us from above disguised as a Huge Black Cloud, and soon as we have seen her approaching we taken cover inside a hut.. huddled together forming a circle holding-supporting each other by our arms draped over shoulder head bowed, and eyes closed as who stood in circle.

By creating this circle we have known our power could not be broken- diminished but will hold steady and balanced as we stood there holding unto each other and  concentrated on the forever-burning life force.

We knew she was after us, wanted to take us and with that our power to make herself even more powerful.

The Evil One already sucked the colors out of the land and the light and now she covered the terrain with her veil blue-grey veil fury interwoven -slashing lightning aiming them toward the hut with sizzling molten evil but could not touch that flame which held us.

On the top hut a tall rod has been installed which run down on the side of the hut and was directed deeply into the Earth’s surface as the Evil Spirit sent down her destructing fiery arms to destroy us burning us to cinders, the sizzling fiery bolt hit the rod and she could not stop her flow of power but that liquid fire was channelled sucked into the ground and with that the Evil Spirit was forever imprisoned into the dense darkness of the Earth.

Her flying days were over.

Why I have seen this incident? Because I am exploring beliefs-realities on what is destroying the dreams we have, why they can’t materialize… I been working on this subject off and on ever since I am solo auditing and I  put in hundreds of sessions over the years but in the past 15-16 months I am concentrating on the subject and on is myriad other forms –consideration and by now I know -understand that the daydreams are real but we have hundreds-hundreds of whys and wherefores why we believe that they are ineffective.. and they are dismissed as illusions –delusions- aberrations.

The Infinite is imprisoned by the harsh-hard world of reality: with the identifications of the solid forms.


PS; ONE of the major reasons dreams not allowed to become reality  because they would alter the agreed upon state..Example : every one want to live in a hut and they all do but suddenly someone’s dream becomes real and suddenly a skyscraper appears amides the hut… well guys that would just not work… LOL… same goes for few believing that auditing tech. works… well… we just don’t fit in anymore with those who do not believe in is workability . 🙂 but do we have fun ferreting out different universes- realities.

To us the daily use of the Tech brought experiences unimaginable to those who  discarded it as: not working, useless piece of shit and was dreamed up in order to make money. 🙂

PS: when in the hut, having that experience and believing that the electric storm was on Evil Spirit was nothing more than an ARCBx, not understanding. simple is that. The hut was built on flat land and the highest point was the hut… so being stupid, uninformed paid off well!


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